Frontiers ~Chronicles of Bucket-san’s Detailed Pioneering~ 17


Even though I couldn’t see him, I felt he was smiling



I kept on making potions until I ran out of materials, and as soon as my “Alchemy” skill had gotten to a certain level, I immediately started making “Magic Paper”.


I poured some “Life Potion (S)” into the “Magic Alchemy Pot” and brought it to a boil while using magical power.

And the result was a batch of “Concentrated Magic Liquid”.


This “Concentrated Magic Liquid” made from “Life Potion (S)” was indispensable when making recovery items one tier higher, and it actually had quite a wide variety of uses.

The production of “Magic Paper” was one of them, so having made so many “Life Potion (S)” had turned out to be quite advantageous in two ways: it helped raise my “Alchemy” level and it also helped me secure materials for making “Magic Paper”.

And if by chance I ended up with a surplus of potions, I would be able to sell them, so it was meaningful in yet another way.


“Improved Concentrated Magic Liquid” is created by mashing other ingredients, mixing them with a “Concentrated Magic Liquid”, and then bringing the mix to a boil.

However, even though I knew the theory about the next things I could make after being able to make “Life Potion (S)”, my Skill Lv was sadly not enough to do much more than this.


The substances left in the “Magic Alchemy Pot” are no longer completely liquid. What’s this?

Whether I liked it or not, after coming this far, I could understand that this thing was no good at all.

Ah… I finally created it.



Substance X

Material / ★1 / Durability 1



The famous “failed product”. Substance X.

Commonly known as non-burnable garbage.


I had been lucky enough to never create one so far, but I finally went and did it.

“Substance X” is considered to be a material, but even though it’s a rare material, it has a Durability value. And yet, it’s said to disappear immediately regardless of how you use it, probably because of its incredibly low Durability.


The moment I put it into my mortar and pressed it with the pestle, it lost its durability and disappeared.

Unlike equipment, items that are classified as “Materials” or “Items” disappear when their Durability reaches 0, instead of being damaged.

Well, there are rarely any materials that have a Durability value.


Seeing the thing disassembling itself into blocks was actually rather pretty, since it wasn’t something that I, who didn’t hunt monsters, was familiar with seeing.




After pulling myself together for having created the failed item “Substance X” for the first time, I decided to do some “Smithing”

Well, I thought I was going to end up with a failed item back when I tried to make a “Bronze Ingot”, but it was okay since I haven’t actually failed.

Besides, I have decided to try my hand against the Bronze line of gear right after I raise my Skill Lv.


I would be making Copper-rank items using the recipes I found in the library.

The stores that specialize in selling recipes might also have these, so I didn’t think making items from them are going to stand out too much. Well, that’s how I feel about it anyway.


And here’s the finished product…



Copper Full Plate Armor

Head-Body-Hands-Waist-Feet / Heavy Equipment / ★4 / DEF +52 HP Regen +8 / Durability Up (S) / Durability 270

Series / Copper Armor Set 1/1 HP Regen +8



It’s a type of equipment called a “composite set” that uses multiple parts, none of which are found in the beginner’s recipes.

The “Salopette Skirt” that I made originally is also a “composite set” that uses both the top and bottom equipment slots, but the “Copper Full Plate Armor” is a full set of armor that takes up five slots.


The advantage of “composite sets” is that they have higher defense than most equipment of the same rank, and they come with a “Series” bonus. Also, it’s treated as a single piece of equipment, regardless of how many slots the entire set takes.

Of course, it has its disadvantages.

The one I made this time had come out with an “Option”, but currently it is impossible to have more than one “Option” per piece of equipment.

In other words, the number of “Option” items available to you will inevitably decrease when you choose to wear composite sets.

Well, it has both its merits and demerits considering that it takes time to obtain the “Option” that you’re looking for.


Its Durability was a bit on the low side if I see it as a composite set only.

But when seeing it as a single piece of equipment, its Durability was much higher than most gear.

So I guess whether its Durability is an advantage or a disadvantage is in the eye of the beholder.


Maybe it’s a disadvantage that people could hesitate a little to buy it because it takes up 5 equipment slots?

Besides that, this “composite set” had a “Series” bonus, which was in fact the only Copper-rank gear to have any “Series” bonuses at all.

The only other “Series” bonus that has been confirmed can be found in the starter equipment “Pioneer Equipment Set”, so it is a rare type of equipment in the early stages.

So it’s a bit sad that this kind of gear doesn’t always sell well.

Well, I actually made it as a test, so if it does sell, I’ll take it as something to be grateful for.




Since the amount of materials I need to purchase is quite large, it’s becoming difficult to use them all at once, but I’ll do it.

I’ll be going to the store to buy things like “Magic Paper” so I can make “Magic Circles” while I also continue to make more gear for sale.

