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“Is it over?”

Kate was glad to see Kim Tae-Hoon, returning from his lengthy absence.

Then she immediately inquired.

“Wow, how is it possible that you are able to fly?”

She appeared to be more amazed than anything to have witnessed Kim Tae-Hoon’s ability to fly.  Putting aside any chances of making dashing attempts to escape, she couldn’t even fathom the thought of escaping from Kim Tae-Hoon, only because she may want to learn the skill.

To inquiring Kate, Kim Tae-Hoon responded tersely.


“Do laser beams come out of your eyes by any chance?”

He did not even acknowledge any subsequent questions from her.

Instead, Kim Tae-Hoon focused his energy onto the Gandol Sword that he had brought back.


Then immediately, there appeared a beaming yellowish blade from the Gandol Sword.

“Wow! Jedi!”

Before Kate who was in awe, Kim Tae-Hoon swung the Gandol Sword down at a midsized vehicle that was close by.


The sharp blade instantly cut the vehicle in half, starting from the top of the roof.

Seeing such a powerful visual, Kate failed to be even bewildered by it.  Rather, her pupils began to weakly shake about as if she was astonished by the forceful, frightening scene.

The power had such a frightening affect.

Kim Tae-Hoon stared at the Gandol Sword that he held in his hand.

‘The power is great.’

Kim Tae-Hoon’s present energy rank is level-B.  It is certainly not a low level.

At Kim Tae-Hoon’s present energy and strength levels, it was possible to bend and reshape a vehicle, as if it was a piece of paper, with his bare hands.

However, to instantly cut a vehicle cleanly in half is all together a different story.

More than anything, this is not the only Gandol Sword around.

As far as Kim Tae-Hoon knows, Buyeo National Museum currently holds several tens of Gandol Swords.

‘Should a gang of hunters arm themselves with such Gandol Swords….’

Furthermore, according to Jang Sung-Hoon, Buyeo National Museum is holding Half-moon Swords as well as bronze swords.

If they have all become relics, the power would be well beyond anyone’s imagination.

That’s where Kim Tae-Hoon ceased his thoughts.


His first priority, at this moment, was to shush up this limpid, blue-eyed and very curious adolescent girl.

“Please tell me what happened!  What the heck is that?  Laser beam sort of sword?”

Kim Tae-Hoon threw a few words at Kate, who was demanding answers.

“We are going to tear up the Monster now.”


“I will if you don’t want to.  Then the Monster stone is mine.”

“Wait, please.”

Only then did Kate stop talking and change her demeanor.  She stared sharply at Kim Tae-Hoon with much resentment.

Of course that was only for a brief moment.

Crunching some numbers briefly in her head, Kate turned around and walked towards the Ork that she had captured.



While Kate was wrestling the Ork with a butcher knife, Kim Tae-Hoon continued his thoughts.

‘Gilt Incense Burner, with which the Monsters are made.’

The very first thing that had filled his thoughts was what the guy had mentioned about the Gilt Incense-Burner, just before he died.

There aren’t that many things in this world, where the expression of gilt incense-burner was fitting.

Let alone, to be using the expression of the gilt incense-burner by a man, holding a Gandol Sword, would be very unique in Korea.

‘Is it the Gilt-Bronze Incense Burner of Baekjae?’

National Treasure Number 287, Gilt-Bronze Incense Burner of Baekjae.

It is a great artwork.

From a far, it looks like an ordinary incense burner, but up close, one can realize that it is not a simple incense burner.

A one-headed dragon is holding the peak of a lotus leaf by its teeth, and a phoenix stood rising aloft at the peak of the lotus leaf.

The lotus leaf was a representation of the Three Gods Mountain, where perennial Taoist hermits live, and ingrained with variety of fortunes and animals along with five performers playing five musical instruments.

‘Make Monsters?’

Nonetheless, the dead guy had indicated that the Monsters are made with the Gilt Incense-Burner.

It wasn’t certain whether it actually makes monsters or turn people into monsters.

Anything could be possible.

‘Dragon and Phoenix.’

And if the incense-burner is used for summoning Monsters then it would be a cause for much headache.

Kim Tae-Hoon ceased his imagination about the Baekjae’s Gilt-Bronze Incense Burner at that point.

The fact that the item has been taken by the Messiah clan was more important to him at the moment.

Kim Tae-Hoon frowned as he thought about that fact.

‘The Messiah Clan, again.’

It was also Messiah this time around.

It was irritable as this was the third time.

As any repetitious event does not signal coincidence, the use of the name Messiah, by itself, was telling about the clan’s characteristics.

In reality, any normal group will not call itself a messiah.

An abnormal group is more likely to call itself a messiah in order to normalize its existence and actions.

Any bastard that uses messiah as the group title will not be a good person.

It would not be different either this time.

If the Buyeo’s Messiah Clan stood for justice and peace as the name may suggest, no human, holding the invaluable relic such as the Gandol Sword, wouldn’t need to put his life on the line and travel to Seoul.

Furthermore, the last words, which the dying man had said out of his last breath, wouldn’t be ‘please help save my family’.

What’s for certain at last….

‘What’s certain is that he had the potential energy to survive in this hellish world.’

Having established, Buyeo’s Messiah Clan had the power, the license to survive within this Monster infested world,

“It’s done.”

That’s when soaked in blood, Kate appeared before Kim Tae-Hoon.  She held a butcher’s knife in her left hand as blood dripped down, a jewel in her right hand, and had blood splattered all over her face.

Kim Tae-Hoon stoically stared at Kate.

Kate frowned in response to him, looking at her.

“I did what you told me to do, isn’t that good?”

“I said nothing.”

“Ah, that’s….”

While Kate hesitated, Kim Tae-Hoon removed his back pack that he was carrying on his back and removed a thick, half transparent vinyl rap.  The rap was full of crimson jewel like a candy bag.

It was hard to even guess the number of jewels.

Kate swallowed as she looked upon them.

Her mouth had watered.

Not because Monster stones taste delicious.

Finally, she learned what it would be like to gain strength through Monster stones.

That’s what made her mouth water.

“There are 255 Monster stones right now.”

Kim Tae-Hoon let Kate know the exact number of the Monster stones.

“Are you teasing me now?”

She took Kim Tae-Hoon’s words as if he was toying with her.  Her countenance has changed to frowning.

“I’ll give them all to you.”



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