Chapter 31 – That wasn’t luck


I kept on making gear up until the last moment possible, after taking the time to go back to the South Gate into account that is, but the number of products made was still a bit on the smaller side.

I’d normally have more done, but I spent too much time experimenting. And when I consider that the bronze gear I make still sells out every time due to the high demand for it, it really would have been better if I had made more… With a smaller quantity, some people might even end up bothering the clerks after all.

Of course, the more troublesome people will be properly reported to the guards, but it’s better to avoid increasing the chances of meeting those sorts in the first place if I can help it.

From now on, let’s leave experimenting for after I secure a solid supply of gear for the store.

Making this decision, I decided to take the carriage back to the South Gate, as I was really pressed for time. I was surprised that it shook less than I expected even though the road isn’t that smooth… Must be the game’s system in action.

As the ride wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, I was able to enjoy the view of the city by looking through the carriage’s window. It was a unique experience that couldn’t be replicated by walking… I suppose going out of my way to go to different parts of the city isn’t a bad thing every once in a while.


After I arrived at the South Gate, I immediately moved to the store. I saved some time by using the carriage, but I didn’t have that much left to spare.

Right now my shop was on a break though. Since it’s only open from 8am-12pm and from 3pm-8pm. So the employees are on lunch break.

They can do whatever they want during those three hours, so they’re not always at the store during the break, sometimes they prefer to go back home and rest.

Today, Naya was at the break room though, “Thank you for your hard work, Naya.” I told her as I entered.

“Thanks for the hard work too, store manager. You going to replenish the goods now, I suppose?” She asked me.

“Yes, though I made less than usual today. Please notify the customers about it as needed.” I told her.

“Alright. On another note, where can I buy that cake that you left for us this morning? I need to buy it!” Naya asked me a bit aggressively.

“Well, you know…” I didn’t really know who was the pioneer that made it though.

Usually speaking, Naya seems to respect the employer-employee relationship well, but it seems like that’s not necessarily the case when the matter was sweets. She pushed me really hard to get as much information out of me as she could.

It didn’t feel that bad to have a more casual relationship though.


By the time Sherryl came back, I had just finished putting all the gear on the store’s warehouse. I had also just told Naya basically everything I knew about the cake, which wasn’t much.

Differently from Naya though, Sherryl didn’t really bombard me with questions or anything, as she is quite the serious person after all… Though I’d like to be able to grow closer to her like how it happened with Naya.

That said, I did choose the clerks based on their personalities, so I’m sure that me and Sherryl will be able to get along just fine. It’ll probably just take a while longer for us to grow close, but there is no need to rush it.

Regardless of that, my time was up and I had to log-out. It was lunch time in ‘Real Time’ after all, so I had to go eat. It was a bit of a shame that I could barely talk to Sherryl before leaving, but it couldn’t be helped.


By the time I finished lunch and my other things, the break was already over and the store was in full-swing. Not surprising when considering that the in-game time flows 3x faster.

There were quite a few customers on the shop by now, and some might end up bothering me if I stay here for long, so I thought of leaving right away.

However, Rush, Hime and Mika replied to my messages, so I decided to wait at the break room instead. It was the best place to meet up after all.

Rush bought the helm with two options, Hime bought some gear too, and Mika bought a large amount of Magical Formations. She was surprised by my new recipe, and thought that the price was on the cheap side overall, but I decided to just follow the Market Information. It’s better to keep things at the established stable price after all.

She also asked if I was going to post the recipe on the forums, but I decided not to. I do post stuff on the forums from time to time, but I prefer to keep some trade secrets too.

After all, this is a game of pioneers, and making discoveries is also a form of pioneering!


By the time I was able to meet up with everyone and sell my products to them, a fair amount of time had already passed. It wasn’t really a problem though, since I could just read and do embroidery in the waiting time.

Also, we didn’t end up having a girls-only gathering this time around, so I actually had plenty of time available for crafting more things.

The item with two ‘Options’ and the new Magic Circle were very well received, and they even asked me to contact them again once more were available… Which meant the store would only get the less interesting items.

