It was exceedingly more valuable than the other one.

Tae-Hoon’s blackened eyes knew what it was instantly.


[Golden Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Buddha Statue]

  • Relic Grade: 2Grade
  • Relic value: Rare
  • Relic effect: It heals everything the owner possesses.

293th National treasure, Golden Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Buddha Statue.

That was how In-Young appeared in front of him without taking any damage.

“Who are you!!”

And the reason for anger towards Tae-Hoon.

She had numerous relics in her hands to perform miracles, the Messiah.

The relics are power; there was no reason for her to lower her voice with such powerful relics she obtained at the museum.

Tae-Hoon understood that as well.

That kind of logic as better.


A sword was drawn from behind his back and flew towards In-Young.



Tututu! Tutututu!

Countless gunshots roared all over the buildings and roads.


And a shriek always followed.


Kate, who was waiting for a counterattack with those who regarded her as the savior listened to the screams.

‘How many died, I wonder?’

After hours of screams, with Messiah’s soldiers came Guardians into the Buyeo County Office.

Of course, a war has begun.

And the war was very one-sided.

Even if they took some Firearms, even if they have a lot of bullets, those who barely stayed alive for months as slaves could not be great soldiers.

What’s more is that they lacked EXP.

In addition, the enemy was select elites.

Physicality, mentality, stamina, EXP…… Nothing was in favor of the Survivors.

Originally, everything should have ended after the barrage.

There was no reason, will, or hope to fight for Buyeo’s Survivors.

“We will buy some time.”

“The savior shall run.”

Despite that the only reason the Survivors did not give up was Kate.

They believed the hope Kate showed them was real hope and because of the hope they had a reason and will to fight.

That was a proof that Kate’s acting was brilliant, too.

If her acting was terrible, even if they were desperate, they would not have shown such loyalty and trust.

‘I am not your savior!’

That fact pierced Kate’s heart.


The fact that she used their hope after giving them much needed hope was so painful.

‘I’m not your savior. I cannot save you.’

Kate regretted two things at that moment.

She regretted that she acted to repay a debt without really knowing how the world works, and that she does not possess the power to actually be the savior they need.

“Here it is.”

In that moment, three men came into the building where Kate and Buyeo’s Survivors were.

They were the Guardians of Messiah.

At that moment Survivors froze. They were like Monsters to Guardians.


“What is this?”

At the same time the Guardians were surprised as well.

“Stone Sword?”


They did not expect a Stone Sword in Kate’s hands.

In that moment, only Kate made a move instead of fearing them.

She imbued mana into the Stone Sword and ran towards a Guardian.

And she diagonally swung the sword.


The sword so easily cut the Guardian into two.

Her attack did not stop there.


She held the sword high towards one of the two Guardians.


The Guardian who will face the sword imbued his energy into the Stone Sword on his-belt as well and held high.

The two Stone Sword clashed.


But it was a cutting sound this time as well, and the Guardian’s body was cut into two pieces again.

Energy rank A.

The overwhelming power of Kate made the sword more powerful than any Weapon.


After watching two of his friends go down instantly, instead of grabbing the Bronze Sword in his-belt, he drew out a revolver.

Bam, bam

A gunshot rang out.


But the bullet could not penetrate the Armor, made of Ogre’s skin, Kate was wearing.

“That’s crazy!”

The Guardian could not accept this.

But Kate already narrowed the distance between the two and sliced him up.

In one moment three Guardians were lying down on the floor.

“Haah, Wooh!”

Kate was panting heavily.

That was her first murder.


That was a shocker.

She could feel the murder in her hands distinctly.

The fact that she killed was barely sinking in.

But she did not panic.


She could not panic when there were people rejoicing maniacally after watching her brilliant battle

No, she did not even have the right to panic.

Wasn’t it herself that pushed these people into the battle against Guardians?

She did not even have the right.

There was only one thing she could do.

‘It’s been 10 minutes! Come!’

To pray for a real savior.

“The sky! Somebody’s coming down from the sky!”

That prayer was heard.


She finally told the truth.

“Now it’s over.”

The war was over.



“Today’s bribery.”

Master of Starfish Clan, Yang Jung-Hwan left the room after placing a black plastic bag on a seat where Jang Sung-Hoon was sitting.

Jang Sung-Hoon gazed at that bag silently.

Sung-Hoon opened his mouth finally.

“F*ck, I wish I was awakened……”

The plastic bags were definitely a part of the stones of Monsters that McGuild Mountain Clans hunted.

Because there are so many McGuild Mountain hunters, there are a lot of bribery.

To the awakened ones, it was an incomparable treasure.

‘Ah, my stomach.’

Whereas it was nothing more than a rock to Sung-Hoon.

Of course, he did not read too much into it.

He knew.

He knew what needs to be sacrificed to be awakened and what they have to face.

Further, he knew what they had to encounter as they got stronger.

Sung-Hoon was actually thankful for his situation.

‘I wonder if the BOSS is well.’

Especially, the path Tae-Hoon showed him made him even humble.

‘Well, he’s probably fine. Unless he’s fighting a blue Grade Monster in Sae-Jong, who can hurt BOSS?’

His worry was short.

After some time he got up and opened a bag next to him.

He first checked Napoleon’s Golden Glass.

‘Did not sleep yet.’

Then he checked Daedong Yuhjido. Sung-Hoon opened Daedong Yuhjido and checked BuCheon first.

‘Bucheon’s Monsters are almost gone now.’

Then he checked <Area> Bucheon and Seoul.

‘Seoul still has a lot of yellow Grade Monster. BOSS was right. There is no Daedong Yuhji near capital defense command. If there was, why won’t he hunt Monster with that POWER?’

He checked Saejong last.

The moment he checked Saejong his face turned white.

His hands moved fast.

Then he checked the page where Cheonan was.


Then Pyungtaek.


Then he opened Osan page. He finally found it.

One blue light.

One blue light that was quickly moving toward Soowon.

Sung-Hoon accidentally let go of Daedong Yuhji map.

He dropped the great treasure on the floor.

But he could not react to that because he was trembling. And that was all he was doing.

“Damn, damn!”

He could not resist trembling and cursed and ended up slapping himself.


With that sound he started moving.

“Wake up Jung Sung-Hoon, millions rely on your goddamn head! Think, think!”

He finally grabbed the map and checked the light again.

‘It’s them.’

At that moment only one scenario crossed his mind.

‘Six snakes, they are luring blue Grade Monsters here to crush us. If not that, there is no reason for them to come to Bucheon.’

It was big.

Confronting this desperate situation, Sung-Hoon finally came up with an answer.

But he could not think of a scenario to stop it.


Because the actor that will make the plan feasible did not exist.





< Episode 26. Messiah vs. Messiah (3). > End


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