Chapter 50 – Works


The fun training time was now over.

However, when I reported to Mr. Kederick about how the quest was now completed and that I would no longer require the training, he ended up telling me that I could still come in and out of the workshop freely… Apparently, this decision was made because not only master Merget, but also the other disciples requested for it.

I did make the delivery of iron gear properly each time, and Merget did praise me a lot during the training, saying that I had a wonderful talent on my hands, so… I guess that makes sense, but it’s still embarrassing to know they held me in such high regard, to the point they directly asked Mr. Kederick to let me keep on coming and going.

Nonetheless, I was happy with it.

But when I shook hands with Mr. Kederick to officially finalize our business, he gave me a scary smile and said, “I may request you again in the future.”

… As expected of the chairman of a large store. He says those things while being fully aware that I don’t have much way of refusing his requests.

That said, he also gave me a referral letter that was very helpful. Due to his aid, I was able to get the appropriate equipment for a personal production facility.

Moreover, some of it is even intermediate level already. I have no doubts that this was only possible due to Mr. Kederick’s intervention… The power of big store owners is truly amazing.

… Well, I’m still a bit scared of what future request he might make, but let’s just make full use of everything that he helped me get! Thank you very much, Mr. Kederick!


With this, I should finally be able to get my own personal production facility!

But first, there is something that must be handled… Regarding our clan, ‘Works’, and its master, Lilalulu Lalalu, who has yet to purchase her store.

Yes, our clan was finally established. To celebrate that, all members who had confirmed that they’d be willing to join the clan ended up gathering together to hold a small meeting.

Me and Lalalu aside, there were 4 other people. Totaling 6 people. The entirety of our clan members.

First, a cool and tall chef. She’s the one that made the sweets that Lalalu usually brought to our girls-only meetings.

She also has a certain cute appeal due to being a bit shy and having a hard time speaking, making her give a very lovely impression overall.

That’s our Chef, Lulu!

Next, a very tall and muscular blacksmith who specializes in making weapons. He too isn’t very talkative, but when we showed each other the weapons that we made, he silently shook my hands.

He is a bit mysterious, but he seems to be a good person.

That’s our blacksmith, Mukaida!

And lastly, the chatterbox twins who specialize in alchemy! They are both pretty short, but differently from Lolita, it seems like their height is appropriate for their age.

Those two really love talking, and since they’re two, it’s like a double word machinegun! I couldn’t say anything in response to their sentences, as they both always complemented each other’s sentences!

Those are our alchemists! Mii and Muu!

I was a bit worried about those last two, but Lolita was quickly able to adapt and start smoothly getting in-between their sentences and create a proper conversation… That’s quite the amazing skill. I’m jealous.

And those are the 6 members of ‘Works’. Lolita told us that she plans to continue recruiting promising Pioneers as she comes across them, but that she’ll also take everyone’s opinion into consideration before letting someone in.

Then, with this introduction out of the way, we started talking a bit about what we’ve been doing so far, and I ended up finding out that I was the only person with a store. The other members seem to have mostly outsourced their sales to stalls or NPC stores.

This kind of sales method doesn’t work in the same way as the iron products I made during training though. Instead of being paid a fixed rate per batch of items, they have the capability of negotiating how much they’ll earn for each type of item will be sold… However, they also gain no Merchant level with those sales, so it’s not as beneficial as selling the item directly.

Nonetheless, it saves one the hassle of needing to stay there on a stall when one could instead be crafting, so it’s still worthwhile to let NPC stores or stalls sell the items for you.

But well, everyone obviously wanted to have their own store instead, if possible, so they asked me a lot of questions on this matter, since I already had experience with owning a shop.

I didn’t have any problem with giving this much information, so I answered whatever they asked… However, even Lolita, who already searched for a property together with me, still ended up asking some stuff.

It’s already been a few days in real time since we went to the Real Estate Agent, so more than a week in-game… She really should have made a decision by now.

We had been narrowing down what properties were available with her current funds while also clearing other necessary conditions, but… This is also done by now.

Even the establishment of the Clan has now been completed, so there should be nothing on the way of getting her own store now… And I even promised to go with her to sign the contract, so she’ll even have someone by her side at the time.

And yet, when I questioned her on this topic, her answer was, “Ah, well, about that… It’s still a little…”

This isn’t about choosing a property anymore, is it? “Are the real estate agents that scary to you?” I asked her.

“Th-that’sNotItAtAll!” She exclaimed, but it was a bit obvious that it was the issue.

She even started whistling now… Isn’t this kind of reaction a bit too old?

“Lalalu, I was convinced by Bucket’s explanation. Having a store is good… I’ll buy one.” Mukaida said.

“Me too… I want… A shop.” Lulu said.

