Evil God Average

Chapter 75 The important things

I have heard people say money isn’t everything or that there are things money can’t buy. I don’t really have any objections regarding that matter.


There are many things money can’t buy-like the bond with a special person, good health, life, etc. I think there is no lie in that.


However, I also think this at the same time.

That that’s not everything and even if there are things money can’t buy, money is definitely important.


You can’t buy lives with money but you would end up starving to death if you can’t buy food to eat.

You can’t buy good health but you do need money to live a healthy life.

You can’t buy a connection with your special someone but you might end up separating because of a loan or something.


Even if there are things other than money which are important, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t value money.

Yes, it’s just that I properly understand the value of money. There are times when I feel like Sofia, Amber, Leonara and the others think I am a miser or something but I firmly object to that.

It’s not like I have fun saving money or anything and I actually do use it properly when I need t…Continuing Reading 

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