Chapter 147 – I’m sorry! Hahaha!


“Oh, it’s bigger than I thought!” Lolita exclaimed.

“Eh? Didn’t I tell you that it was spacious?” I replied.

“You did, but still!” Lolita said.

It’s been a few in-game hours since Kuuruu’s return celebration party.

In real time, the night is just beginning.

For both the members of Mist Knights and Beyond the Faraway Time, their prime time seems to be from now until after midnight.

Their login time isn’t as big as mine, but they certainly spend quite a bit of time online… But even then, it seems to be rare for people to spend their whole time either hunting or crafting.

I guess I’m pretty unusual on that regard.

But well, that’s why the joint production time was decided to be around now.

Though in my case, I need to leave at 10pm in Real Time. It’s impossible to stay until any later than that.

“By the way, Lalalu, the people from the other Clan are coming soon, so please represent Works properly as our Clan Master, alright?” I told her.

“Do it properly, Lalalu.” Mukaida added.

“I-I know!

“But wow, really, this place is so wide… To think you might let your disciples use this place… Such a nice luxury they’ll get.” Lalalu commented.

“Well, I guess so? It does have facilities and tools up to the intermediate level.” I replied.

“These facilities are better than mine…” Mukaida commented.

“Isn’t it about time for you to work with advanced facilities though?” I asked him.

“I need a bit more…” Mukaida replied.

This time, three people from Works, me, Lolita and Mukaida will be the producers from the Zabrina Kingdom.

Ideally, we should bring two people from each country, including the Ljungsmelis Republic, to maximize how many event points we can earn.

However, since Beyond the Faraway Time is a clan from the Tabarist Empire, and we’re from the Zabrina Kingdom, we decided to do the first meeting with three producers from each Clan instead, so as to have no outsiders on the first meeting.

That said, all that we’re doing is forming a party and start crafting.

The materials we’ll use were hunted down by the members of both Mist Knights and Beyond the Faraway Time, so there are not problems on that end.

Whatever we craft will be handed over to the combat-focused members as is, so we have to think carefully about what we’ll make.

But since we’re at an event, there are some exclusive recipes we can use, so it should be fine to just focus on those.

Basically, we can just make a bunch of different products and see which of them are preferred by the fighters, and then we can focus on those on future opportunities.

Me and Mukaida do overlap in what kind of items we make, but Mukaida is a very dexterous person who only makes original gear.

Due to that, he is strong in some fields that I’ve only dabbled on, like making composite full-set pieces.

There are plenty of items like those in the event recipes, so Mukaida can focus on them.

That said, the performance of the event gear isn’t that high.

However, using event gear can let you get extra even points and allows you to get better drops too, so even if they aren’t as strong as normal gear, it’s still worthwhile to hunt with some event gear on you.

Also, the event equipment is set to have a lower durability, so it breaks sooner than normal gear.

Therefore, even if we, the crafters, make a lot of items, they’ll still be consumed with some ease.

If it wasn’t like that, then it would be hard to make a large number of event-exclusive items throughout the event.

After all, we’d usually need to purchase the materials we’re using, so we’d lose money if the demand for event items wasn’t high, as we wouldn’t be able to sell them.

Seems like this part of the event was well-thought out.

Of course though, there are also plenty of consumable recipes and cooking recipes that are event-exclusive too. Gear is not the only thing that can be crafted.

Since this is our first meeting, we preferred to ask Mii, Muu, Kuuruu and Lulu to refrain from attending, but they’ll participate on the future meetings.

Though there will only be two people from each country coming on the next times.

Two people from the Ljungsmelis Republic will join us too on the next joint craftings. One will be brought by Mist Knights, and the other by Beyond the Faraway Time.

Both Clans seem to have contacts with plenty of people, so they’re planning on bringing a different person each time.

Seems like Mika has been working hard to help me out with my homework, as I’ll end up interacting with a bunch of people I don’t know.

Hime’s lecture must have been very effective.

However, some care needs to be taken when choosing who to bring.

This workshop and its facilities were all prepared by me, and on top of that, top crafters from both Works and Beyond the Faraway Time will be working together in this place.

Plenty of people might want to come for the sake of trying to create a connection with us and join the ranks of the top crafters, so… The burden on Mika is a bit high this time. She needs to properly evaluate the people she’s bringing.

The same holds true for the people of Beyond the Faraway Time though.

I usually don’t think much about Mika’s planning abilities, but she actually seems to have thought carefully about this before going through with it.

