Chapter 135 – Back pains


It was in this carriage that I was able to get a first feel of the new additions of the major update.

That’s because one of the updated things were ‘addition and modification of vehicles’.

The carriage that runs through the city barely shakes due to the game’s system, but it can’t move very fast.

I never rode a carriage that moves to field areas, but I heard that they aren’t very fast either, though they also don’t shake much.

But our current carriage is amazing when compared to those!

The city carriages are slightly faster than walking, and the field area carriages are a bit faster than running.

As for our current carriage? It’s twice as fast as that, maybe even a bit more… It’s probably moving at about 40km/h.

It’s truly an amazing speed when compared to an ordinary carriage… And of course, there is almost no shaking on this one either.

There are small stones and bumps on the road, but the system removes most of the shaking that those things would cause, which is something I’m very grateful for.

On another note, while browsing the forums I found out that there is an even faster express carriage.

Sure, Frontiers does have Teleportation Gates available, but it’s not like they are everywhere, and you can’t use them to move to places you’ve never been before, so it’s nice to have more means of transportation available.

Though even on the highway there are occasional mob attacks. But as expected, people from the countries have already been dispatched to clear out inconveniences within the newly-released highway, so we can pass by it without any issue.

And from now on, quests for road maintenance and mob destruction will be issued regularly by the Guild, which should also make sure the road is safe.

After all, country-related quests are very popular due to their high rewards, so there is no need to worry about lack of maintenance on the roads ever occurring.

Especially in this highway that connects different countries. It wouldn’t be surprising if the quests to maintain this area were even higher than usual.


The carriage trip was about five hours long.

Even with the carriage being fairly fast, it couldn’t be helped that the journey was long due to how big the distance between the countries is.

So, we took a break at about the halfway point of the journey.

Even in real time, the entire journey takes over an hour, so it’s no wonder that the dev team decided to release better carriages to help make it shorter.

If the express carriages were already operating, then we’d be able to arrive in less time, but apparently, they aren’t working just yet.

That said, once we reach the country, we’ll be able to use the Teleportation Gate to move back to Zabrina easily, so it’s not that bad to have a trip like this every once in a while.

Especially since we usually spend the whole day holed up in our workshops.

“My shoulders feel stiff from sitting down for this long…” I said while stretching.

“The seats are narrow…” Lulu commented.

“I’m fine. I’m used to it because all I do is office work!” Lolita told us.

“Oh? As expected of a working adult.” I said.

“… I’m on a standing job…” Lulu muttered.

“Well, thanks to sitting down for too long, I often suffer from back pains.” Lolita told us.

“My legs often get swollen…” Lulu replied.

“Well, I can only imagine what all that is like.” I told them.

“A mob!

“… And it’s gone.” A person exclaimed, though the monster was killed right away.

While we were taking a break, with Lolita rubbing her back and Lulu rubbing her feet, a monster came out of the forest and was instantly defeated.

The rest area has a particularly large number of escorts, so any mobs that appear end up getting killed in no time.

Though it was a bit surprising that the person who first noticed it was someone who was on the carriage with us. After all, the rest area is a bit far from the forest, yet he noticed the incoming mobs before the escorts who were closer to the forest.

This person probably invested quite a bit of Skill Points on their detection skills.

And well, anyone who focuses their Skill Points on a specific subset of skills will definitely show outstanding performance on their specific area of work.

Especially because, even with premium purchases, you can only have 11 active skills at any given time, so if you focus on only a few specific ones, you’ll basically fit into a class archetype of sorts.

Frontiers doesn’t have any classes though, it’s more like your skill composition kinda puts you in specific roles.

Like how me, Lolita and Lulu are on the producer role, as we focused entirely on crafting skills and ignored combat-related skills.

Then I work on heavy armor, Lolita on light armor and Lulu on sweets.

That person, on the other hand, is probably a scout of sorts.

On another note, if I just take a look around me, I end up seeing a bunch of people equipped with different things that fit their tastes.

In this game we can make original equipment, after all.

Some people wear cool heavy armor that makes them look like holy knights, while others use some light armor that makes them look like ninjas.

And of course, there are people using the normal recipe-based gear instead of originals, but the fact that the number of people with original gear is increasing means that people are steadily getting more breathing room in their finances.

After all, original gear is more expensive than normal recipe stuff, since not everyone can make those.