Well, it takes a ridiculous amount of time to make a pre-processed ingot, and it’s much better to do things in a way when I don’t have to worry about the time.

If I had my own store, I could hire a clerk to sell and produce at the same time, but neither my “Merchant” Lv. nor my funds are enough for that.


It was about 8 hours later in “in-game time” that I had used up all of my “Copper Ingots”.

I did my best. Though not even I could have done it if I hadn’t taken a few breaks here and there to make “Magic Circles”.

I’m sure Mika-chan will say something like “Are you some kind of ascetic monk?” Actually, I could bet that she won’t be able to resist the urge to ask me “How does making Magic Circles count as taking a break?”

It’s quite soothing for me, though.


Of course, I also got an “Option” item this time, so I sent an email to my acquaintances, and after leaving the “Rental Production Facility”, I headed for the Guild.

I had to get my new items appraised. And this time, my “Guild Rank” may finally rise to ★2, so I’ll finally be able to get an “Item Box Expansion Pack”.

Time to bid the times when I was only able to barely get by with the little inventory space I had goodbye!




“Congratulations on reaching Rank ★2, Bucket-san.

Here’s your reward for ranking up. Hope you enjoy it!”

“Thank you very much~”


As expected, this time I was able to make it all the way up to “Guild Rank ★2”.

Actually, I had taken a lot of stuff for appraisal, and I felt I would have more than enough to rank up, so I wasn’t worried.


Whenever I’m handing a large number of items to the racoon-eared clerk at the front desk of the “Production Item Evaluation System”, I’d be actually trading with the game, so the items shouldn’t be visible to the Pioneers that are around…

But maybe since I was selling armor to that party the last time I came here, some people behind me were waiting to do business with me.

Well, it’s a waste of time, so I won’t be doing business with anyone at this time.


“Congratulations on ranking up! Would now be a right time to–”

“Sorry, I’ll be opening my stall over there. I’m not ready to do business or take requests at this time~”
“Oh, okay…”


I cut through the words of that enthusiastic Pioneer and hurriedly started moving out so I could open my stall.

I’m sorry for those people who had been waiting in line behind me, but I’m the one who has the right to do business and take requests from them. I don’t want this to be a compulsory thing. The thing with that party from yesterday happened merely by chance.


“Hey! Wait! I was waiting in line here!”

“Oh, that’s right. But I don’t remember saying that I was open for business, right?”



But of course, not everyone was going to be happy with that.

Still, I won’t give in!


“I’m just one player, so I’m not going to serve people I don’t know outside of my stall.

What would you think if someone you’ve never spoken to comes asking for something you’ve never offered to do out of the blue?”

“Ah, well…”

“It’s certainly my fault that I was carelessly doing business here last time.

However, I said it very clearly that I wouldn’t be taking any further business after that.

If you’re unhappy with these terms, I’ll have to ask you to purchase from another crafter.”

“No… I’m sorry.”


Too bad for that complaining guy, but I had to put an end to the misunderstanding right then and there.

Otherwise, the same thing will surely happen again the next time I come to the Guild.

Still, I felt a bit bad about that guy taking the full brunt of my own complaints, but he was the first one to come at me guns blazing, so he merely got his just desserts.


“Thank you for understanding.

You’re more than welcome to come do business at my stall. Actually, I’ll go buy some materials now, so if I can still help you with anything, I’ll be over there.”

“Yeah… Sorry for blurting things out like that.”

“No problem. Well then~”


He seemed to be the type of guy who’s quick to apologize once the blood on his head settles down.

I might not be able to see his face very well through my “Bucket Helm”, but he was moving as if smiling. Even though I couldn’t see him, I felt he was smiling.


So, I had yet another incident here like last time, but this time it was cleared up without any problems, so it’s okay.

I’m sure someone started recording as soon as people began to raise their voices, but this time it seems it’s not going to be of much use. Well, I surely hope it isn’t.


That incident seemed to have some kind of advertising effect, and many people started to follow me, so as soon as I opened the stall, my gear started to sell quite steadily.

Even though I had made so many, two-thirds of it all had already sold out. The “Copper Full Plate Armor” was also sold right away. I should make some more.

Business seems to be going well.

Incidents are certainly a problem, but it’s good to see that they can also turn into free advertisement for me.




It seems to be a very fortunate thing that the time I have to keep my stall open doesn’t change even if my sales increase.

Otherwise, I’d have a hard time doing other things like embroidering during down times.

But next time I might not be so lucky to get an incident to work in my favor like this.

I believe my position was clearly laid out there for the Pioneers that were in the Guild at the time.

Well, of course, I can’t let my guard down because they weren’t all the Pioneers there are in the game, but my claim was posted on the forums as if I was some kind of celebrity.

I think it should be fine, since it wasn’t denouncing me or anything, and instead was more like “Let’s stop imposing on the crafters!”

…At least, that’s what I want to think.


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