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Chapter 154 – Sorry for the trouble…


“You got way too excited.” Lolita commented.

“It means you really enjoyed the festival!” Hamelun exclaimed.

“I now wish I had seen it.” Akebi commented.

“You wanted to see the excited Bucket too?” Riou asked.

“Sorry for the trouble…” I muttered.

We were now at the end of the second day of the New Year’s Eve in Frontiers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the two days of the festival, but I was now being teased by Lolita because of it.

The joint production for the event will only be done once during the New Year’s Eve, and we were currently resting after a few hours of crating.

So, right now, I was not being teased just by Lolita, but also by today’s party members, Akebi, Riou and Hamelin.

Since today is the New Year’s Eve, we decided to make a party with just people from the Tabarist Empire and from the Zabrina Kingdom.

The last member from the Zabrina side is Mukaida.

Those were the same members that participated on the first joint production day. We didn’t actively aim for this, but it just so happened to line up like that.

The topic during the break was the festival, and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, as I was extremely excited to talk about it.

I mean, it was fun to do it, but it’s embarrassing to be teased about it…

I’d like to take it easier at the festival tonight… But well, festivals are fun, so it can’t be helped if I get a bit too excited about them.


The last joint production of the year ended without any problems in particular.

Though well, all that we do is gather together at the workshop and craft, so it’s not like there is much room for problems in the first place.

We never had a problem before, and there is no reason for problems to suddenly arrive just because we’re at the New Year’s Eve.

In the first place, problematic players are cut off during the selection stage, so they don’t even come to the workshop.

Next year, plenty of us will be having real life commitments, so the joint productions will restart only on January 7th.

Though in my case, I’ll be logging in every day, so any time would be fine.

Lolita also doesn’t seem to have any commitment in particular, so she’ll be logging in even during the New Year’s Day, just like me.

Won’t she even go for the first shrine visit of the year?

Well, in any case, Mukaida will be receiving visits from his relatives during the New Year, so he won’t be coming.

Other members of Works also seem to be busy, so it seems like I’ll be going to the player-held New Year’s festival with only Lolita.

Mika will also be busy with her family events, and Hime will most likely be unable to log-in before January 3rd.

But as Lolita will be here, I don’t think I’ll be bored.

Also, the shrine we’ll be going to is fairly small when compared to the New Year’s Eve events that took the entire main street.

I’ve been pretty satisfied with those last two days of festival, so… I probably won’t do anything else worth teasing.

“Then, I’ll come pick you up at the same time.” Lolita told me.

“Okay.” I replied.

“Ah, but there’s nobody on our group who can log-in for this last day of New Year’s Eve celebration, so it’s just gonna be the two of us.” Lolita said.

“Eh? Nobody else will be here tonight?” I asked.

“Kuuruu, Mii and Muu had already said that they’ll be busy, so that was according to expectations.

“Mukaida said his relatives arrived earlier than expected, and Lulu also had a last-minute change of plans.

“Didn’t they send you messages explaining that?” Lolita explained.

“Ah, I received it… It’s just that I was crafting when it happened, so I didn’t notice until now.” I told her after quickly checking my inbox.

Lolita laughed at that, “I see, I see. Well, I guess we’ll be having our first date in a while then.”

I just laughed in response to her words.

Just as Lolita said, everyone did send a message saying they couldn’t come, but I didn’t notice it at all, as I was too focused on my crafting.

The messages all had apologies for not being able to participate on the last day of the festival, as well as new-year greetings.

I’ll reply to them after I get back to my workshop, I guess.

“Then, I’ll be waiting for you.” I told Lolita.

“Roger that. See you later.” She replied.

“See you.” I said.

After we parted ways and I returned to my workshop, I saw a suspicious person standing right in front of my workshop’s entrance.

They didn’t seem to have noticed me yet though, and as this suspicious person is staying right in front of my workshop, they probably want to talk to me.

Recently, this has been happening a lot, so I had to create some ways of handling those peoples.

Luckily enough, there was someone nearby that could easily solve the problem.

“Excuse me, guard.” I talked to a nearby NPC guard.

I was currently working on an NPC quest for the Kederick store, and in exchange for that, Mr. Kederick made arrangements to have guards patrol the area near my workshop more often.

So, if there is any trouble in my store or workshop, the guards can react really quickly to it.

As such, when I see suspicious people like this one, I can easily ask a guard to solve the problem.

So, once I explained the situation to the guard, they quickly went into action and moved towards the suspicious person. As soon as the guard called out to the suspicious person, they immediately started running away in panic.

As expected of a guard, they took care of the problem just by moving closer to the troublemaker.

Of course, I can’t say for sure what the suspicious person wanted, but if they ran away just from being called out by a guard, then it was definitely trouble.