It was fine though, since I ended up repairing the gear that they no longer needed, which were all high-quality items that I had sold them before, so they’ll surely sell well.

That said, now that my business at the store were done, it was time to get back to work… After I pass by the library and borrow one more book that is. It’s going to close soon, so I’d rather do it now than later.


After borrowing the book, I went to the usual Rental Production Facility on the South Gate. It didn’t really feel like I had gone to a different place last time, since they looked the same in the end, but it was still nice to go back to my usual place.

I rented a private room and started working on producing more gear, slowly raising the level of Improved Blacksmithing.

Items with one ‘Option’ started to become more and more regular, and items with two ‘Options’ were also appearing from time to time. It was nice to notice that the helm I sold to Rush wasn’t luck, but more of something that will start happening regularly.

Quite a bit of time passed as I worked on that. It couldn’t be helped since I had a lot of items to make, and it was good because my skills gained levels in the process.

Improved Blacksmithing, as expected, was taking a while to grow, but Magic Manipulation, Magic Strengthening and Magic Recovery were all lv 100 now. Merchant used to be my second highest skill level, but it was overtaken by those as I don’t sell items directly much anymore… Nonetheless, I still gain experience from in-store sales made by the clerks, so I’m sure it will reach lv 100 soon.

It was nice that I was able to evolve my three Magical Skills at once, but I’ll lose a lot of Skill Points if I do that… I have 63 Skill Points left right now, and each of them cost 15 Skill Points to evolve. I was glad that they weren’t as expensive as Blacksmithing, but 45 Skill Points was still a lot.

… That said, Magical Power is indispensable for production, so it’s important to evolve them. Not to mention how it’s just in human’s nature to want to evolve things when we can.

Besides, I should be able to gather more Skill Points as I raise more skills, so it should be alright… Let’s use this opportunity to evolve them and to acquire new skills!

Of course, only skills that I, as a producer, can actually use. Combat skills are out.

After scrolling through the available skills, I found a few that I had already heard of, and that I thought would be good investments.

The first one was ‘Discover’. It was a skill that wasn’t available at the beta, and whose effects were unclear when it was at a low level.

However, as one increases its level, you can start finding out some interesting things. The effect is always vague, and it consumes mana to keep it active, but you can use this skill to understand the weaknesses of monsters more easily, or where they’re aiming their attacks.

This wasn’t very relevant to me though. The relevant part is that it could also help me find out extra details about things that I was crafting, so I decided to pick it.

The next one was ‘Concentration’. It was a skill that did nothing by itself, but it can consume Mana to enhance the effects of other skills. It’ll probably have a good synergy with ‘Discover’, so I decided to get it too.

And the last one was ‘Summoning’. It wasn’t like the usual summons of RPGs, but instead you had to summon a helper while associating the ‘Summoning’ skill with another skill. Meaning that I could use it with ‘Improved Blacksmithing’ to get a helping hand when making gear.

There are some disadvantages though. The summon reduces my maximum mana for as long as it is active. Of course, I’ll get the mana back once the summon is canceled, but having less resources available can be troublesome.

Moreover, while that is not available at a low skill level, at later levels you can summon multiple helpers, but they’ll start actively consuming mana instead of just reducing the maximum.

Not to mention that the skill level of the summon is only about half of the original level of the caster’s skill, so they’ll only be a helping hand at most, and not a way of doubling your production rate.

For fighters it can still be nice though, as the summon doesn’t count towards the cap of party members… That’s irrelevant to me, however.

What is relevant, is that I’ll be able to train my Magical Skills with the summon, even if the rate that they increase through summoning is lower.

Though there is apparently a quirk that says that the summon will gain skill levels more quickly if you make it do things that the caster usually does… And since I’m almost always doing production, the summon should be able to raise my skill levels at a decent enough pace.

Like this I’ll be able to get more items made, train Magical Skills and gain more Skill Points! It’s three birds with one stone!


Deciding on all that, I evolved my 3 magical skills and acquired those 3 new skills. Let’s work hard and raise all their levels!

… After I do the Summoning tutorial that is.

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