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Chapter 72: The Trap

“Here it comes! The Idol’s coming!”

I raised my head at Tena’s voice. She was right; the shape of the titanic Idol I’d seen not too long ago was clearly visible. The way it gradually grew in size made it just as clear that it was drawing closer.

“Everything going smoothly over there?”

My question was directed at Leonora, who was stationed right beside me, indulging in the view of the Idol just as I was.

The countermeasure we chose to adopt – namely digging a giant hole for it to fall into – was meant to be a means of driving it into a corner, but the truth of the matter was likely not quite up to par. After all our target, despite its mobility, wasn’t a simple living creature – it was an Idol. If we couldn’t even compare this to shooing some beast until it was cornered and ensnared, we certainly couldn’t say that we were hooking ourselves into it and spurring it on.

To boil it all down, we were just digging a hole where the Evil God Idol’s route would move through and waiting for it to draw closer. Naturally, should the Idol decide to veer off course, then we would have dug the entire pit for no good reason and that would be the end of ………………..Continue Reading


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