13: A Nightmarish Resolution


Some time had passed since we’d all found our admittedly grim resolve, and the Pope summoned us to his office where we reconvened. Apart from the Pope and myself, Tena, Lily, and Leonora were all present and accounted for.

Orlaine, on the other hand, I’d sent back to deal with the construction work; her role in Aki’s counter-plan had already been fulfilled. I couldn’t even bring myself to part her from the Holy Bow again.

While I’d assumed that Leonora would leave too and that she would be on her way home, she had decided to stay with us and return once the dust had settled down completely.

“Did the nations respond?”

“They did. The distance did result in a few gaps here and there, but I can safely say that the nations most likely to answer have responded. For the most part, at least.”

“What do you mean by ‘most likely’?”

Were there even nations that wouldn’t respond?

“Luxiria serves, as you well know, the headquarters for the Faith of Holy Light. It and whatever countries fall under its influence have seen fit to turn us away at the door, or so it would seem. Rather arrogant, if I do say so myself, to reje

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