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Last Commemoration SS: Other Traditions ‘Our Sublime God’




On the 30th layer of the ‘Evil God’s Holy Castle’ dungeon, was a being silently lost in thought.

His name is Imperial Death. He was summoned forth by the Evil God Anri, given her divine protection and was entrusted with the protection of the area as he was the strongest undead.

That power, which cannot even be compared to that of a normal monster, is said to even reach the domain of the dark and light Gods. Far excelling the strongest class of people in this world, the hero and the demon lord, the only ones who are above him are the three Gods who manage the world.

The cause of worry for someone with such immense strength lied in what his master, the one to whom he pledged loyalty, had said the other day.


‘My followers have increased because of that book I wrote.’


His master, the Evil God Anri, had spoken of it happily.

I see, I can understand that these followers mean a lot to them, the Gods.

Her being happy because of it also makes me happy.


However, at the same time, he also thought.

Now, having known that, is it really okay for him to not do anything?




The moment he had asked himself such a question, he probably realized the answer within him.


Of course, there is no way that was good.

If there is even the slightest thing he can do for his master, he should do it with complete devotion.

And if that is the case, then there is only one thing to do.

Fortunately, he had also heard that the book had contained only a portion of his master’s exploits as a human. There are still many, many more large parts which have not been yet told. If he wrote all of those down, her followers would increase even more.

And that, would lead to even greater happiness for his master.


And as such….


“I shall write the continuation.”


And this is how, the thirtieth layer guardian-cum-butler, Imperial Death had set out on a new job, that of a writer.









First, Imperial Death decided to finish the preparation for the writing.

On the enormous table located in front of the throne, he had prepared the tools needed for writing: pen and paper, along with the book his master had wrote as a reference book.


At first, he decided to read that book and understand its contents and plan how to go about writing. He thought the readers might get an uncomfortable feeling if the contents are too different from each other so he decided to match as much as he could.

Silently reading through the book, he had finished it in three hours.


“Fumu, I understand.”


Not only did he grasp the contents of the book, but he also understood the writing style and got straight to work.

For a being like him, who has been existing for a very long time–piling up experience, writing a book was an easy task.

Having the whole plot arranged in his head, he built up the chapters and had completed a rough composition in a very short period of time.

As he planned to leave the drawings and designs to the ones specialized in them, he devoted himself to constructing the sentences.


Imperial Death, being an undead, didn’t have the concept of exhaustion and could work for hours and hours at a steady pace. He did not need to sleep or eat.

Of course, he could not afford to neglect his job as a butler so only stopping his hand during those times, he assigned himself to writing during all the other time he had. And thus, owing to that, he was able to proceed with speed a few times greater than the normal human.


Having finished writing the book using all his free time, Imperial Death reread it three times to correct any misspelling. Then, he nodded in satisfaction.


“Hmm, with this, there’s no doubt I can make Anri-sama satisfied.”


However, after thinking through all that, he again began to ponder again.




It would be really simple to show this completed book to the Evil God, Anri-sama. However, wouldn’t she be surprised and even happier if he had published and produced results?

Publishing the book secretly and spreading it, he would present his master with followers…. Now isn’t that a very clever thing to do?


“Now that that is decided…..”


Another being, who had also pledged loyalty to Evil God Anri…. He shall contact the Pope and make the arrangements for the publication. Determined, Imperial Death stood up from the throne and went outside the dungeon.









“Oh my! That is a wonderful thought!”


“Fumu, if so, then can I have your assistance?”


“By all means!”


He secretly travelled to the Pope’s room and proposed his idea.

His outer appearance was all skeletal. It would not be strange if one were to faint when someone like that visited but the Pope showed no signs of discomfort.

The Pope does not need to close the doors to his quarters for the Evil God’s followers but even still, he had nerves of steel.


“Concerning the pictures and design, I know someone who knows how to go about doing sacred books so leave it to me.

I also have a route I can use for distribution so you can also leave that to me.”


“That is excellent.”


“Ah, yes. I just thought of something good. Since we are going to all the trouble, how about we give the sacred books as a set?”


“Fumu, that might be good.”


And this is how the second book extolling the Evil God Anri had been released to the world.

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