Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 27

The castle was busier than usual. They say there’s a calm before the storm but it seems this time the storm came suddenly. Who might be in the middle of this storm…



“Supatifila-san, exactly what is going on?”


The castle was really busy from the morning and I also felt weird not seeing Rahsa for awhile so I asked the woman standing still beside us.


“I can’t really say anything but let’s just say an important person is coming.”


“Important person? I won’t tell anyone so tell me.”


“I can’t do that.”


“I am also kinda curious.”


Iris was also curious about Rahsa since he was nowhere to be seen for the past few days.


“…..If Iris-sama asks that much, I guess I have no choice. I shall tell you.”


Why?! Is there that much of a difference between Iris and me?! And what do you mean ‘that much’? She didn’t say much at all!

I was super aware of it but isn’t this weird?!


“The head of the Dartanel house and their son is coming. They have been asking for quite the impossible request for quite a while but since both parent and son are coming now, they might be trying to push that request again.”


“What request?”


“I can’t say.”




“…….If Iris-sama asks that much then.”


Objection! It seems like we need to settle this!


“They have been appealing to the king to hand over the prime minister’s post to them. Deauville-sama is really capable himself, so the king thinks there is no need to change him but since they are coming again, they might have seen a chance or something. And so both prince Rahsa and prince Arch had to go to the official place.”


“Why didn’t he tell us about it?”


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