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Buyeo County Office.

Just a few days ago, this place was like a different part of Hell.

That is because the followers of Messiah chose Buyeo County Office as the prison to lock up the slaves. In another words Concentration camp, thousands of slaves were spending night after night like boxes at the buildings in the basement of Buyeo County Office.

“Over there! Block the street! Block that road!”

“Construct a stronghold there in that building. Follow me! We have a lot to do!”

Indeed, an alternative hell, they must risk death in sleep. Does it need more description?

But around the area of Buyeo County Office, there was a power, vitality, that does not seem to be a part of Hell, was surging about.

“Do it right! This isn’t reserve forces training!”

The source of vitality was Messiah’s slaves who were barely alive just a few days ago.

“Take all the bullets! Treat them like they’re more valuable than your life!”

Moreover, what they were doing while showing vitality was preparing for a war.

That was not an easy task.

To prepare a war, in other words, is to dig one’s grave.

Preparing for war was not something that slaves who were exploited thus far could do.

Unbelievably extreme transformation.

Of course, there was a reason.

“Fortification project is almost done. If we can endure the bombardment, we can beat them in ground fight.”

A savior appeared in front of the hopeless crew.

The savior performed a miracle by suppressing the power of Messiah’s followers who persecuted and exploited them and announced that they should stand up against those who praise Messiah and that they should not become slaves but Warriors! Then that person will become their Messiah!

Everyone was surprise by that.


“We are ready to fight. Now you just have to give us the order.”

The savior was a blond lady with clear white skin who uses English.

‘I’m crazy.’

Kate Kennedy, she had become a savior.

More accurately, she got to play a savior.

‘I’m seriously crazy.’

The beginning of this story starts on a particularly warm night.

Warm night, Tae-Hoon told Kate,

“Now we use Messiah to catch Messiah.”

“Unless you spoke wrong in English, I did not understand it well. Or it is some kind of a saying.”

“We create a Savior group that denies Messiah in this place. In other words, a cult. I will use the cult bait to lure the Messiah group.”

“Will that work?”

“Cult works best on those who use religion as a weapon.”

“I don’t really understand……”

“Remember IS. Those who destroyed the thousands of years old relics because they were the remains of a heretic.”


“It’s not just justice. To show people what will happen, they will show their true POWER.”

Kate could understand Tae-Hoon’s such Project.

It was just that.

“Well, if it’s you I don’t think being a Messiah is a problem. Just like a Jedi, if one comes down from the sky like Superman and swing around a lightsaber at least one or two out of ten will treat you like a Savior at the spot.”

Kate thought she had no room in Tae-Hoon’s Project.

She did not necessarily want to get involved in the Project, anyway.

“No, it’s you who will become the Messiah.”

But Tae-Hoon forced her to be a part of his Project.


“The person who becomes the Messiah is you, Kate Kennedy.”


Kate needed some time to understand this nonsense.

“Are you cra……!”

And the moment she understood, she tried to express her surprised feeling with the loudest sound she can produce.

But she could not.

“Mm! Opmm!”

Because Tae-Hoon closed her mouth with his psychokinesis.

“Be quiet.”

After that short warning Tae-Hoon relieved her of the psychokinesis and Kate said in a rather soft voice,

“Are you out of your mind? You want me to be a Messiah? To these people?”

“Why not?”

“I’m not like you! I cannot fly! I mean I’m an American for one thing! I am not Korean!”

“It doesn’t matter. Whether you are God or Messiah, it doesn’t matter who you are. It matters how you plan things and how you manage things.”


When Kate’s voice was starting to get high again Tae-Hoon tapped his lips with his index finger.

Kate said in a soft voice again,

“Why do you need to do that? Wouldn’t it be better if you did it?”

“This plan is a lure plan. Bait does baiting and fisher has to fish. If the fisher gets baited, he cannot fish.”

“I don’t care about fishing. I do not want to be involved. Like you said, I am a hostage. Have you seen a hostage act like a Messiah?”

Kate obviously did not want to Test her acting Talent at a place like this.

“If the work ends I will remit your debt.”

“Do you think I will do such thing because of mere de…… what?”

“If you act like a Messiah and everything goes well, I will remit all the debt for Monster Stone.”

But Tae-Hoon was serious enough to suggest a deal with a person like her.

Monster Stone is a snell. It has more value than its apparent value.”

“Is this work that important?”

“If we let Messiah go this time, the followers will go over Chungcheong and arrive at Jeolla.”

When Tae-Hoon first heard about the Messiah group, frankly he did not think much of them.

Tae-Hoon thought they were just like trash groups who justify their actions using the word Messiah in this world that has become a mess after the appearance of the Monster.

But the Messiah group in Chungcheong was different from the former groups.

They made the religion into a group and are using the mystery factor well.

“If that happens we cannot deal with them entirely.”

Ultimately, there was too powerful of a relic among them.

Normally, the Messiah group that is basically a miracle will spread like a wildfire and will make the field black.

“Monster is already a headache. I cannot tolerate guys like IS running around outside my area. Moreover, this is the only chance. If they have not settled their base yet this is the only chance to take them out.”

Tae-Hoon did not want to watch the burnt field. Tae-Hoon had enough of the horrible scene after the Napoleon’s golden glass.

Kate did not want to say no anymore to Tae-Hoon after that.

Instead she agonized over what she can do and get.

“……So what do I exactly have to do?”

“Act like a Messiah, do your best to keep the people in Buyeo safe.”


“Just that. I can handle the enemy.”

“If I do this right, how many will you remit?”

Tae-Hoon answered her question with a question.

“How many do you want?”
“A work like this…… at least 50 red ones, no 100 red ones.”

Tae-Hoon replied with a smirk to Kate’s generous suggestion.

“I’ll make it 100.”

  1. Kate gave out a long sigh after reminiscing.

‘I’m crazy.’

She made the deal with Tae-Hoon and became the Messiah.

When she took the deal, she did not think it would be difficult.

All she had to do was to act like a Messiah on the stage that Tae-Hoon prepared.

‘I underestimated the difficulty of being the savior.’

But it did not take long to prove herself wrong.

The moment she started, the moment she saw those who thanked her like crying babies, after seeing those who will succumb to Death if it is her order, she realized it is not an act any more.

It was true even now.

Soon Messiah’s soldiers will start bombarding near Buyeo.

A horrible war is starting.

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