Lady Anri’s Diet



Time to celebrate! Still pitching our protagonist!

There’s a new serialisation that’s going to have an entirely different, title, protagonist, and general perspective; “Evil God at Random – A Fairly Average Evil God Girl and a Summoned Hero”. It’s going to go public by the twenty-fourth of October.

Also, I know I just went on about still pitching for the protagonist, but this version’s going to have a few revisions to Anri’s main character status.

I’ll use this opportunity for another announcement. I’ve been told that, since it’s been over a year since the initial publication of Volume One, it’s a-okay to post the store-limited short stories. Which I’m about to do.



I found myself face-to-face with great misfortune. It wouldn’t have been far-fetched to denote it as a tragedy, either.

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