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Botsuraku Yotei Volume 5 Chapter 4


“Rail Rain… What brings someone of your importance all the way here, and carrying a royally certified admission pass too. Is it that matter with the noble?”

I could not help but feel a sense of unease at this guard who oozed a lack of discipline. These are the men who abandoned their job of monitoring the prisoners and fled to the surface. That in itself makes them undeserving of respect…

“You’d do good to stay out it. You don’t want to get burned do you?”

There was also another reason for my bad mood.

Apparently there are people associated with the Dartanel family here in Kudan prison. Among the guards; even prisoners.

But we were fools to be honest. We should have expected this to be the case.

The prince sent me here as soon as this matter was discovered. Prince Ra…Continue Reading

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