Evil God Average

Chapter 75 The important things

I have heard people say money isn’t everything or that there are things money can’t buy. I don’t really have any objections regarding that matter.


There are many things money can’t buy-like the bond with a special person, good health, life, etc. I think there is no lie in that.


However, I also think this at the same time.

That that’s not everything and even if there are things money can’t buy, money is definitely important.


You can’t buy lives with money but you would end up starving to death if you can’t buy food to eat.

You can’t buy good health but you do need money to live a healthy life.

You can’t buy a connection with your special someone but you might end up separating because of a loan or something.


Even if there are things other than money which are important, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t value money.

Yes, it’s just that I properly understand the value of money. There are times when I feel like Sofia, Amber, Leonara and the others think I am a miser or something but I firmly object to that.

It’s not like I have fun saving money or anything and I actually do use it properly when I need to.

Obviously, I do think it is better to have more than less but I am sure there are others who also think so.


I took away money and weapons from adventurers who dropped out of the dungeon?

—It wouldn’t be weird if they had lost their lives in other dungeons so this is a small price to pay, it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that this is even being generous.


I took entry fee from dungeon challengers?

—Compared to the nobles and royalties who take fine for every little thing, what is wrong with me taking a little fine from people entering my territory?


I endorsed a business to take money from adventurers who visit the country?

—It’s the country’s strategy to acquire foreign currency.


In my opinion, Leonara and the others are off the point when the matter is related to money. Even still, I guess that isn’t anything surprising either. Sofia and Amber are Gods so they don’t really carry money neither do they use them. Leonara is a royalty so she probably never felt a shortage of money.

I don’t really know much about Orlaine but it seems like the Pope is a noble by origin too. Lily and Tena might be the only ones who agree with me.


Either way, I know the value of money like anyone else and don’t think there is any need to be ashamed of it.


And so…


It’s not really my fault that the Evil God statue is happily being lured in by gold coins and I want to express my dissatisfaction towards Leonara and the others looking at me dumbfoundedly now.

◆  ◆  ◆




“This is that thing?”


“These are the gold coins we will offer to the Evil God statue.”


The Pope handed out the gold coins. But the size of those coins were greatly different from normal ones. They were as big as my waist. Of course, they were specially made just for this operation.


Counterfeit money?


No, while I don’t really know properly about the rules of this world, people probably won’t mistake seeing a coin sized this differently so these cannot be called counterfeit money.

It was too big to carry with one hand so I took them with both my hands but it was still profoundly heavy.




“No, rather it’s light. It wouldn’t be this light if it was made completely with gold.”


I guess that’s true.

Just as Leonara said, it’s not like these special coins were all made with gold. If we tried doing that, we would fall short on gold no matter how much we had. The shape was made with iron and gold was wrapped around it. Gilding, in short.

We had them made in a hurry and as this world’s techniques aren’t that developed, there are some crude edges to it which can’t be helped. And besides, it looks crude because of how big it is but if it were of the normal size, it probably wouldn’t look as bad. Also, considering the Evil God statue, I think there’s no need to worry about it.


However, in the first place…


“You really think we can lure that statue with this?”


Leonara’s idea was to lure the statue into the sealing magic circle with these specially-made coins.

We decided on making the sealing place be the pedestal the statue was originally on as it was just of the perfect size and the magic would work better with it.

However, as the pedestal was close to the city, we would have the residents evacuate while executing the plan.


As the statue was loitering around the human territory near the city, we put the coins at regular intervals leading to the pedestal and waited.

But this all depended on the statue taking an interest in the coins. If it were to ignore the coins, the plan would be foiled and even if it did take an interest, the plan would also fail if it notices the trap.


To be honest, I can’t understand Leonara’s confidence in this plan.


“If that statue’s movement pattern is based on you then it will go according to plan.”




“Why? Well, if there were gold coins lying on the ground, you would definitely pick them up, right?”


That’s rude.

Even if it’s me, I wouldn’t go picking up coins which are on the ground…



“You can’t deny it, can you?”


I guess… I can not deny it completely. I would probably pick it up out of interest.

…No, no, wait. I was about to get coaxed up by Leonara there. That should be true for everyone. Anyone would pick up coins if they were on the ground.


“I can’t completely deny it but anyone would pick it up.”


“Is that so? Well, even if it is, there should be no problem. Either way, if you were to pick it up, the statue would too.”


I feel like I am being deceived somehow.


“Anyhow, we can’t go back now. Let’s believe it is going to work and get on with it.”


“…Got it.”


That is true, now that we’ve come this far, there’s no point in complaining. It’s not like there are better plans anyway.

The Pope, Leonara and I were in charge of setting up the coins. Orlaine was preparing the sealing magic circle and Tena was helping her.

Even still, these coins are heavy. We have divided the work between the three of us but it’s still heavy labour.




“Don’t complain, hurry. We have to set it up before the statue gets here.”


“I know.”


I kept setting them up while complaining. And, after setting them all up, I realized something.

Couldn’t I have just carried them with the item box instead of my hands?




…I will pretend I didn’t notice.