Hime gave her a pretty long sermon though, so… Well, let’s work hard to make it up for all the hardships Mika went through!

Though depending on who she brings here, I might also end up getting annoyed, so you better do your part properly, Mika!


“Nice to meet you, I’m Mitsuhiko, the Clan Master of Beyond the Faraway Time. Thank you for your help this time, and…

“Wow, this place is much bigger than I thought!” Mitsuhiko exclaimed.

Lolita giggled, “I had the same reaction when I got here.

“I’m Lilalulu Lalalu, the Clan Master of Works, nice to meet you.”

Since it was our first meeting, the combat-focused members of Mist Knights and Beyond the Faraway Time were here too, as well as three exclusive producers of Beyond the Faraway Time.

After the self-introductions of the Clan Masters ended, the topic instantly shifted to the oversized workshop.

… Well, I guess it really is too big.

“But wow, this is… Is this really Bucket’s personal workshop? No, I mean, I don’t doubt it, but like… I heard that this large workshop is filled with tools and facilities of intermediate level, which is like… Wow.” Mitsuhiko commented.

“That’s the case for now, though the members of Works might be able to borrow the workshop once the event ends, so we’ll discuss the details of how that would work then.” Lolita replied.

“Is that so…? I’m kinda envious of that.” Mitsuhiko said.

“I feel the same, so… Please improve our workshop to reach this level, Master.” One of the clan members of Beyond the Faraway Time said.

“Before that, raise your skill levels properly, Riou.” Another member commented.

A third member laughed out loud, “It can’t be helped that it’s not raising quickly!”

“Hamelin, you are very noisy. This is someone else’s workshop, so please keep your voice down.” The second member said.

“I’m sorry! Hahaha!” Hamelin exclaimed.

“I apologize for their ruckus. Those are our exclusive producers, Riou, Hamelin and Akebi.” Mitsuhiko introduced them.

Seems like they got too excited about the workshop and didn’t wait for their Clan Master to introduce them before joining the conversation.

Those seem to be the members that will craft with us today.

Riou was the one who wanted their workshop to be improved.

The noisy one was Hamelin.

And the one who scolded them both was Akebi.

Each of them was wearing unique gear pieces that seemed to be Originals.

Well, that’s expected of crafters. Original gear that is easy to move around is pretty much the norm for us.

It’s the same for me, who am still using the Salopette Skirt that I made in my early days.

Though I actually renewed it many times as I improved my crafting.

Its durability doesn’t decrease no matter how much I wear it, but my Skill Levels have raised a lot since, and I can also use much better materials now too.

Or rather, the Salopette Skirt doesn’t even have a durability value.

The performance of my current Salopette Skirt is as follows.


Salopette Skirt

Full Body Undergarment/Light Armor/8*/DEF +7; DEX +18; MP +303; AGI +22/Small Dexterity Enhancement/Large Magical Power Enhancement/Small Agility Enhancement


The defensive power is still unchanged, but this is an 8* item with three Options.

It’s something I made shortly after my mini-retirement ended, and I think it is a pretty nice item.

Though I still have surplus magical powers, and the dexterity and agility enhancements aren’t things I can actually notice.

It’s better than nothing though.

Even then, this is still one of my favorite gear pieces, just like the Bucket Helm, so I’m sure I’ll continue using the Salopette Skirt.

And if I keep on raising my Skill Levels, maybe I’ll eventually get Options that affect production!

“Those are all the materials we collected this time. Please discuss among yourselves how you’ll use it.” Mitsuhiko said as she finished putting the materials on a table.

“Understood. Then, Akebi, Riou, Hamelin, let’s work hard together.” Lolita said.

“Thank you for having us.” Riou said.

Hamelin laughed loudly again, “Let’s have fun!”

“Please don’t worry about Hamelin.” Akebi commented.

Lolita could only give a wry laugh at that.

The materials earned by the combat-focused group were piled up on a table of the workshop.

We had to do it like that because the shared warehouse only allowed everyone to access their own private warehouses.

It couldn’t be helped. There was no such thing as a warehouse where everyone could freely access anything stored in it.

“As for what to make, since Bucket is the owner of the workshop and has a higher skill level than anybody else, she should have priority in deciding what she wants.” Mitsuhiko said.

“That’s right, so Bucket, go ahead.” Lolita added.

“Eh? Ah, is that so? Uhn… Alright.” I replied.

Lolita had been on the forefront of the conversation so far, but she now pushed me forward, so that surprised me a bit.

There are a lot of materials available… Well, what should we make with this?

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