Botsuraku Youtei

Chapter 94

The sender of the letter was unknown. Well, on it was written –’Mysterious man and woman’, though.


They are calling themselves mysterious so it really is a mystery to me. Although it looked really suspicious but I had no choice but to open it and read it, as it could also be a clue to finding Eliza.


[Helan territory is in a pinch or something. Measures should probably be taken immediately. The great drought will come in a month or something! We are also trying to think of something but still couldn’t think up a breakthrough solution or something. Oh landlord, start preparing your residents to flee or something! Hurry or something! Helan territory is close to getting beaten by a curse or something!]


Umm, is it okay if I tear this to shreds?


There is absolutely nothing specific written on it and it kinda irritates me. Who is the person who sent this letter!?


I opened this hoping it was a clue to finding Eliza, or something! But all it was filled with was ‘or something!’………………………….Continue Reading

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