I looked towards the source of the voice to find Orlaine and Tena running towards me. Looks like they are done with the sealing circle.


“Are you done with your part?”


“Yes, the magic circle is ready.”


“We are ready to go anytime.”


“Alright, our preparation is perfect.”


Just as Leonara said, our preparations are complete with this. All that’s left is to wait for the statue’s arrival.

We decided to take a short breather till the statue came.


“So, how does the sealing in the sealing magic work exactly?”


Although we had heard about the sealing magic, as no one among us knew about the details of the magic except Orlaine, I decided to ask her about it.

When I imagine something being sealed, I normally think of it being trapped in a stone monument or being petrified.


“Ah, yes. It would be fine if you were to imagine something like a light barrier taking away energy from everything evil. If all goes well, it will turn back into a bronze statue like before.”


Orlaine told us about the details of the sealing magic she heard from Sofia.

A barrier which takes away energy, eh? Scary stuff.


…… Mm? Barrier?

As I was bothered by that word, I tried recalling events from over a year ago.

If I remember correctly, it was the day after I had come to this world, when I went to the Riemer city’s church to get them to remove the curse of the robe and the dagger. I remember destroying the invisible barrier after poking it a bit.

If that thing covering the church was some sort of barrier, then wouldn’t I also fall in the ‘evil’ category this light barrier seals? …No, there’s no doubt I would.


Alright, I should be careful not to enter the magic circle.

Although I didn’t plan on entering in the first place.


“Tena, don’t enter the magic circle, alright?”


“Eh? Ah, yes. Got it.”


I would obviously fall into the category of evil being the Evil God so my retainers should also fall into the same category. It would be better not to go near it.




◆  ◆  ◆




“There it is, just as expected.”


Leonara informed us, while we were taking a break after finishing the preparations. As we looked towards that way, the Evil God statue could be seen.

This would be our third meeting. And hopefully our last as well.


“Let’s hide.”


“Got it.”


As we already know that the Evil God statue has intelligence, if it sees us, it might realize that there’s a trap and not get close. And as such, the five of us hid ourselves behind a grove of trees nearby and observed the situation.

The statue was staggering. It somehow feels unreliable–vastly different from its machine-like movements before.


I wonder if I look like that while walking…


It slowly came close and noticed the extra large coin and stiffened.













As we were observing, holding our breath, the statue looked around restlessly.


? What is it doing?


After surveying its surroundings, the statue slowly went close to the coin and… quickly picked it up.

It looked like the statue had a guilty conscience.


“Anri, you…”


“It’s not me.”


Leonara’s scornful eyes hurt.


“It picking the coins up is according to the plan but the way it did it…”


“Like I said, that’s not me.”


Even though we only got to know each other recently, I feel like Orlaine’s impression of me decreased quite a bit.




“Please listen to me.”


To think even Tena would think like that.


“If you wish for gold coins, I could prepare them as much as you like.”


“That is…”


That is a very attractive suggestion but I feel like I will fail as a person if I do that so I held myself back tearfully. Not to mention that I am quite failing as a person already.

As we were doing that skit, the statue noticed the next coin and wearily went towards it and picked it up. And after having moved that far, it noticed the next one and went on progressing.

And like that, it slowly kept moving towards the pedestal. Although it was wary of its surroundings at first, halfway through, it just kept picking up the coins without paying any heed to the surrounding.

“Ah, this is bad. If it keeps going forward like this, we won’t be able to activate the sealing magic. We have to arrive there before it.”


“That’s right, let’s hurry.”


It seems like the sealing magic doesn’t activate automatically and Orlaine needs to do it when the target is in the circle. As such, we needed to be there before the statue reached.

After all the trouble we went through to get it to the circle, it would be meaningless if it were to run away before we even activate the magic.

Although the statue doesn’t seem to be moving that fast at first glance, it actually was advancing quite fast because of its size.


“Let’s run!” Leonara urged.


We started to run towards the pedestal. It might be a bit late to think this but wouldn’t it have been better to standby somewhere closer to the pedestal? If we had, we wouldn’t have had to panic like this.

Don’t make a hikikomori run like this.


“It seems like we might somehow make it there before the statue.”


“It would be troubling otherwise.”


Fortunately, the coins weren’t set up as a straight line to the pedestal. It felt like we would reach there first as the statue was taking a detour to collect the coins.


“Alright, we made it!”


“Quick, get to your positions!”


On the pedestal the statue was standing on yesterday, a magic circle was drawn. The holy sword, spear and arrow was put in such a way that they made an equilateral triangle. As the holy weapons were glowing brightly after receiving the divine protection of the light God Sofia, it looked like the perfect catalyst for the magic.

Leonara, Pope and Orlaine picked up a weapon each and took on the responsibility to seal it while Tena and I got on the Anril armour to stop the statue from leaving the circle.

However, there was a fear of the statue running away if it saw us so we decided to stay hidden until it came on top of the circle to pick up the last coin.

And so, just as we hid ourselves, the Evil God statue appeared with a mountain of extra large gold coins.

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