But well, the break seems to be over, so let’s go back to the carriage.

We’re still only halfway there!


“The Ljungsmelis Republic isn’t that different from Zabrina.” Lolita commented.

“I guess it’s to make sure all initial positions are about as good as the others?” I suggested.

“Though there seem to be a lot of hills here…” Lulu said.

“There are quite a few alright, but the view is still pretty.” Lolita replied.

“Won’t this make it hard to hunt at this country though?” I mused.

“There probably won’t be any problems for as long as you have the appropriate skills.” Lolita said.

“It’s no problem to hunt here, but it is hard to search for enemies if you don’t have the right skills for it.

“On the other hand, it seems like field areas here are considerably easier if you do have enemy search skills.” Suddenly, someone intervened in our conversation.

“Is that so?” I replied.

At the end of the highway, we finally entered the Ljungsmelis Republic and could see a field area that had already been unlocked.

This country seems to have a lot more hills than the Zabrina Kingdom, and that was the first thing that everyone noticed, apparently.

“By the way, are you a scout?” I decided to ask the person.

“Oh, my bad, I didn’t even introduce myself. I’m Snake from the Cardboard clan. You three are from Works, right?” He told us.

“Yes, nice to meet you. I’m Lilalulu Lalalu, the Clan Master of Works.” Lolita said.

“I’m Bucket.” I said.

“I’m… Lulu.” Lulu said.

The scout-like person talking to us was the same person who noticed the incoming mobs on the rest area.

After his self-introduction, Snake explained how the field areas of the Ljungsmelis Republic work.

We had plenty of free time and had no particular reason to interrupt him, so we heard him out.

Apparently he did quite a bit of research, so we were able to hear some interesting things.

Differently from how it works in Zabrina, the field areas of Ljungsmelis Republic seem to be biased towards certain types of locations.

While in Zabrina all sorts of areas appear, in Ljungsmelis most areas seem to be the kind that require enemy search skills to be safely explored.

As in, areas with poor visibility seem to be the norm within Ljungsmelis.

There are several different search skills, and each of them gather information in a different way.

For example, Detection was a skill that I got for the sake of the Joint Collection Tours. It helps me find out where certain things are.

If I raise its level and evolve it, then its accuracy and range will increase.

There are also some skills that can be unlocked once you evolve it, such as Sixth Sense, which basically functions like a radar of sorts.

With this kind of skill, it becomes much easier to discover mobs without relying on sight.

Snake seems to be developing enemy search skills to fulfill his Scout role.

And it seems like his skills will be of much more use in Ljungsmelis than on Zabrina, so he was planning on staying here for the time being.

Seems like some people are coming to different countries with a specific purpose in mind… Though most people riding the carriage seem to be doing it either for sightseeing or for the International Stamp Rally.

In any case, we were able to hear some interesting things on the road, but we have now arrived at Capital Melis of the Ljungsmelis Republic.

We still have about an hour left before my logout time, so we decided to take a short walk around Capital Melis for now.

“Oh? Unlike Capital Sabrina, this place feels quite unified, doesn’t it?” Lolita commented.

“The city looks beautiful and most buildings are covered with plaster.” I added.

“… Zabrina Kingdom is quite cluttered in comparison.” Lulu said.

Capital Melis certainly looks a lot more unified and beautiful than Capital Sabrina.

Sure, you can get used to Capital Sabrina once you see it enough times, but at first glance it definitely feels quite cluttered, just like Lulu said.

The buildings of Capital Sabrina don’t have a sense of unity and are all made with different materials.

On Capital Melis the buildings do have a sense of unity, but the people on the streets aren’t that different than the ones we see in the Zabrina Kingdom.

Well, that might be because of the influx of people from different countries, but… Well, the stall owners don’t seem to be that different from the ones of Capital Sabrina either, so maybe there is some dissonance there.

In any case, I think it’s nice that each country has its own unique characteristics.

As long as they don’t impact the game’s balance, nobody will complain about that.


Time flew by as we strolled around while looking at the townscape and the stalls.

I couldn’t find anything particularly remarkable, but there were many materials that were not available at the Zabrina Kingdom up for sale.

The name of the materials is different, but the performance is supposedly the same… Still, unknown materials are exciting!

I plan on doing my shopping freely after lunch.

Well, the three of us will probably go shopping together though, since we came here together, after all!

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