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Chapter 144 – Still a secret


“I agree.” Hime said.

“Eeh?” I replied.

“As expected of Hime! See, Yuri! She agreed!” Mika exclaimed.

“But I don’t like the way Mikan did it.” Hime commented.

“Sorry!” Mika exclaimed.

After we contacted Hime, she decided to join us at my workshop since she was nearby.

Mika wasn’t that far from here either, so she came here too.

After the three of us gathered, we explained the circumstances to Hime, and she agreed with Mika’s idea.

However, Hime didn’t like Mika’s method, so Hime was now in preaching mode.

Me and Mika have been together since we were little, and we have a soft spot for each other. We do things that might not be okay between friends, but that would be fine between family.

However, even if it’s acceptable between us, there are times where it’s nice to have someone look at our interactions from an outsider perspective. I’m grateful for Hime’s objective view at those times.

I really love Hime just as much as I love Mika, don’t I?

“You spoil Bucket too much, Mikan.” Hime told her.

“Uuh… I’m sorry.” Mika said.

“You also spoil Mikan too much, Bucket.” Hime told me next.

“Sorry.” I said.

Hime did tell me before that I spoiled Mika too much, so I was trying to be more careful with it, but it seems like I still am too much of a softie with Mika.

“I still think you should accept it though.” Hime told me.

“W-well…” I started replying.

“Homework.” Hime plainly stated.

“Uugh…” I groaned.

“Ah, that’s right! This can work as Yuri’s homework!” Mika exclaimed.

I thought Hime wouldn’t agree with Mika’s idea due to the way Mika kinda forced this onto me, but Hime seems to think it is a good idea due to homework…

This is bad…

“… Bucket.” Hime said.

“Agh! Is this Hime’s reproachful gaze!?” I exclaimed.

“Did you not even get started on it perchance, Yuri?” Mika asked me.

“Well, I thought I could get used to things a bit more first…” I started replying.

“Huh…? Isn’t the whole point of doing it here because you’re already used to handling your thought process in Frontiers? That’s basically why the teacher allowed you to continue as is.” Mika told me.

“Yes, but…” I started replying.

“Bucket.” Hime cut me.

“Yes!?” I exclaimed.

“Decide it.” Hime told me.

“Yes…” I muttered.

The power of Hime’s reproachful gaze is truly amazing. No wonder Mika always stayed quiet when she was preached on by Hime.

In any case, I have some homework to do right now.

One of the things that I was requested to do, was to simply do things I don’t usually do in my daily life.

A certain something was embedded during my mini-retirement, and doing different things would serve as a stimulus test for it.

Frontiers is an immersive VR game, and during the immersed time, your thoughts are more active than normal, so doing it in Frontiers is better for the stimulus tests and might give better results.

The teacher was reluctant at the idea at first though.

Frontiers is the world’s first VRMMO, and the teacher thought it would be better to use a dedicated VR app for these things instead.

But after collecting a number of materials and giving a presentation, it was decided that I could do the homework in Frontiers instead.

But well, even if it’s called homework, I’m still gonna basically be doing the activities I was supposed to do on the dedicated VR App.

“You can expand your circle of friends and also do homework! It’s killing two birds with one stone!” Mika exclaimed.

“Three birds with one stone for you, Mikan.” Hime commented.

“Indeed!” Mika exclaimed.

“I guess it can’t be helped… Alrighty, alright.” I replied.

“Yay!” Mika said.

“But there are some conditions.” I said next.

“Y-yes!” Mika exclaimed.

There are a lot of monitoring devices in my real room, but it’s not like I have a specified time to do my homework.

At the end of the day, we’ll only know if things worked out well by seeing the results from the monitoring device.

This is still something that is on testing phase, and only a few people in the world are going through this procedure, so it can’t be helped.

“I don’t want to use my workshop.” I told Mika.

“Mmm… So, the Rental Production Facility?” Mika asked.

“Beginner facilities are a bit…” I groaned.

The other party doesn’t want to lend their workshop either.

And although the system won’t allow my workshop to be defiled or destroyed, this is still my castle. I won’t feel comfortable with it being used by someone I don’t know.

But using the beginner facilities at the Rental Production Facility is painful at this point.

It would have been nice if I had mobile facilities for this kind of thing, but they’re even more expensive than advanced facilities, so that’s a bit too much, even for me.

