“Are you really being sincere?  I suddenly feel bad and sorry.”

“If you feel sorry then buy me dinner sometime.”

“Well, that I can do.”

“This time, only the two of us.”

“…..Uh.  Will do.”


As I nodded, Sooah raised both of her hands high.  Junseok Han gave her big thumbs up as he nodded, looking in her direction.

“Were you just acting?”

“Yup.  No reneging.”

I let out a big sigh.  However, I was relieved to learn that she wasn’t really upset.

It will be another hour before we could enter the Dungeon.

While waiting for our turn, we sat and ordered teas at a near Buddhist temple.

There were only one restaurant and a tea house run by the temple.

They only served wild vegetable mixed rice or fermented soybean soup for meals, and instead of coffee, puer tea and boxthorn tea were available.

Although one could wonder whether people would actually pay to eat these things, but in the absence of any other alternatives in area, the place was rather bustling with people.


It was then a rather a familiar person’s silhouette passed by.  I turned my head and pretended to not recognize the person.

“What?  Hey, you are here too?”

The guy recognized me.  Without a choice, I obliged by nodding and replying.

“Hey, it’s been a while.  How have you been doing?”

“I am always doing well.  What about you?”

“Sure you are doing well?  Have you repaid all your debts?”

“Yup.  All paid off and now my life is on cruise control.”

“Oh, yeah?  That’s good to hear.”

“Just order whatever you want, today’s tab is on me, Jongtaek Won, yours truly!  I owe you one from last time anyhow.”

“That’s OK.  I’ve already ordered.”

Yours truly, is he kidding me?  He had already noticed the tea cup in my hand when he offered.

At any rate, he was in a load of debt while working as a porter not too long ago, so it wasn’t clear what this SOB did to pay them all off.

“By the way, please introduce me.”

“To whom?”

“To the person sitting next to you.”

Jongtaek Won said, pointing to Sooah.  Also, Sooah was staring at me as if she was curious as to who this person was.

“Say hi.  His name is Jongtaek Won.  We are old acquaintances.  Was a porter, but now ….  Are you a hunter?

“Level-3 hunter.  Isn’t that wild?”

Jongtaek went from being in hopelessly in debt to a level-3 hunter.  It definitely raised my curiosity as to what transpired in just a few months.


“If you are interested as well, just let me know.”

“In what?”

“I can make you in to a hunter, like me, if you just do what I tell you to do.”

“Oh….?  I’m good.”

He offered to make me in to a level-3 hunter.  It wasn’t clear at all as to what he was getting at, but I respectfully declined.

For some reason, something smelled very fish with his demeanor.

“Come on.  It appears you’re here on some sales job.  I’m telling you, this kind of opportunity knocks only once.”

“What sort of opportunity is it?”

Sooah opened her eyes wide as she asked.  I leered at him in an effort to stifle him from saying more, but Sooah ignored my efforts and continued to speak.

“I’m curious.  How can one become a level-3 hunter?”

“Well.  It is called the network system….”

Jongtaek Won sat between the parties.  From looking at the manuals, one of the weapons that he was carrying was a level-3 sword.

There was no name for it, but it was good for about $800,000.

He was carrying an item that costs as much as a condominium.

“…..How do you like it, not bad, huh?”

“So, it’s a pyramid scheme?”

“What do you take me for?  Not a pyramid, but a network system.”

Jongtaek Won shook his head, his face changing color.  Ultimately, what he was saying was very simple.

People come up with certain amount of funds for investments, in order to purchase hunting equipment.

Then that equipment is given to a single person for the purpose of hunting, and any generated profit is returned to the investor accordingly.

It appears to be a logical method since the more equipment there are for a hunter, the higher the profits that would be generated.

No, it actually is a good method.  The only issues would be that if there were profits, it would be difficult to reconcile, and what would help safeguard the investments when it is handed over to a single person.

Although the name network system could trigger mistakenly thinking of it as a pyramid scheme, it was more like a high risk, high return business model.

“If the profits were to be reinvested, the equipment will get that much better, so the potential profits would also rise.  Don’t you think this is a pretty good business?

“If it’s that good, you should just do it all by yourself.  Why do you go around recruiting people?”

“Because the more skilled people there are, the better it is.  Since I have started this work, I learned that ex porters with a lot of experience performed very well.  They have a lot more dungeon experience and survivability level is also excellent.  The most important thing is to not die because the invested item will be forever lost if you die.”

“It does not sound like a complete scam, but I’m not very interested.”

It was sufficient to learn what he was up to.

Also, it would make me feel uncomfortable if one of my acquaintances was going around pulling scams, so I was relieved to learn that that wasn’t the case.

“Well, this is a really good opportunity.  You are losing out on a big one.  I’m only telling you because it’s you.  The CEO is young and he is also open-minded.”

“You are not the CEO?”

“How can a debtor like me own a business like that?  I’m working on a salary for now.  This weapon also belongs to the company.  However, the debt has been paid back in full while doing this.  Isn’t that awesome?”

“Yeah, that is awesome.”

I gave him the thumbs up.  It wasn’t a sarcastic gesture.  Rather, it was my sincere praise that he is out of debt and working very diligently for a change.

“Oh, there is the CEO, heading this way.”

“The CEO?”

I turned my head towards the direction that Jongtaek was pointing.

There I saw the face that I could have never imagined.

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