Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 16

We earned quite a lot, so we decided to finally head for the royal castle.


It was our first time at the castle.

Honestly, my heart was pounding and I felt my heartbeats to be quite loud. Probably just me.

The more I tell it to calm down, it just increases even more.

Even thinking of not thinking about it is actually thinking about it. I have no choice now that it has come to this. I will just be a bumpkin all the way.


“Uwaa, it’s huge~”


“Yea, it’s huge~”


In front of us, stood a wall of about 5 meters. I don’t know the thickness but from the looks of it, I was sure my tackles won’t do much.

We came as guests so I had decided to properly enter through the main gate but now that I am here, I kinda feel like I was wrong.

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