“There, did you hear gunfire?”

“It shouldn’t be the first time that you hear a gun fire?”

“Isn’t this Korea?”

Kim Tae-Hoon replied tersely to the response of Kate, who has only heard about the world situations, but never actually witnessed any.

“Whether it’s in Korea or elsewhere, the world we live in has changed already.  A sound of gun fire is more welcoming in this world than an eerie shrieking sound of a monster.

With that, Kim Tae-Hoon rose from his seat.

At the same time, his body began to levitate.

“Uh? Uh? Uh!!”

Kate’s eyes started to open wider.



At the sound of the gun fire, a man fell over on top of the asphalt.  Blood began to spread everywhere over the asphalt.

It was an imagery that is certain to draw loud screams.

But no one screamed.

“Take it, quickly!  Take it!”

The ones who fired the gun immediately approached the dead man and voraciously began searching the body.

They removed the clothes off the body and began searching the dead man’s bag.

“Damn, this SOB has nothing!”

“What about the bag?  No food?”

“No food.  But it’s heavy as hell.  Did he keep some sort of stones?”

“Ah, SOB.  Damn broke got me worked up over nothing.”


At that moment, a round was fired at the body from a revolver, and surprised and displeased, another person screamed at the gunman.

The revolver ranged out as another person said, in surprised reaction, to the person holding the gun.

“What are you doing wasting the bullet!”

“It makes me upset!”

“Conserve the bullets!”

It was a gruesome scene.

The scene played out the point in time where the value of human life and dignity have become less than the price of a bullet, the value of humanity passing the point of being colorless and reaching the point of worthlessness.

A man appearing from the sky has topped it all.

Kim Tae-Hoon looked down below as soon as he appeared.  He looked upon the three people that had attached themselves to the body like hyenas.

‘Still alive.’

It wasn’t a dead body.  There was still a breath of life even after being shot twice and bleeding seriously.

Although his breading and heartbeats were weak, Kim Tae-Hoon could hear them clearly.

But, Kim Tae-Hoon had no interest in stepping forward to save him.

“Uh!  What is this?”


“It’s stone, looks like a sculpture.”

Before seeing this.

“A stone effigy?”

“No, it’s not an effigy?  Strange, I thought that I had seen this before somewhere…”

“That’s true.  I think I’ve certainly seen this too… where did I see it?”

A sword sculpted out of a stone.


‘Gandol Sword?’

Kim Tae-Hoon landed on the ground as soon as he saw the Gandol Sword, a relic that represented the Bronze Age.


Kim Tae-Hoon’s body made a direct impact against the roof of one of the cars that filled the street.  The roof of the car caved in as if it was a soda can.


Three men were frightened at Kim Tae-Hoon’s sudden appearance.  Kim Tae-Hoon reached out his hand towards them as he gazed his blackened eyes at them.


At the same, a revolver flew and came into Kim Tae-Hoon’s hand.

Bang, bang, bang!

Three shots were immediately discharged and hit the three men.

Two were shot in the foreheads and the third in the thigh.


Only one of them screamed as expected.

Kim Tae-Hoon walked thru the express way filled with screaming sound.  Then he reached out his hand and retrieved the Gandol Sword using his telekinetic power and stared at it.


[Gandol Sword]

– Relic Grade: Rank 3

– Relic Value: Rare

– Relic Features: Sharp edge forms when focused energy is directed.  Sword’s cutting power varies depending on the energy rank.


‘According to Jang Sung-Hoon, the Gandol Sword should be at the Buyeo National Museum?’

That question passed by in his head.

But, Kim Tae-Hoon did not dwell on that question.  The one who can solve this mystery was the person who was dying in front of his Kim Tae-Hoon, rather than his own anguish.

Kim Tae-Hoon approached the man and sat him up.

He spoke to the man whose eyes were being dilated, blood was gushing out of the mid section just above the navel, where the bullet had struck.

“What happened in Buyeo?”

That was a question to which an answer could not be anticipated.


After the man had repeatedly coughed out blood, he finally replied.

“My daughter…, my wife…, please help… Buyeo… Geumhyang Road… Hyang Road, where monsters are made… watch out for messiah….”

After the desperate efforts to convey his final message, the man faced his death with his eyes open.

Kim Tae-Hoon closed the man’s eyes.

Then he turned his back on him immediately.

“Aaa! Aaaak!”

He approached the man that was in screaming.

Then in a quiet voice, he said to the man.

“Start talking.”






<Chap. 25.  To Bueyo (2).>  The End




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