Therefore, this was fine.


“Another suspicious person?” Lolita asked.

“A lot of them have been coming recently…” I grumbled.

“I guess it’s another one trying to make a production request.” Lolita said.

“Yeah…” I replied.

The number of Pioneers has basically tripled due to the major update.

And even in the other two countries, there seems to be no crafters that can stably produce steel items with two Options in them, so the popularity of my store has quickly spread.

Plenty of players have been trying to request gear at my store, but most have given up once they were told that I do not accept production requests.

Some people were quite persistent and bothered my clerks too much though, so they ended up getting banned from my store. After the information about those developments spread, the number of people who try asking me for production requests has decreased considerably.

However, items that I put for sale on my store still sell out really fast, so not everyone can get them. And even when they can get items, they won’t necessarily have the Options that they want.

Due to that, some people have been trying to contact me to try requesting for items with the specific Options that they want.

Of course, that happens probably because the information that I give priority sales to my acquaintances must have been spread too, but it’s not like I’ll give priority sales to anyone that can talk to me.

Still, there are people who try staying in front of my workshop for a chance to meet up with me in order to try getting on my priority sales anyways… And frankly, that’s just annoying.

Like, do they really think I’ll give them special treatment after they approached me in this way? I won’t.

But well, it’s not like I can help it, so I just ask the guards for help.

That said, it’s not like I leave my workshop that much.

I’ve recently been leaving it a bit more often in order to go to the other workshop and do Joint Production, but usually, if I’m leaving, it’s because I’m going out with someone from Works.

If I have Lolita with me, then annoyances are swiftly dealt with, and even the other members of the Clan also handle the annoying people well.

Basically, everyone in the clan has been protecting me. Even Mii and Muu.

Though in Mii and Muu’s case, they seem to have fun chasing out the suspicious people.

But well, even if I’m alone, the guards usually handle the problem with some ease.

“There are too many people here during the festival, and we’re dressing a bit differently from usual, so hopefully we won’t find any trouble.” Lolita commented.

“I’m glad the disguise set can be of use.” I nodded.

On today’s festival trip, I may still be wearing a yukata, I’m also using a disguise set on top of my signature bucket helm.

I had already conquered the mask shop on the other day, so I think I should be hidden enough by just putting enough masks on the bucket helm.

After all, the only head gear I make is the bucket helm, and plenty of people end up wearing them.

And like, even though we’re at a festival, plenty of players still use their usual armor sets. Only a handful of people go out of their way to prepare a yukata.

After a quick look around, I could see that roughly one in every ten people are wearing bucket helms, just like I am.

And there are women amongst those people too, so I should be disguised enough like this. The chances of a suspicious person trying to bother me in this festival are low.

Or so I thought, but the world isn’t as sweet, it seems.

“There you are! Don’t you think that this kind of disguise will fool me!” A bothersome person exclaimed.

“Bucket, run!” Lolita exclaimed, grabbed my hand, and started running.

“Can’t believe we’re already dealing with this kind of annoyance.” I sighed.

“I know, right? So why don’t we go to the north street?” Lolita suggested.

“Sounds good. We already finished touring the south street anyways.” I replied.

“Hey, come on! Wait up!” The annoying person shouted.

They were a bit far from us already, so we were able to quickly escape due to Lolita’s quick reaction.

Even during the festival, carriages still run around the city, and we were able to barely enter one that was about to leave towards the north street, so we were able to safely escape.

Capital Zabrina is quite huge, so if you lose sight of whoever you’re running after, it will be hard to find them again.

Especially during a festival as crowded as this one.

“Seems like the stalls that are opened here are the same as the ones in the south street.” Lolita commented.

“Well, it is pretty hard to try going for all of them in the first place, but with the festival being held for three days, it should give people enough changes to visit each one at least once.” I replied.

“You say that, but you already bought things from every single stall.” Lolita commented.

“This is this and that is that. Let’s have some fun!” I exclaimed.

“Sure, sure. Let’s go.” Lolita said.

Like this, we were able to fully enjoy the New Year’s Eve festival that lasted for three days.

With this, I don’t think I have any regrets for this year.

Please take care of me next year too, Frontiers.


Translator’s Note: And this is, sadly, where this story ends. This story was put on a hiatus in 2017 by the author. It was meant to be a short hiatus, but it ended up being prolonged.

By 2018, the author released an announcement saying that they received notice that a 3rd volume of Cloudy Eyes Lilianne (another series from the same author) would not receive a proper Light Novel release. The author has since lost all motivation to write webnovels and left the scene.

In that announcement, the author also said that they may come back if they recover their motivation, but it’s been four years now, and the author has yet to return, so it’s safe to assume that this is where this story ends.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed translating it.

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