“Then, I’ll negotiate with the other side to see if they are willing to lend their workshop. Though it would be ideal if this could be worked out without me needing to owe them any favor…” Mika was constantly glancing at me as she said that.

It was a bit annoying, but I think I really am a bit too soft towards her.

It’s an offer that Mika brought me, and she seems willing to negotiate, but I have already started thinking of alternatives… I really am way too soft towards her.

“Alright. I’m gonna build a second workshop and we’ll work there.” I decided.

“Eh? That is… Is it gonna be okay financially?” Mika asked me.

“Renting? And Facilities too?” Hime asked me.

“I can’t purchase Advanced Facilities for it, but the cost isn’t a big problem if I buy Intermediate Facilities.

“Also, it’s not possible to rent a workshop, so I’ll have to buy it.” I explained.

“I see.” Mika replied.

Frankly speaking, buying intermediate facilities isn’t a big deal.

Also, I should be able to cut costs considerably if I look for a cheap workshop.

Locations near the Guild and the Main Street are quite expensive, but places on the backstreets are much cheaper.

Even if I have to buy the place, it should still be alright, all things considered.

“You’re really rich, Yuri…” Mika told me.

“That’s because you, Hime; and the others, gave me a lot of money.” I replied.

“It was originally my money!” Mika exclaimed.

“It’s fine because you can buy items with Options with priority, isn’t it?” I told her.

“It totally is!” Mika exclaimed.

I got plenty of money primarily from selling many steel items with Options to Mika.

Of course, the sales at the store help too, but the items with good Options sell at incredibly high prices.

“By the way, the number of members in Works might increase, so I was thinking they’d be able to use my new workshop once they join.” I told them.

“Oh! It’s finally increasing! Congratulations!” Mika exclaimed.

“Gratz.” Hime said.

“Hold on, it’s still at the stage where the members might increase. Lalalu said she was thinking of getting a disciple now that the Master-disciple system is a thing.” I explained.

I don’t want to take a disciple myself, but I also don’t think it’s okay to impose all the burden on Lolita.

Like, even if is the Clan Master, I’d feel a bit embarrassed to be doing nothing while she is putting her all into getting new members.

Besides, she also helps me when I’m in trouble, like on our recent trip, so I’d like to help out too.

Not much has been done so far, but I think it’s only a matter of time before Lolita takes on a disciple.

However, I think the chances of a disciple having their own workshop are really small… Or rather, not many player Pioneers even have their own workshops or their own stores.

And even among the people who do have their own workshop, not many can fully fill it with Intermediate facilities, never mind Advanced ones.

“Disciples, huh? I wonder what should I do about that? Even if take one, I’d be too busy to care for them.” Mika pondered.

“I’ll take one.” Hime stated.

“Eh!? You’re gonna take the quest then, Hime!?” Mika exclaimed.

“Heh. Already cleared it.” Hime nodded.

“Ohh… A disciple for Hime, huh? Won’t people rush to you once they hear of it?” Mika mused.

“Hime is quite popular, so she can definitely get swarmed.” I nodded.

“Not recruiting. Already have my eyes on one.” Hime told us.

“Ohoh!? Who is it!? What kind of person are they!?” Mika asked.

“Still a secret.” Hime replied.

“Eh!? Tell me, Hime!” Mika exclaimed.

Hime just giggled in response.

I’m also quite curious about the person who will be Hime’s disciple, but I guess it can’t be helped if it’s a secret.

But if it’s someone Hime wants as a disciple, then it’s surely someone that is quite talented.

She’ll probably introduce them to us once they formally become her disciple, so I guess I’ll just have to look forward to when it happens.

In any case, I decided to accept Mika’s project, so I now need to take various actions.

Purchasing intermediate facilities and a new workshop for one.

I also need to make many new tools.

Ah, and we’ll have a full party, so I think I will need extra facilities and tools, won’t I?

Seems like I’ll need to consider various things before making the purchase.

I thought this was going to be cheap, but won’t it end up being quite costly?

Well, it’s fine even if the price increases to some extent. I just need to make sure all the details are arranged as soon as possible.

So come on, Mika! Don’t keep on prodding Hime about the disciple thing forever!

Once noon arrives, I’ll start moving!

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