The difference was in the paths of the Guardians and Messiah.

Rather than staying put in one location, they roamed the Chungchungdo area, eliminating the monsters and distributing food and weapons to the survivors.

Of course, the food and weapons were distributed to only those who followed, believed, and worshipped them.

They displayed salvation and benevolence.

As a result, Messiah has naturally become the religion of choice in Chungchungdo area, to those who wished to live like humans, remain in power and maintain statuses.

‘It was more beneficial to be a god than a fumbling king.’

This was the reason that Kim Tae-Hoon believed this Messiah to be intelligent.

In reality, it was difficult to manage in situations, where most of the social infrastructure has been demolished.

Furthermore, unlike Seoul, Chungchungdo is not a small, concentrated populous region with infrastructure.  Rather, there is vast land with population and infrastructure are dispersed everywhere.  There are more mountains than buildings.

It is very limited in terms of the ability to basically control with only fear through force in such areas.

However, with mystique, it was a different story.

‘Acquiring power through a concept of religion fits well into the world today.’

Those, who have never travelled to Vatican worships Vatican, Muslims who bow in the direction of the Mecca without even seeing the Mecca, all stems from the reasons of mystique.

It is not an overstatement to insist that the power that is held by religious relics is the strongest today than ever before in the human history.

‘And the power of Baekjae’s Grand Gilt-Incense Burner….’

Even the simple description of the power of Baekjae’s Grand Gilt-Incense Burner, belonging to Messiah incites terror.

According to the description, the Baekjae’s Grand Gilt-Incense Burner is used to summon the beast from the golden smoke.

The summoned beast’s power is equivalent to the Rank-2 pottery of a warrior on horse’s back that is in Kim Tae-Hoon’s possession.

‘It is more threatening than thought.’

Since it is made out of smoke, when multiple beasts are summoned rather than a one-head beast, much of the physical attacks will not affect them.

Based on the Messiah’s followers, there is not a one-head Monster that has not been captured by the Baekjae’s Grand Gilt-Incense Burner.

‘Monsters of golden smoke that is invincible to physical attacks….’

It is deserving of being called a miracle.

That’s not all.

Instead of using the term, spiritually awakened, to call those that have been enlightened, Messiah called the symbol of enlightenment as stigmata.

It is not an organization that has formed out of an impulse, rather the Messiah system was created, aiming for specific purposes.

The system was an inconvenience for Kim Tae-Hoon since he must strip away the Baekjae’s Grand Gilt-Incense Burner after he captures them.

‘No problem if there was time….’

Messiah could never be Kim Tae-Hoon’s match given enough time.  Kim Tae-Hoon knew well the methods of engagements against those that are stronger, stronger clans than him.

Enlightened one’s ability is not needed. It is as simple as defeating one after another with time.

‘The problem is not having the time.’

But the time that was given to Kim Tae-Hoon was until June.

He must be in Buchun by July.  If not, it will not be possible to prevent assassination of Colonel Im Hyun-Joon.

He did not have the luxury of time to backtrack, step by step, the Messiah’s tracks before destroying them.

On top of that, adapting that strategy may provide Messiah and Guardians with the chances to either disappear or run away.

What is needed right now is to lure them to come voluntarily and destroy them all at once.

‘It is the best method to use against those bastards that exploit religion as a weapon.’

And Kim Tae-Hoon knew a method to use to capture the clans that use religion as weapons.

‘Rise of a cult.’

At the same time, Kim Tae-Hoon knew, better than anyone, the risks of organizations that exploit religion.

After swallowing the coffee, Kim Tae-Hoon closed the thermos bottle.

‘Fight fire with fire, I shall be a Messiah.’


Monsters’ appearance has taken away everything.

The thesis has become the absolute truth within the changed world.

“What are you talking about?”

However, they seemed to have escaped the bounds set by the thesis.

“There seemed to be an uprising in Buyeo.”


Under the warm rays of the sun, the auto campground, located on the north end of Gyeryong Mountain, looked splendid.

Ostensibly displayed in the camp ground were the multitudes of expensive, shiny SUVs, costly camping equipment, and numerous kinds of foods and wines.

To top it all, there were even people dancing to the tunes of DJ equipment being played by DJs.

It was a scene that was much too difficult to see even before the Monsters made their way.

And in the middle of that spectacle, a short haired woman, lying on a hammock, handed her wine glass to the man standing next to her.

“Will just take care of it then?”


“What’s the problem?”

“Everyone dispatched was killed.”

After hearing this, the woman no longer remained lying on the hammock.

Sitting up on the hammock, she stared at the man on his knees before her, as she held a brilliantly glowing golden incense burner that was next to her,

He met her eyes and continued speaking.

“It appears the resurgent had properly armed themselves.  And….”

“And, there are more problems?”

“Those that went to put down the uprising, surviving barely, and came back spoke of strange things.”

After a short pause to catch his breath, the man continued.

“The true savior has saved us….  The resurgent group in Buyeo has said of such thing.”

As soon as he had finished speaking, out of the gilt incense burner, there rose a golden smoke, ever so slowly.

When the golden smoke arose, the man on his knees before her and everyone around the hammock that seemed to be guarding her froze instantly.

But soon, the smoke dissipated back in to the incense burner and the woman put out her right hand.

The man, who had just received the wine glass, replaced the wine glass back in the grip of that right hand, where on its back was a symbol.

The woman put some wine in her mouth and after savoring it for a long time, opened her mouth.

“It looks like a cult has emerged.”

She motioned her hand slightly as she said that.  As if they were waiting for a command, people around her gathered closer to her in synchronized fashion.

Everyone had a symbol, in their right hands, what they referred to as the stigmata.

Those that were already in tuned to the earlier conversation, tried to be the first to speak.

“I will take care of it.”

“Leave it to me.”

She said nothing as everyone volunteered to the task.

Before she spoke, she rubbed the gilt incense burner that she was holding.

“No, everyone shall go.”


“Yes, everyone.”

“Is that really necessary?”

“If the word travels to Nonsan, it will cause much trouble.”

She let out a short sigh as she paused.

“Nothing good will come out of the word, spreading to Nonsan City, especially when we had to set up our base in Nonsan because of the ridiculous Monsters in the Saejongsi.  Also, we have to seriously demonstrate for once.”


Everyone’s looks changed in their eyes with that word.

“We shall demonstrate and make an example for all to see what happens to those that deny and oppose us.”

Her looks changed in her eyes.

“Everyone come here.”

At last, with her single command, all those that were partying had stopped and began to gather around the woman, who was sitting on the hammock.

Over one hundred gathered instantly.

Everyone huddled there all had stigmata in their right hands, bronze swords, and Gandol swords in their waist hoists.

She put a smile on her face as she looked upon the people and began rubbing the incense burner in her bosom.

“Buyeo, this one will finally return to his hometown after all this time.”






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