Chapter 43 – A request for lady bucket


I kept on making the ‘Magic Bronze Ring – Lily’ until it was time to logout. Part of it was for the experience, part was just because it was fun to be able to make the detailed parts due to Improved Crafting.

At this rhythm, I feel like it might not take long until I’ll be able to make a Magical Formation in a ring, but… Well, it’s still impossible right now, so I’ll have to log-out and continue crafting tomorrow.


I logged in after doing my usual morning things. It was the 12th day since the release of the game, or the 33th in-game day. As usual, my morning login was at around midnight in-game.

Last night I was so busy making rings, that I forgot to eat and drink in-game, so my hunger and drought levels were dangerously low… Luckily enough, a penalty is only applied if they reach 0%, so I just need to eat and drink something now and I’ll be good.

Though it’s probably a good idea to set the warning for low hunger/drought to be activated at a higher threshold. Right now it’s only triggered when my hunger/drought is below 10%, so it’s a bit too easy to forget about it.

In any case, I bought some delicious sandwiches and milk tea at stalls to take care of those needs, then went back to the Rental Production Facility to make more rings, since I didn’t make enough rings with good Options to fill all orders from my acquaintances just yet.

And well, when considering how eager everyone was to buy those, I should have no problems selling the leftovers at the store anyways, so let’s do our best!


I kept on working until it was close to the store’s opening hours… I got a bit tired of making only rings though, so once I made a recipe for it, I started making other accessories.


Magic Bronze Earrings – Lily

Accessory/5*/MDEF +7/ATK +5/Small Attack Power Enhancement/Durability 10


Magic Bronze Bracelet – Lily

Accessory/4*/MDEF +7/DEF +2/Small Defense Enhancement/Durability 10


Magic Bronze Necklace – Lily

Accessory/5*/MDEF +7/CRL +7/Small Critical Rate Enhancement/Durability 10


Though of course, there were also some other items with useless Options and items without Options at all, but that couldn’t be helped.

Those items also took longer to be made since they had no recipes yet, but it’s fine since it’s fun to get some variety.

However… I was still kinda tired of spending this much time doing only accessories, so… At times like this, I need to do my favorite craft! Let’s make some Magical Formations!


Once I was satisfied with the amount of Magical Formations made, I headed to the guild to get the gear I made evaluated. It was a bit late, but that was not a problem. I also made sure to carry Manthe with me for the sake of getting some skill levels.

Then, as she started evaluating the equipment I made, the receptionist smiled at me, just like how she did on the first time she saw my iron equipment… I’d prefer if she didn’t do that openly, since other people might catch on to the fact that I’m Bucket in disguise, but I guess not many people will make the connection between her smiling at an evaluation and me being a renowned crafter.

That said, it seems like there was more behind her smile today, “Excuse me, but I have a request specifically addressed to lady Bucket.” she whispered to me.

“Specifically for me?” I asked.

“Yes, do you have some time to hear the details of it?” She asked back.

“Sorry, but I’m a bit tight on time right now.” I replied.

“I see, then please do come once you’re free, okay?” She told me.

“Alright.” I said. Then, with the equipment evaluation finished, I went to my store in order to replenish the gear there.

That was a bit surprising, a request made through the guild, specifically for me, is not something that can be easily done. The commissioner would need to have a high rank, so it most likely an NPC and not a player.

They’d also need to invest quite a bit of money for that, and they wouldn’t even get the warranty part of it back in case I refused, so I’m definitely dealing with someone that has plenty of money to spare… I’m not forced to accept it, but I think I should check it out at the very least.

So, as soon as I finished restocking the store, I went back to the guild and talked to the receptionist, who led me to a private room to discuss the details of the request.

She then explained to me that the request came from the Kederick Company, which owned a big store near the South Gate and that primarily handled heavy equipment.

What they basically wanted, was to have me produce some equipment for them, in exchange for the opportunity of learning with their master blacksmith. It was a bit bothersome that this sounded like I wouldn’t get paid for the products I crafted, but…

As the contract didn’t force me to become their exclusive producer, I could still get quite a few benefits from accepting… Mainly, that I might be able to learn new recipes or even new skills through the training.

What I’m interested at the most would be new recipes related to Magic Ingots, but since those don’t have market prices on them, I think it’s unlikely that they’ll actually have anything on them… Still, it seems like a great opportunity. Especially because this was something issued by an NPC, so it’s not like it’s gonna be available forever or for everyone. NPCs live in the world of Frontiers, so they only make requests as they need it… If I were to refuse, they’d probably ask someone else and I’d lose the chance of this apprenticeship.

I suppose this means that my achievements were recognized by the Kederick Company? I do have a fairly prosperous store, so I suppose this would make sense… Otherwise, the request wouldn’t be aimed at me, after all.

“Alright, I’ll accept it under the condition that I have no intention of working exclusively for them.” I told the receptionist.

“Very well, we’ll notify the client about it. You can go meet them shortly, just wait a small while to give us time to make the contact first.” The receptionist replied.

So I need to wait now? I guess I can stop by the library to borrow a new book, then go to the store of the Kederick Company… I’m a bit excited. It’s a quest from an NPC, and it will allow me to try working with some tools that have a higher quality than my beginner set! I want to test them out! It will be nice to know how they feel before I eventually get my own workshop that will definitely have the best tools I can make!

I’m really looking forward to this.

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