Chapter 107 – One truth prevails!


“Hey, I know it’s normal for you to make incredible things, but… Isn’t this a bit too great?” Mika asked me.

“It is, but your items are pretty good too, aren’t they, Mika?” I replied.

“I know, but it’s been a while since then and… Well, this is pretty crazy.” Mika said.

“It is what it is.

“Let’s not worry about that and start Hime’s battle test!” I exclaimed.

“Okay.” Hime replied.

“Whoa!” Mika exclaimed when she saw Hime start moving the doll.

The test at the garden was pretty successful, but now came the real deal. Hime will try fighting with it.

We called Mika to not leave her out of the loop, but she was so surprised about the performance and price, that she ended up wanting to come see the battle test too.

She was really quite surprised once she saw the actual doll.

In any case, Hime was already able to move the doll smoothly, so she should have no problems with using it in combat too.

Or at least that’s the theory, but the tests so far were only done in the garden, which is a place where one can fight at ease. We were a bit worried if she’d be able to wield it properly in a tense battle environment, so we thought it was important to have a battle test.


“Strong!” Mii exclaimed.

“Quick!” Muu exclaimed.

“Amazing!” They said together.

“That was completely one-sided.” I commented.

“Easy victory.” Hime said.

“Well, let’s go to the next one.” Mika suggested.

Since it was the first battle experiment, we went to the de-facto beginner zone near Capital Sabrina. Where new player Pioneers fight their first battles.

Unsurprisingly, Hime’s spider doll had a tremendous fighting capability that could easily defeat the enemies without any need for fancy special moves. Hime just slashed the mobs with the sword-legs or crushed them with the fangs.

Her movements were extremely fluid, fast and powerful. It was as expected, but we wanted to start in an easy area just to make sure there would be no unexpected accidents.

One step at a time, especially because me and the twins are here too, and we’re non-combatants.

The next test should be against a strong mob though, or a strong event mob even.

I’m looking forward to seeing the performance of the attribute-less spider doll against those event mobs.


“… Hey, isn’t that cheating?” Mika commented.

“Incredible.” Mii said.

“Incredible.” Muu also said.

“It has no attributes!” They said together.

“This is quite amazing…” I commented.

“This can’t be right.” Hime said.

The battle experiment proceeded smoothly so far, but when Hime tried fighting an event mob, something surprising occurred.

The spider doll was able to deal normal damage to the event mob even though it has no attributes.

The normal wooden dolls have their damage reduced by the event mobs’ resistance, so this was quite unusual, and the details section of the item didn’t really say anything about this.

Could this be because of the magical remodeling…?

“Hey, Mii, Muu, the swords didn’t have anything special before we attached them to the doll, did they?” I asked them.

“Did they have something?” Mii pondered.

“I wonder…” Muu pondered.

“We don’t remember!” They exclaimed together.

“I don’t remember either…” I muttered.

“Hey hey, did you really not do anything?” Mika asked us.

“I’m curious.” Hime commented.

The details of the weapons on the doll can no longer be viewed once the entire thing is completed, as they become part of the final product.

Nonetheless, the unique characteristics of each individual armament are kept regardless, which I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad thing.

“Ah, but if we use the Marionette Customization…” I started saying.

“We can remove it!” Mii exclaimed.

“We can see it!” Muu exclaimed.

“One truth prevails!” They said together.

“Ooh?” Mika said.

“Hmm…” Hime said.

For some reason both twins pointed to the spider doll while they said those words, but let’s not mind it.

Coming to think of it, while I can’t see the details of the weapons of the wooden dolls after they’re properly attached, I can still remove them and put them on a different doll.

I didn’t give it much thought before, but maybe this is actually a bug? I think the weapons might have been supposed to be permanently attached to a doll once they’re put there, since like… They can no longer have their details viewed or anything.

Especially because there is this Marionette Customization modifier on the Spider Doll, so I think I was not supposed to change the armaments of any doll as I wished for it.

Maybe I should write a report to the management team about it later.

In any case, I briefly explained the gist of it to Hime and Mika while we used Marionette Customization to remove the weapons of the spider doll and see what its weapons were like.

