Chapter 20 – I Just Love Cute Things!


While the bronze gear, which was supposed to be today’s main attraction, is already gone, there were still other things like the leftover copper gear and the magic formations left, so let’s keep the stall open for a while longer… Especially because it’s been only ten minutes since I opened it.

Things became a lot less hectic than when I was selling bronze though, so I could leisurely do some embroidery while selling things and purchasing materials that people wanted to sell to me.

Also, because the profit margin of bronze is so much bigger than the one I got from selling copper, my money almost doubled already… Maybe I should see if I can rent a store once I close the stall for today, I think I might have enough for that already.

Though well, the best locations were already taken by NPCs, but I’m sure there are still good places available, so let’s visit a real estate agent later.


I ended up using about 80% of the money I got from sales to buy more materials… This wasn’t bad by itself, but my Item Box was almost full now. This was a bit troublesome since there is no information about how to expand its size any further, since nobody in the beta was able to get a second expansion for it.

… I suppose I should try renting a warehouse at the very least. I have no way of knowing if raising my Guild Rank will be enough to keep raising my Item Box’s capacity after all.

Then, let’s close the stall for today and go check this out… And just as I thought that, a customer came while saying, “Excuse me!”

This probably shouldn’t take long, so let’s talk to her first before closing, “Welcome, how can I help you?” I asked her.

“Ah, I’m not shopping actually.” Was her reply.

Well, that’s that then, “I’m sorry, but I don’t negotiate nor do I accept commission requests.” I said while closing up the stall. The girl instantly got tearful when she heard my reply.

She was pretty small and looked really cute too. Also, her equipment was very frilly and unique, so it must be an original… It doesn’t really matter to me though, so I was already getting up and leaving.

“Wait, wait! Please just hear me out for a bit!” She shouted while running after me. So troublesome… I’m not waiting though, “Please wait!” She shouted again.

“I’m not interested, so just give up, please.” I told her again.

“I wanna make a clan of crafters, and I’d love it if you could join!” She kept on following me while saying that.

… How bothersome, “I don’t accept clan invitations, so no thanks.” I told her plainly.

“I know that much! You’re a celebrity in the forums already, you know? I heard about this in advance!” She knew it yet still tried to recruit me…? What’s her problem?

“I guess we have no reason to talk then.” I told her as I kept walking.

She didn’t stop following me, and kept on talking though, “No, hear me out, please! Look, my blouse and skirt were made by me, you know? They’re originals and are super cute!” So what? “And also, I was really amazed by your Salopette Skirt! It’s cute while also being practical, it shows you know how to make clothes that are good to work at and-” And she seemed to keep on going and going while running after me non-stop… It was a bit cute to see that she needed to keep on running to keep up with my normal walking pace due to the difference in height, but it still didn’t make it any less annoying to hear her out.

Besides, I don’t care that much for the clothes themselves, I just wanted to have something comfortable to work at. I could relate to her if she was talking to something more intricate like Magical Formations, but I just didn’t care that much about stuff like fashion.

“So, basically, I just love cute things!” After saying that, she finally stopped talking.

“I see, so that’s how it is then.” I said now that she seemed to be catching her breath.

“Eh!? W-wait, did you even hear what I just said!?” She asked me… Of course, I didn’t.

Also, we just arrived at the store of a real estate agent, so I now need to do business, so please excuse me.

… She actually did excuse me? I thought she’d follow me inside, but instead she waited outside of the NPC’s store… I don’t understand this person.

“Welcome, what kind of property might you be interested at?” The clerk asked me.

Well, let’s forget all about this pestering girl and instead focus on what I need now. Hopefully I can get a good place.


I spent a while talking to the real estate agent, and found out that I could actually rent a property already, but… I’m not sure if it would be very useful.

What I could rent, was a small store that could only buy and sell things. There were no locations with production facilities available for rent, I’d need to buy one if I really wanted to get something like that… I could still produce things in the Rental Production Facility though, so it’s not like this was the end of the world, but I’d like to eventually get a place that was better than the cramped private room of the rental facility… There’s no way I could buy a store and a production facility with my current funds though.

Not to mention I’d probably need to hire a clerk to handle the transactions with the clients too, which would be another thing that I’d need to spend money at… It’s nice that my Merchant level would keep on growing even if a clerk was the one handling the clients though, even if it was more efficient to level it by directly making transactions. Besides, it’s not like I need a very high Merchant level anyways, so a clerk would be more than enough.

However, all of that would cost way too much money… It’s a shame, but I can’t have my own store yet. Let’s keep using the stalls for now and just hope that I don’t have to deal with problem children like that recruiting girl again.

… I should consult with Mika and Hime on how to deal with those things later.


By the time I left the real estate agent, it was already late in the night, but… That girl was still outside, waiting for me. I sighed and said, “You still here?”

“You finally came out!” She said happily, before suddenly changing her tone, “I was so lonely, it felt terrible…” She pretended to be crying as she said that.

“Well, that’s that then.” I said while walking away from her.

“Wait, wait, please! I’ll do anything, just hear me out!” She exclaimed as she ran after me… Good grief. Why can’t she just give up?

“Three minutes. No more than that.” I ended up giving in a bit. Hopefully she’ll leave after that.

Besides, I had a feeling that even if I went back to the rental production facility, she’d just wait outside again to keep pestering me once I got out, so it was better to hear her out already… This kind of person is so troublesome. I wish it was a bit easier to report someone for being a stalker, but she’d need to be more bothersome than she currently is for me to do anything.

But well, I ended up hearing her out during those three minutes. She talked about how she wanted to make a clan for crafters whose goal was mainly to let everyone do their own thing, while also serving as a place for the members to exchange information and trade materials if needed… It was the kind of clan that most ordinary crafters would probably be happy to join, but it’s purely theoretical at the moment, and I don’t really need any of that, so it would be pointless for me to join it.

Besides, she probably just wants me in it as a way to lure in more crafters to the clan, since I’m already kinda popular and stuff, “Alright, I get the gist of it.” I told her once she stopped talking, “I’ll think it over and give you an answer later. Well then.” Finishing my reply, I got ready to leave, but…

“T-thank you… W-wait! You didn’t register me as a friend!” She ran after me again while saying this much.

“Ah, I was caught.” I was hoping I could get rid of her for good this time around…

“C-come on…” She pouted a bit as she said that.

… Do I really have no choice but to accept her friend request for now, and decline her invitation after a while?


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