Chapter 137 – Kaiser!


It wasn’t very hard to collect Recipe Fragments. I was able to get quite a few in a fairly short period of time.

And there seems to be quite a few Recipe Fragments that are of items that are difficult to produce, to the point there was actually a surplus.

Though that’s also because those fragments are useless if you don’t have the necessary Skill Level, Facilities and Tools to work with the listed materials.

You may want to keep it as a rare treasure, but as more Recipe Fragments drop, this would essentially become pointless. The only reason the Recipe Fragments are expensive right now is because we’re at the first day of the update, so they’re still fairly scarce, overall.

But well, as there aren’t many people who are willing to spend money on something they can’t even make, I ended up being able to get a surplus of the fragments.

That said, even if the drop rate of the fragments is low, it’s probably inevitable that their price will plummet in due time.

After all, there are way more combat-focused player Pioneers than craft-focused ones. There just aren’t enough top craft-focused Pioneers to consume all those Recipe Fragments.

They might even start being traded at a pitifully low price eventually, but… Well, it’s a rare drop, so its current price is reasonable to me.

Especially because the profit margin of steel items with two Options is incredibly high, so it was no problem for me to buy all the Recipe Fragments that came my way.

Though that’s also because I only told my friends that I was going to buy them, so nobody tried selling them to me at an exorbitant price.

At the end of the day, Recipe Fragments are just recipes. What people really want are the items that can be made with them.

And since only a few people, including myself, seem to be at a high-enough level to use the fragments, I almost have a monopoly on their usage right now.

If someone tried selling a fragment to me at an exorbitant price, I’d unfriend them and ban them from the store.

There is really is no point in buying them if the price isn’t reasonable.

But well, nothing like it happened, so I was able to buy all Recipe Fragments that were brought to me.

… Though only a few were related to the extremely important Royal Steel.

It makes sense, since Royal Steel is only used in heavy equipment and in weapons, while Recipe Fragments can be part of any category.

And well, I don’t need Recipe Fragments for something like the Magical Formations.

On another note, as the Recipe Fragments don’t list all the necessary materials to make any given item, maybe I should try mixing the Royal Steel with something else.

Or so I was thinking, but after looking at all the Recipe Fragments available, I was able to understand quite a few things after separating them into specific categories.

There are some overlapping materials quantities among the Recipe Fragments for one.

Also, even if the final product of each fragment is different, their crafting process is still somewhat similar.

So, basically, even if the Recipe Fragments don’t perfectly match, by looking at enough fragments, you can get the gist of how a single recipe would work.

However, that process would not have the aid of the system.

When working with a recipe, a good portion of the process will be semi-automatized, and you’ll be certain that you’ll create the item you want for as long as your materials, facilities, tools and Skill Level are good enough.

Well, it doesn’t work very well if you’re lacking in any of those things though, but still, the power of ‘Complete Process’ is too amazing to be ignored.

But with Original items, you have less automated parts, so a good imagination and somewhat realistic production techniques tend to be more necessary.

If you never made an Original item before, then you can struggle quite a bit with it… But well, I’ve made plenty, so it’s not too hard.

And due to that… I got it!

3* Kaiser Steel Short Sword!

Kaiser Steel Ingot is an ingot made out of Royal Steel.

Even without a recipe, simple things still end up getting an automatically assigned name.

In the end, it’s not considered a proper Original without making it have a somewhat unique shape at the very minimum.

I’ve made plenty of Short Swords before, so I’m fairly confident in making them once I have an ingot.

The problem was the rank.

Skill Level, Facilities, Tools and Materials are all important to get a good rank.

By obtaining the Recipe Fragments, I was able to succeed in crafting it because I got a better idea of the necessary materials and of the process required in order to make the Kaiser Steel Ingot.

It was also very important to add the unique steps that I had never seen before, but that appeared on the Recipe Fragments.

All I needed to do was add a simple ‘ceremony’ decoration that could hardly be compared to a Magic Circle.

By engraving it on the blade, it seems to give some sort of special effect.

And due to that, the Kaiser Steel Short Sword came with a Ceremonial Bonus.

Indeed, not an Option, but a Bonus.


