Chapter split into five(5) pages

Botsuraku Yotei Chapter 5 Volume 5


“Boss! Please don’t go! What are we going to do without you!” “Boss!” “Please, boss!” “Say something! Boss!”

I was to be released from prison in order to stand trial and this resulted in them crying all over me. I had no idea that I would become so popular in this underground place…



“There is something I need to fight for up there. …if I lose, I’ll just come back here.”

“Then lose!” “Boss, lose!” “Lose for our sake!”

What are you saying! You guys are making this very hard for me.

But, to be sure, living here was not that bad at all. I wouldn’t live here forever, but visiting once in a while would be fine.



“I can’t lose. It’s not just about me, it will affect a lot of people that are important to me. That’s why I have to fight, and I have to win. I have a fondness for this place…but I still have to go.

“Boss…you’re dealing with a lot out there, huh. You really are amazing. I suppose if that’s the case, we shoul………..Continue Reading

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