Kate did not want to be the savior in that war.

‘I should have known when that Human smirked when I said 100.’

Even if she could not become the savior, for those who were willing to die for her, she had to fight.

That was the least she could do for those who are willing to die for her.

Also, there was the remission.

Tae-Hoon knew what it means to act like a savior and how hard it is better than anyone.

That is why Tae-Hoon agreed to her 100 Monster Stone remission deal.

And he knew then that she did not know how this world works, yet.


At that moment, a loud roar went over Kate’s head and fell to the Buyeo County Office.


As soon as it hit there were screams filled with horror and pain.

Buyeo County Office had become a mess.

“They’re bombarding! Avoid!”

“Hold your position! Soon Guardians will come! Do not let them in!”

Those who survived in that turmoil kindled the will to fight.

Watching that horrific scene, Kate bit her lips.

If Kate did not act Savior, though they might be slaves, they would not be in this situation.

‘It is my fault.’

Of course, their Deaths were not Kate’s to blame.

But Kate did have obligations. To save one more she had to try as hard as she could.

Kate held up the Hepatolith sword that was on his belt.

’10 minutes. I will endure for 10 minutes, just like you told me.’

Kate, the moment she understood the changed world.




Buyeo intersection. There were about 10 mortars lined on the Buyeo bridge, spewing out the sound of gunfire.



The mechanical attacks fell on the Buyeo County Office.


After a long journey, the sound that creates the gun reached The Buyeo intersection.

“There’s nothing for us to do.”

“There was never something we needed to do. It was just the slaves. It was not a situation that will bring the all the Guardians, especially not the Messiah.”

In that mess, a Guardian with stigmata made an apathetic expression.

That expression was on the face of the Guardian who ordered the soldiers.

“Stop fire.”

The Guardian who stopped fire waved his hand with stigmata.

“Finish it.”


Then the soldiers with guns who were waiting started running towards the Buyeo County Office.

“Let’s move it.”

At the same time, the twenty Guardians who were waiting slowly started following the path that soldiers walked.

Those Guardians were like the last piece that brings a checkmate.

Those who will stomp anyone who defy them.

“Approximately one hour will do.”

“Not even.”

Common men cannot do anything against Guardians with Superhuman Abilities.

“Well if you enjoy the fight, an hour will go by.”

“That’s true. It’s been some time since I hunted a Human. I would have applied.”

“It’s fun raping those who run away.”

“DAMN pervert.”

“I think it’s pretty normal compared to a guy who have them fight after breaking their legs.”

Of course, when they left, the Guardians who were watching the seen let out a relieving sigh.

‘It’s done.’

There was no reason to be tense any more.

“Stay out of the way.”

But one woman’s voice made them tense again.

In-Young Park.

More than her name, the name Messiah made everyone look at her.

‘n, no way…”


In-Young was grabbing Baekje Incense Burner with her both hands.

Everyone knew what that meant.

“Must you use that?”

One of them imploringly asked In-Young.

But In-Young did not respond. Instead, she started in imbuing her Mana into Baekje Incense Burner.


The burner with In-Young’s Mana started letting out a golden light.

After some time, a golden light smoke was coming out of a hold in the burner.


‘She’s really going to end it.’

Baekje Incense Burner was something that could do that.

Even if you are an ally, you would be screaming in awe in front of it.

The Guardians remembered that the destruction the burner showed made all the Monsters scream.

They focused.

As if they were going to witness a miracle, they locked their eyes on In-Young and her Baekje Incense Burner.

Just when the golden light smoke snuck up to her knee, she opened her closed eyes.

Pat! Pat!

That was the moment when an object that was perfect to hold fell out of the sky.



‘What is this?’

Everybody was confused at the emergence of this weird object. Nobody knew what the object was. Why wouldn’t they?

Thankfully, it did not take long to find out what it was.


It did not take long for them to realize that it was a flash bang as they yelled out that will burst everyone’s eardrums.


“Ahh, AHHH!”

The flash bangs that went off on the left and on the right paralyzed their vision and the ability to hear.

But that was not it.

“Uhh, Ughhh……”


The shock was not too much but it gives more pain than any physical pain.

They started having something that looks like a total body seizure.


But In-Young was not free in front of the flash bang either.

In-Young, who was closest to the flash bang, fell down on her back and she accidentally let go of Baekje Incense Burner.


Instead of falling on the ground, the burner got sucked underwater.


Tae-Hoon, he finally obtained the Baekje Incense Burner.

‘Finally got something from my wish list’

Of course, Tae-Hoon looked at the burner with his black eyes.

[Baekje Incense Burner]

– Relic Grade: 1Grade

– Relic value: normal

– Relic effect: Summons a minion made of smoke. The minion type changes depending on the Monster Stone color.


That moment, Tae-Hoon unknowingly got into trance mode.

The relic that was one of the best in Baekje, the brilliant Kingdom, was so beautiful and majestic.

Further, the relic was not just a Golden object to the black eyes.

‘……it is worth putting in my wish list.’

The animals, the evil that were in Baekje Incense Burner and at the end of the incense was a dragon holding the cintamani of rainbow color.

‘This is the first time that I got a feeling that a relic is looking down on me.’

When Tae-Hoon was lost in the relic, people were waking up from the flash bang.

That was fast than he thought.

“Ahh… What just……”

“Flash bang! Somebody used a flash bang!”

Those with strong physical Ability and of high rank got up and felt the presence of Tae-Hoon Kim.

“T..There! There!”

They started showing their teeth.

“That bastard has the burner!”

“Stop him! Don’t let him get away!”

“Kill him!”

Everywhere there was arrows coming at him.

But Tae-Hoon did not even respond.

Instead, he pointed at a direction. Some of them instinctively turned around.

Only those who did saw it.


The Warrior made of sand who was riding on a horse that was also made of sand.

< Chapter 26. Messiah vs. Messiah (2). > End


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