Chapter 41 – Reporting


Since the matter was kinda complicated this time around, I only messaged Mika and Hime about it, leaving Lolita out of the conversation.

Hime instantly replied, but Mika took a while… Still, both of them were hunting, so they couldn’t immediately come, which led to us scheduling a time for our meeting.

In the meantime, I made some iron equipment, got it evaluated at the guild, and replenished the stock of my store. It wasn’t replenished at my usual time, but because I announced it on the blog, the iron gear instantly sold out anyways.

It seemed like I was still the only player that could reliably produce iron equipment. There was some word on the forums about other players that already got the Improved Blacksmithing skill, but they seem to still be at the level that can only make 3* iron gear irregularly, and even those still sell out instantly on their stalls, so I suppose my productions will keep on getting sold out in no time for a while longer.


A small while later, Mika and Hime arrived at my store, so I led them to the waiting area in order to not crowd the sales space.

Then, from the waiting area, I opened the door to my ‘Room’ and invited the two of them inside.

Once inside, Hime took out a cake that she brought as souvenir, but… That could wait for a while, so we put it aside and started discussing the main subject.

“This does seem troublesome…” Mika commented once I finished my explanation of the issue regarding the Magic Bronze Shield engraved with a Magic Circle.

“I don’t think it makes any sense in all honesty, it probably shouldn’t be working like that.” Hime said.

“Well, it takes a long time to craft it, so mass production is hard… That said, it should become easier if I made enough of those to the point it became a recipe, so…” I replied.

“Being allowed to engrave Magic Circles on equipment made with Magic Ingots makes sense, but being able to repair it and use the engraved spell endlessly is just strange.” Hime commented.

“Yeah… Also, I think it might be useful for quickly leveling the ‘Heavy Equipment’ skill btw, which is even more absurd.” Mika said.

“Eh?” I was a bit confused about that one.

I mean… ‘Heavy Equipment’ is a skill that raises the performance of the heavy gear that you wear, but it is hard to level it because it only earns experience by being attacked while wearing heavy gear. How would this help quickly level the ‘Heavy Equipment’ skill?

… Wait, it gains experience by being attacked? Then perhaps… “Do you think that ‘Heavy Equipment’ increases its level by having the durability of heavy gear that you’re wearing lowered?” I asked Mika.

“I do! I can’t say for sure because I haven’t tested it, but I think that’s how the system calculates it.” Mika replied.

“We should test it.” Hime commented.

“Wait… This is too weird. You sure it’s not a bug or something?” I asked them.

“It’s not a problem if you report it as a bug test. At most they might reset the level of your ‘Heavy Equipment’ back to where it was before the tests.” Hime explained.

“You haven’t taken that skill yet, have you, Yuri? In that case there should be no problems, since the management team can just remove it for you.” Mika said.

“Well… I guess it’s fine if we do it just for testing.” I commented, then decided to acquire the skill.


“The ‘Heavy Equipment’ skill went from lv 1 to lv 17…” I commented after using the Magic Circle that was engraved into the Magic Bronze Shield.

“Seriously!?” Mika exclaimed.

“I see…” Hime said.

I suppose this does confirm that ‘Heavy Equipment’ is leveled by reducing the durability of the heavy gear that you’re wearing… And when we consider that you need to take a few hits to lose even 1 point of durability… To be able to instantly lose 5 points just from using the enchanted Magic Circle is absurd. This is way too efficient.

“This really is no good.” I commented.

“Let’s send a bug report about it.” Mika said.

“Let’s.” Hime agreed.

I also had nothing against it, so I sent a report, with video evidence, about the issue as well. I was still unsure if it was a bug or not when I noticed that the Magic Bronze Shield had its uses replenishable by repairing, but there’s no way it’s not a bug now that we know it can be used for quick skill leveling.

I also asked the management team to remove the ‘Heavy Equipment’ skill that I got for the sake of the tests, since I’d rather not waste skill points on a skill I have no intention of using.

But with this out of the way, we started just talking about whatever.