Kaiser Steel Short Sword/3*/ATK +110/Durability 80

Ceremonial Bonus: STR +1


Just like how making a full equipment set gets a Series Bonus, this probably got the Ceremonial Bonus due to incorporating the pseud-magic-circle ‘ceremony’ in it.

I can’t think of anything else that could have caused this bonus at least, but let’s test it out.

I tried making a new item with Royal Steel without using the pseudo-magic-circle ‘ceremony’, but the result was a 2* item that, of course, had no Ceremonial Bonus.

So, could Royal Steel items perhaps only reach 3* after a Ceremony is incorporated?

I’d be able to test that out if my Skill Level and my facilities were better, but right now I can only work with this assumption.

Though this ceremony is a bit complicated to use… If I make a full Magic Circle on the item, then it will become an item with an engraved Magical Formation and no Ceremonial Bonus will be added.

However, as someone who has drawn countless Magical Formations, I know that the Ceremonies are nothing more than simplified Magic Circles.

The one I incorporated on the Kaiser Steel Short Sword was the one I got from the Recipe Fragment, but I think I can draw some similar ones.

Well, let’s start testing!

I tried incorporating each unique Ceremony I could think of.

Some of them were properly recognized and gave bonuses, while others were judged as simple decorations, which led to 2* results.

I also tried testing how many bonuses could be added to a given item by drawing multiple ceremonies on it, but… That was a complete failure, there seems to be a hard limit of only a single Ceremony on Royal Steel items.

Putting two or more of them ends up leading to 2* items with no bonuses on them at all.

I also tried testing to see if I could put Ceremonies on items of other materials, but anything that was not Royal Steel ended up getting a rank down and no Ceremonial Bonus at all.

I wasn’t able to test if it’s possible to obtain both Options and Ceremonial Bonuses at the same time on Royal Steel items, as my Skill Level is still too low to craft 4* items, but I should be able to find that out in the not-too-distant future.

Because I could see a gradual, but clear increase in my Skill Level during this experimentation process.

In any case, I’m sure that I’ll eventually find more Ceremonies in Recipe Fragments, so I’m looking forward to experimenting with them in the future.

That said, while the base performance of the Kaiser Steel Short Sword is higher than the one of a Steel Short Sword, the upgrade isn’t as big as the jump between iron and steel.

Sure, the Ceremonial Bonus definitely puts it even further above normal steel gear, but it’s still below steel gear with good Options on them.

I wonder if the performance upgrade was smaller this time around in order to slow down the growth of the players…

Well, Royal Steel is a material that has been dropping since before the update, so I’m sure more things that can make even better gear will be dropped eventually.

Though at the same time, I can still only make 3* Royal Steel gear, so any stronger material will surely lead to Substance X appearing.

So, basically, I need to work hard.

On another note, it’s impossible to monopolize the information on Ceremonial Bonuses due to that being listed on the Recipe Fragments, so I might as well post my finds on the forums.

Though there aren’t many player Pioneers who work with Magic Circles, so they might struggle with drawing Ceremonies other than the ones specified in the Recipe Fragments.

It fundamentally will depend on each person’s individual efforts and ingenuity, I guess.


After posting the information on the forums, I continued making items with Royal Steel.

It was midnight in-game right now.

I promised to go with Lolita to another country after lunch time in Real Time, so I’ll devote myself to crafting until then.

The International Stamp Rally is not over yet. I got the stamp from going to the Ljungsmelis Republic, but there is still one more country to go.

And I’d like to buy some materials there too.

Oh, right, I should experiment with the materials bought in Capital Melis too, shouldn’t I?

Guess I’m quite busy right now. I want to do too many things.

Though this is still the first day of the major update.

There will surely be more items discovered as things progress.

And just like how I posted information about the Ceremonial Bonuses on the forums, more people are also sharing info as they find it out.

Let’s check what people found while I’m on the carriage, as the next country seems to be about as far as the Ljungsmelis Republic is.

Lolita said she’ll prepare some ways to kill time on the road, but it doesn’t hurt to also make use of that opportunity to browse the forums.

But well, last time she brought Othello and Chess, so I wonder what’s next… Maybe Shogi? Or perhaps Go?

Or maybe she’ll bring some cards or something like it.

Well, something as simple as cards can be bought on stalls, so I think Lolita might go for something fancier.

I wonder what she’ll bring… I’m looking forward to it!

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