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When messiah Park In-Young wanted to create the organization ‘Messiah,’ the first thing she looked for was the ability to punish those who challenge the Messiah’s belief system.

She gathered the awakened people with stigmata and armed them with relics.

At the same time, she prepared trained soldiers and formed an army.

It was not too difficult to find soldiers,

because in <Area> Chungcheong, there was the Second Warrior Command under the 32nd division and the famous army training center, a.k.a. Nonsan Training Center, which is the largest in Korea.

The messiah called in talented soldiers from there and organized an army.

Indeed, the god’s army.

Even after the harsh selection process, the soldiers were trained further and became the elite.

That was it.

“Get it! Get that Monster!”

To Kim Tae-Hoon, that was their only feature; just trained soldiers, no more no less.

They did not have real battle EXP.

Even if they did, it was nothing compared to that of Tae-Hoon.

The difference was as big as the difference between a tiger and a rat.

At a large field, the rats will run around and the tiger will have a hard time catching them.

But if the tiger was in a narrow well with the rats, it will take neither much time or effort to destroy those rats.

That was the reason.

‘Must finish fast.’

The reason why Tae-Hoon formed the group that opposed Messiah and lured them to Buyeo with little to no effort.

The dispassionate, or even cruel reason he used the Survivors in Buyeo, Kate’s life, and thousands of lives as bait.

The reason he hid until they were all gathered in one place.

Indeed, Tae-Hoon was going to do the role he’s given on that stage as well.

His role, of course massacre.


The central role here was the horseback sand warrior, the beginning of massacre.

Before Tae-Hoon tossed the flashbang, the mana-imbued minion went on a rampage among the Guardians and soldiers gathered in Buyeo crossroad.

Ratatat! Ratatatatat!

The soldiers of Messiah and the Guardians bombarded the horseback sand warrior but it did not have any effect.

The horseback sand warrior who was called a plunderer in In-Cheon and proved that guns do not work there, it was unlikely that anyone was aware of that fact.

“Damn, guns don’t work!”

“Use the relic!”


Of course, unlike in In-Cheon, Messiah’s army had powerful relics.


Stone Sword and Bronze Sword.

The relic, which as soon as holding the energy in started glowing the blade, made those who grabbed the blade shine as well.

“Capture! Capture first!”

“Just think of it as capturing a Monster! It’s not hard!”

Moreover, the sparkling courage encouraged dispassionate reasoning.

The enemy is one, whereas the number of Guardians was over 80 and if soldiers included, near 400.

Stone Sword and Bronze Sword, among Guardians, there are less than 30 Guardians who can wield such Weapons!

“Do not afraid to die!”

There was no reason to be afraid of a Monster with only One-Head.

Realizing that fact, they captured the horseback sand warrior that was on a rampage and narrowed down the circle of capture.


The bullet barrage grabbed the warrior’s attention and did some physical damage.

“I’ll buy some time!”

Some of the Guardians gave it their all and willingly charged towards the horseback sand warrior.

That was almost like seeing tiger moths, no more no less.


The horseback sand warrior was a Monster that went toe-to-toe against the twin head Ogre; it wasn’t something Guardians of mere C~D rank and 3 Rank relic, barely 100 Points of Strength and Stamina if combined could buy time against.


Of course, the moment Guardian of Messiah attacked with the sword like a spear, it avoided by spinning 180 degrees and at the same time the Warrior’s sword severed the head of that Guardian.


Cleanly severed Guardian’s head fell on the ground.

Previously stated, it was like watching insects. Meaningless Death. Fearful Death. But those who watched this scene was engulfed in enragement instead of fearing.

“DAMN bastard!”

A friend of the Guardian courageously died.

In fact, if they were Humans that gave up so easily, they would not take pride in being Guardians.

Doing evil requires courage, too.


“Shoot everything we have! Just shoot!”

Of course, they were mad and naturally the rage blinded them.


An arrow went through the blind’s temple.

The warrior that followed the will of a warrior in the past now followed the will of Kim Tae-Hoon.

Puf, Puf, Puf!

Like sewing, the arrows went through the heads of blind Guardians.

Moreover, unlike the Guardians Tae-Hoon’s eyes were not blind. His eyes that turned black were scanning the entire roof.


Those eyes installed a Claymore and found soldiers backing up for fire.


“But there are Guardians?”

“Just fire!”

Tae-Hoon made a simple gesture towards the Claymore.

That did not have any particular meaning.

It was more like a switch. A switch that made something clear.

The Claymore spun 180 degrees on the same spot.

“Just shoot!”


The Claymore did its job.

As soon as the soldier pressed the switch, it spewed countless Marbles toward the front.


Even in that circumstance, there were some that approached Tae-Hoon after feeling his presence.

With the Stone Sword in his hand.

‘I have to kill that-bloke.’

It wished to become an assassin more than a Guardian in that moment.

Of course, this was a useless act.

To Tae-Hoon who has a hearing of an animal, his footsteps were like thunders.

Tae-Hoon turned his head around the moment he approached within five meters of him. He who turned around had a swollen mouth.


In that mouth, a huge fireball came out.


Like a wave, that flame engulfed the Guardian.

“Ahh!? Huh?”

But it did not reach the assassin.

Almost like an invisible barrier, the flame hovered around the assassin.

‘Huh? What is this?’

Nobody expected this.

The person that acted first in this confusing situation was none other than Tae-Hoon.

As soon as he lifted his hand, the assassin’s body was hanging in the air.


An invisible rope sentenced him to death.

Tae-Hoon approached the struggling assassin and took something out.

It was a statue of Buddha. Tae-Hoon opened his blackened eyes.

[Golden Buddha Statue]

  • Relic Grade : 3Gradde
  • Relic value: Rare
  • Relic effect: Protects the owner from harmful effects.

It was 330th treasure Golden Buddha Statue.

‘They really stole everything in that Buyeo National Museum.’

It is not a national treasure but definitely a valuable one.

Tae-Hoon threw it out to the Buyeo crossroad. He also took the Stone Sword by force and threw it out.

The thrown-out relics decorated the field.

Of course, Baekje Incense Burner was in his possession.

“Who are you!?”

In that moment, somebody yelled behind Tae-Hoon.

Park In-Young.

She, who was affected by flashbang right in front of it, was standing right in front of Tae-Hoon which almost made that fact Colorless.

‘So intact.’

Flashbang, by nature, has less killing power than Grenade, but the power against humans is much more than that of Grenade.

But Park In-Young in front of him was too unscathed.

In her hand was a statue that was a little bit bigger than the statue Tae-Hoon threw out.

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