Evil God Average


Chapter 80

Tena and Culture Gap



Author’s Pre-Chapter Note:

This is the second chapter of special chapters in “Evil God Average” published book volume 1.

By chronological order, this should happen between chapter 9-10 of the first volume.


Although Tena has become used to living together with Anri, but the beginning of that livelihood wasn’t entirely smooth. The cause being: the living circumstances that Anri prepared in the dungeon was, by this world’s standard or so to speak, it was extremely absurd.

To begin with, if it’s a person possessing common sense, they would think that the residence is quite weird in many aspects that it is a dungeon. For argument’s sake, if there are people leading a life in a residence like that, they would be magicians close to hermits who immersed themselves in a research away from the human habitation, or simply people who had to lead a life running away from any kind of circumstances.


For Tena, just about everything was her first time, and she kept having various questions or even fright.



◆  ◆  ◆


First, what she questioned in the beginning was about the abnormality of the bright dungeon in each and every room inside, despite it being deep in the underground.

Since it was almost as bright as it was normally outside, so obviously she couldn’t refrain from wondering about it. When Tena looked around her surroundings and gazed at the light source, there was a small sun floating around.


“Uhm, why would there be a sun inside the dungeon?”

“If there is no sun here, then our life rhythm would crumble. Also, if we don’t have sunlight, we can’t grow the crops.”


The problem wasn’t that. What Tena wanted to hear wasn’t the purpose of it, but how could such a thing be done?

But then again, since Anri created the dungeon using her “dungeon create” skill, she implemented her other world’s knowledge combined with her idea. So, even if she was asked the real question, even Anri who prepared it herself wouldn’t be able to answer.


However, Tena was curious about something else from Anri’s answer, so she was more preoccupied with that compared to the false sun.


“Eh? Crops, you said?”


When you heard it from Anri’s words, it was as if it was possible to raise crops inside the dungeon. Dungeon and crops, it was difficult to guess their conection. Therefore, Tena raised her question.

Anri who heard that, decided to lead Tena into an indoor vegetable garden.


It was a rather large room. Particularly, if we were to compare it with the small house in the village where Tena was raised, that room could fit several houses.

The room was divided into several divisions in which fruits and vegetables were planted.


“I, inside a dungeon, there is a field…”

“I think we can harvest them soon.”


To cultivate a field indoor in a  world that doesn’t have a plastic greenhouse, it was certainly an unimaginable thing for Tena who took care of the fields in her village, and her body hardened in surprise. However, since it was not a surprising idea for Anri, she didn’t notice that.


Nevertheless, even if Anri did plant the fruits and vegetables herself, the divisions of the indoor vegetable garden was within the feature of the Dungeon Create.

It was a feature that existed from the beginning of this world, but there was simply no one able to do that.


After that, the two of them headed towards the nearest kitchen from the indoor vegetable garden. So that the harvested vegetables could be cooked immediately, the kitchen was adjoined with the indoor vegetable garden.


“W, what an amazing kitchen!”

“Is that so? You can use it as you like.”


From Tena’s point of view, the facilities prepared here could be considered as a royal palace’s kitchen—Tena has never seen a royal palace’s kitchen, so it was just something inside her imagination—but, from Anri’s point of view, if she were to compare it to the modern era’s system kitchen, it was such an unfavorable comparison, so she couldn’t understand what was amazing from it.

Although her head understood how big the civilization gap between the two worlds is, she wasn’t really able to experience it personally.


Afterwards, Anri showed Tena the bathroom.

When they opened the door, the bathtub had already been filled with hot water.


“The bath is over there, and it will always be filled.”

“I, it will always be filled…?”


To begin with, it was irrational for a personal residence to have its own bathroom in this world.

Especially for people like Tena who originated from a village in the countryside, basically, you would use the water from the well, river, or the fountain to cleanse yourself, so it wasn’t unusual for her to have never seen a bathroom before. In actuality, it was Tena’s first time seeing a bathroom.

Even for someone like her, if she were to compare the bathroom before her own eyes to the bathrooms she had heard before, she could comprehend that this bathroom was out of the standard.


After she finished showing the bathroom, Anri showed the warehouse to Tena.


“Uhm, it seems like there is no food supply at all inside the warehouse.”

“It’s because I put them inside item boxes so they won’t get damaged, and they can get taken out later on.”

“I, item boxes?!”


By the way, since “Item Box” skill is not an unique skill, it doesn’t mean that only Anri can use it in this world. However, it is indeed included in the rare category of skills.


After feeling that not only the residence, but the master of this residence was out of the standard, Tena smiled stiffly.


◆  ◆  ◆


Astonishment is the kind of feeling that exhausts your physical strength and mental strength considerably.

By the time the introductory trip around the residence ended, Tena who was surprised by everything she saw, became completely exhausted due to her fatigue.


“Are you okay?”

“I, I’m fine! I will definitely get used to it!”


In other words, she wasn’t fine at the present time.

Tena replied to Anri who asked her a question out of her concern, that there shouldn’t be any worry at all for the future prospects.

Anri also saw Tena’s reaction during when she introduced her around, so she noticed the big gap between her and Tena’s standard of living environment. However, she couldn’t do anything even when she noticed that. She completely rejected the option of dropping the living standard level so it would match Tena’s standard.


“You might not be used to it in the beginning, so feel free to ask me if there’s something you don’t understand.”

“U, understood!”


Furthermore, as Tena grew accustomed to her living environment to some extent, she couldn’t comprehend whether it was because of the high level of humans’ adaptation ability or if it was because she just gave up.



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