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Botsuraku Youtei Volume 5 Chapter 1 (Chapter 87)

The edge of the outskirts of the capital. No, it would probably be better if I were to rephrase it as ‘outside the capital’s range’–that’s where Kudan prison was built, on a dry land detached from the circle of life. Even though I say it was built, the building itself isn’t mostly man-made either. There is an enormous pit near the capital which has been called the ‘Kudan Hole’ since the past. It’s a plot of land with a depth of over 30 meters. The walls around the pit itself make a 90 degree with the ground so just putting in the prisoners there itself was enough to keep them in captivity. The only ones put in here are criminals who have quite the shady history even among criminals. In other words, I have safely entered into the circle of people who have shaken the society. I still have some doubts about being thrown here for just temporary imprisonment but I guess it isn’t that hard to imagine when you think about the Dartanel family’s assets. Sigh — have the royal family and the princes abandoned me? I can’t help but feel that way. If they had said something more, would I not have been given a much lesser punishment? Am I that little of a value as a person?

Well, that doesn’t matter now. I have no other choice but to wait now. I can just hope that they judge the evidence with impartiality. More importantly, are father and the others alright? I hope my sins are not causing them any trouble…. He is quit….. .Continue Reading Chapter



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