And what we found was…


Steel Large Sword

Great Sword/4*/ATK +168; HIT -25; Attribute: Wind/Small Enchantment: Wind/Durability 180


Strange… Where did this attribute come from?

“Hey, Mii, Muu…” I started saying.

“Ah!” Mii exclaimed.

“That’s it!” Muu exclaimed.

“The Wind Crystal!” They said together.

After viewing the product details, the twins seemed to have remembered it, so they could explain what happened to us.

Apparently, they secretly added an item to the swords, the Wind Crystal. It was something similar to the Earth Crystal that Armilate sold me.

I was too engrossed into the magical remodeling of the doll that I didn’t notice it at all, but when considering that the twins were handling quite a few materials, I guess it can’t be helped.

Also, I ended up being pretty happy about this because I was able to get information on where to get the Wind Crystals in exchange for the information on the location of the Earth Crystals.

“So it was an attribute after all.” Mika commented.

“Disappointing.” Hime said.

“Yeah. It would have been quite something if the event mobs’ resistance was bypassed due to some hidden property of the magic doll.” I said.

“That’s right!” Mii exclaimed.

“Indeed!” Muu exclaimed.

“There are no unsolvable mysteries!” They said together.

“What are the twins imitating?” Mika asked.

“From long ago!” Mii said.

“A pretty old one!” Muu said.

“Anime!” They exclaimed in unison. *

“Hmm…” Hime muttered.

“I see, I see. So, are you doing any other experiments?” Mika asked us.

“Well… I think this is enough? There seems to be no problems with using this doll in battle.

“What do you think, Hime?” I asked her.

“This was sufficient. I’ll do the rest of the testing myself.” Hime replied.

“Roger that.” I said.

The mysterious behavior of the twins seems to be influenced by watching an old anime, but I’m not really interested in this kind of thing, so I didn’t notice it.

In any case, that’s the end of the experiment. Now I just need to pay the twins for their help. Especially because they did use some rare items in the process, so I have to properly reward them for it.

Ah, but I want to check the other weapons first… Sorry, I’m really curious about what else they meddled with. Please wait a bit longer, Hime.


After removing the weapons and checking them all, we found out that five of the eight swords had attributes on them.

The humanoid part and the fangs had nothing special on them, just ordinary steel gear.

However, if five of the swords had attributes on them, then this means at least five Wind Crystals were used.

Could they be easy to get perchance?

In any case, after talking to the twins about it, we decided that I’d repay them for half the price of the Wind Crystals, as they added those without permission.

No extra cost will go to Hime, as the price of the materials was already included on the final cost of the spider doll when she rented it.

It’s an absurd price, but I’m satisfied with Hime being able to steadily pay for it, while also having a really nice item to help her out on the rest of the event. It’s a win-win for us both!

Mika was a bit salty about this, but she put up with it as she already has the mysterious sword and the Dark Short Sword.

In any case, we wrote about this doll in the forums in advance to avoid trouble, but she’ll probably still get quite a bit of attention when fighting with this doll.

Even if I say that I don’t mind it much, it will still be a hot topic centered on us, so I can’t say I don’t care about it at all.

Like, I don’t mind it if people badmouth me on the forums, but I won’t feel good if people also start attacking Hime, even if I think she doesn’t care much about it herself.

In any case, the series of mini-events that started with Magical Silver has ended, so it’s now time to make items to restock the store.

This was so much fun that I didn’t work on restocking at all… That’s pretty rare for me, isn’t it?

Well, the demand for steel gear is still pretty high, and so is the demand for event items, so I’ll do my best!

Of course though, I first went to Kuuruu’s restaurant and treated the twins for a meal.

For some reason Mika also decided to come along, but that’s okay.

Hime wanted to test the doll more, so she didn’t come, but that’s just like Hime. It can’t be helped.


* Translator’s Note: The anime in question is Detective Conan (or Case Closed for the official English name). I had to do some googling to make sure I used the official translation for when they were imitating the anime. As far as I could notice, they only quoted the anime with “One Truth Prevails” and “There are no unsolvable mysteries”, for the record.

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