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Volume 5: Chapter 3


While I spent the morning awaiting the arrival of the persons of interest, someone came to me with news of another’s passing.

“Boss, the dried up old coot’s gone an’ kicked the bucket. Heard he showed his smile durin’ his final moments for the first time in ever. Said somethin’ about givin’ you his thanks.”

“I see. Let’s pray that he’ll be happy in the next world. What do you do with the deceased here?”

“We’ve jus’ been gettin’ the newcomers to bury ‘em somewhere.”

“We’re building a public cemetery in the new area to the East. Make it a shared job. Also, let’s name the hot springs the ‘Withered Old Man Spring’. It’s thanks to him we even have that, after all.”

“Roger that. I’ll tell the others!”

I couldn’t help but muse that my followers acted much more lively nowadays. Maybe it was just my imagination.

Just what had the Withered Old Man done to be thrown into this underground prison? There was no way of findi……………………..Continue Reading

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