The first thing that they brought up, was about how much I decorated my ‘Room’. I knew that Mika had decorated hers to some extent, but I might have done a bit too much when asking Gol to move things around, as well as sewing some things for the sake of decoration… Still, I wanted it to be pretty, so there was no need to hold back.

We then talked about how Mika and most other top players were working hard to raise their skill levels before the rematch against the Lich.

They seemed to have just recruited enough people to reach the limit of players allowed in a raid, so they scheduled the Lich subjugation to happen in the day after tomorrow, counted in offline time.

It was a bit surprising that they only now filled the raid party, but it was because most strong NPC pioneers were working on different quests that were happening in different areas, so only a handful of NPC pioneers, like Armilate, are going to help out. The majority of the raid party will be consisted of player pioneers in the end.

And well, the player pioneers were wiped last time, so they wanted to prepare properly this time around… But not everyone already has access to Iron Gear, since it sells out so quickly, so they’re trying to accumulate as many Magical Formations as they can to prepare for the battle.

That said, Hime isn’t going to participate on the raid. She will instead work on cutting Demon Trees in a different location in order to open up a new area.

We then talked about equipment made with Magic Ingots and about their usefulness. There aren’t many magical opponents right now, so the extra MDEF isn’t that appealing by itself.

However, there is one rare mob that only appears during the rain, that seems to be able to one-shot a tank that didn’t invest in MDEF at all, so top players seem to be investing on increasing their MDEF to deal with this mob. Also, since new areas should be opened up soon, they seem to want to get their MDEF higher, so as to be well-prepared in case there is a high number of magical enemies in the new regions.

“That said, the DEF of the Magic Bronze Shield is quite low, isn’t it? It makes me wonder if there really is a use for the equipment made with the Magic Ingots…” Mika commented.

“Well, it’s bronze equipment, so there’s still room for improvement.” I replied.

She was right that it seemed hard to use the Magic Bronze Shield though. It only gave 13 DEF after all, which is very low when compared to the 29 DEF of a Large Bronze Shield, or the 53 DEF of a Large Iron Shield… It feels like the only use for this kind of item are the Magical Formations, but even that is hard to make proper use of when it can’t be put in a shortcut.

“Gotta use it on the right pieces.” Hime said, “Like accessories.”

“Oh yeah! You don’t need to enchant the armors necessarily!” Mika exclaimed.

“Ah, that makes sense… It might be easier to use the Magical Formations if they’re on an accessory, and the extra MDEF might be a lot more valuable on a piece that has low DEF by default…” I mused.

“And don’t forget how you might be able to make Bronze Accessories with Options a lot more easily than Iron Equipment with Options!” Mika said.

Hime’s comment just seemed to open a whole new world of possibilities for the usage of Magic Ingots. Even if Accessories most likely won’t give as much MDEF as a shield, nor will they have as many uses for the Magical Formation as the shield had, it still seems like a much better idea than to sacrifice one of your main sources of DEF for the magical equipment.

I’ll still need to try this out, of course, but it does seem like a very promising idea.

But just as I started getting excited when thinking about what accessories I could try making, I got a message from the management team, it was related to our report.

“Oh, already!” Mika exclaimed.

“That was fast.” Hime commented.

“It hasn’t even been an hour since our report, has it?” I said.

Well, regardless of that, the message said that the bug was fixed and that my skill levels related to the bug testing were appropriately fixed, so I got the skill points I invested into ‘Heavy Equipment’ back.

It sure was nice that modern games didn’t need to temporarily shut the servers down to do this kind of minor update. Being able to keep on playing while they fixed bugs was quite lovely.

“To think I am the only person that made this gear as of now…” I commented.

“Eh? Seriously? Was that written on the official reply from the management?” Mika asked.

“It’s not there.” Hime replied.

“It is in mine, though…?” I told them.

Maybe the message I got was slightly different from theirs? Perhaps because I was the one making the item, I was given a bit more information?

Well, it seemed like there was hardly any difference on the overall contents of the message either way.

And also, now that the bug was fixed, using the Magic Circle engraved into the Magic Bronze Shield no longer consumed its durability, and the number of uses was no longer recovered by repairing it, so this case seems to be settled now.

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