“I-it’s not that I don’t want it, but the price is…” Lolita started saying.

“It’s cheap if you rent it!” But both twins interrupted her at once.

“I’m sure the long-term benefits will outweigh the demerits.” I commented.

“Then it’s decided!” Both twins exclaimed.

And I thought that now we’d be able to push Lolita enough to get her to tell us what her problem with real estate agents was, but…

“Also, on the note of profits, we have been experimenting with some new potions to deal with status aliments but it’s been hard to get a solution, so we’ve been focusing on recovery potions, but they’re not ideal as the fighters also need to deal with opposing skills and-” The twins suddenly start using their machinegun level talk and completely derailed the topic… I suppose it couldn’t be helped. I’ll have to pressure Lolita more about it our next girls-only gathering.


I thought Lolita would end up being cautious and avoid our girls-only gatherings for a while, but she gladly came to the next one we held… And then, once we were all inside, Hime and Mika immediately blocked her escape.

I feel a bit bad for trying to forcefully get it out of her, but since she went to a real estate agent with me once, she can’t have a serious trauma involving them.

And well… After a bit of pressure, she started saying, “Well, you see… I actually once fell in love with the older brother of a real estate agent.”

Oh, a love story!

… Is what I was hoping to exclaim, but the story ended up taking a darker turn, so I couldn’t make this kind of comment.

Essentially, as she got closer to the older brother of that real estate agent, they started recommending her to purchase a certain building… She ended up following their advice, so she ended up in heavy debt.

Moreover, the company that gave her the loan had a connection with the man she was in love with, so… Things got messy once she realized that the deal she signed was actually horrible.

In the end, both the older brother and the company were caught on their scamming and had to pay reparations, but still, Lolita’s heart ended up receiving a heavy wound from it.

… Now I really do feel bad for forcing her to go to a real estate agent.

However, the person in question was thinking the exact opposite, “And that’s it! I feel quite refreshed now that I let it all out! Enough crying about this! I can’t let the past drag me down forever!

“From today on, I’m a new Lilalulu Lalalu! A real estate agent is nothing in front of me!” She exclaimed, with eyes filled with determination.

I can’t say I understand how that happened, but I think it’s good if she herself made this decision. Therefore, we all cheered her on, as we all prefer her being happy than depressed over her heavy story.

… Though when we went to the real estate agent to sign the contract, she became all meek again… Well, she was still able to sign the contract, so things ended well in one way or another.

You did your best Lolita! No, new Lilalulu Lalalu! Great work!

I also bought the land I had previously made a reservation on, requested an extension on the building area, and also requested for the purchase and installation of a production facility.

This got rid of most of my funds, but I have no regrets. In fact, I’m quite happy with it, and can’t wait to start making gear on my own production facility!

And luckily enough, the whole process will take less than a day of in-game-time, so I can just spend that time crafting stuff on the Rental Production Facility and it will be done before I know it!

Today will be the last day I use the Rental Production Facility! This is our goodbye! Thanks for taking care of me all this time!

And tomorrow, I’ll do my best with my personal production equipment!


My second ‘castle’ was located diagonally behind my store and had a large garden… Had, as most of it was taken over by the house extension that I requested. Though that is not a problem as I don’t really need a garden.

As for the inner space, most of it is filled with production equipment, just as I requested.

Differently from the beginner equipment on the Rental Production Facility, intermediate equipment requires a lot of space. About four times as much as the beginner equipment requires in fact, so it couldn’t be helped that I needed a large place to put everything in.

The Magic Furnace in particular is quite big, but… I experienced its greatness firsthand at the Kederick workshop, so I am very glad to have it here!

Unfortunately, most of the other equipment within this ‘castle’ is for beginners, as I couldn’t afford intermediate equipment for everything… But that’s fine! I’ll just upgrade my equipment as I earn more funds from selling gear!

And then, there is the living area… I don’t really need one as I’m a player, so I considered just filling it with production equipment.

However, I then remembered that the rest area of my store is quite small, and that we often end up needing to make girls-only gatherings in someone’s Room… I think it would be nice to have a comfortable living space in this second castle, so as to have an option aside from the Rooms for our gatherings.

Moreover, the Works Clan doesn’t have a base as of yet, so we need to rent a private room or something similar through the Guild whenever we wish to make a meeting… It’s not my job to prepare a space for everyone, but I think it’s fine if we can use my second castle for meetings until a proper Clan base is secured.

But well, that is that. After I finished checking that everything in my second castle was just as I ordered, it was now time to confirm that the equipment works properly!

I doubt that the game’s system makes it possible to deliver defective equipment though, so I’m not particularly worried about that… From today onwards, my production activities will be done here!

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