Chapter split into three(3) pages. I have fixed the issues that I had with ads so I am looking to focus on Botsuraku and catch up with the author before he dumps another 16 chapters on me haha

Botsuraku Youtei

Chapter 92


At the east end of the country, the lovable Helan territory…. However, that person was still not found. Neither on the road nor at the destination, she was nowhere to be found. Where have you gone, Eliza…?


Helan territory could be called peace itself; As if all the disturbances of the capital are from another world, the time in Helan territory was flowing slowly and peacefully. It seems like my home’s hot spring is still good for the skin.


When I went back to the mansion, Lotson-san was standing there with an apologetic face. To think Lotson-san, who is like the classic example of a capable man, would make such a face…


“Welcome back, Kururi-sama.”


“Thank you. More importantly, did something happen?”


“….Yes. The feudal lord has fallen sick. If possible, please show him your healthy face.”


“Father has?!”


I hurried to his bedroom.

He was a fragile person mentally from t…………….Continue Reading

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