Chapter 47 – And the rest are just bones. Bones!


The training kept on going until it was about time to close the workshop, and I was able to learn two new recipes in the meantime! This was only possible because of the accurate advice from Merget and the Intermediate equipment within the workshop… It really feels nice to use facilities that are better than the Beginner ones.

… Which just made it more frustrating when I had to go back to the Rental Production Facility and use the Beginner Equipment there. I really need to earn more money, so as to get my own workshop with better equipment in it! And for that, I need to craft more Iron Gear!

Unfortunately though, it’s logout time now, so that will have to wait… But perhaps it is a good thing, as I’ll be able to cool down from the feeling of using the Intermediate equipment, so it will be easier to go back to the Beginner Equipment once I log-in.

So, let’s rest well today, and work hard tomorrow… good night.


In the morning, after doing my usual things and logging in, I saw that I received a message from Mika. Seems like they’re going to fight the Lich today.

In the end, I couldn’t do much more than the Magic Bronze Ring – Lily and the 3* Iron gear, but hopefully that will be enough to help everyone out.

Also, the location of the lich seems to be fairly far from our city, but since the guild was the one that put up the request for its subjugation, they apparently decided to also provide wagons to carry everyone there, which should cut the travel time considerably.

Also, since some strong NPCs are participating, and Mika’s party also enhanced their gear, things should work out in one way or another… I could see that she was heavily motivated for this fight at the very least.

Good luck, Mika. I’ll do my best over here too!

Though well, it’s still 6am in-game, so the workshop is closed… I guess I’ll spend some time reading for now.


After reading on the store to kill time until the Clerks arrived, and them giving their usual report, I went to the library to borrow more books, then went to the workshop. Today too, I’ll work hard to learn new recipes under Merget’s guidance!

I delivered the Iron Equipment to meet today’s quota, then resumed my training.

I also felt fairly happy with the fact that Improved Blacksmithing finally got to a level high enough to unreliably produce 4* gear when using the Intermediate equipment. However, as the store only wants to put 3* gear on sale, I had to use the Beginner equipment for my iron crafts, which felt a bit disappointing.


[Zabrina Kingdom’s Incident: The Dead’s Highway has been resolved. Sabrina North Highway has been released]

While I was in the middle of practice, something amazing happened, “Oh my.” I commented to myself.

“They did it! That’s wonderful news!” One of the apprentices shouted.

It was around noon right now, so everyone was in the middle of work, but… When the goddess gave her announcement, everyone stopped working and started celebrating.

Usually speaking, Merget would reprimand any apprentice that stopped working, but he did no such thing this time… I suppose it makes sense to let them celebrate, since those incidents are real threats to the lives of the NPCs living in this world.

It took them quite a while, but I’m happy that Mika and everyone were able to defeat the Lich.

“Yuri! We did it! We defeated it!” Mika suddenly called me and said those words.

“Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work. Though is it okay to talk right now?” I replied.

After all, they should probably be busy distributing the loot right now, so I thought it would be better if I didn’t make a call to congratulate her… But well, if she’s the one calling, then I guess it’s fine?

“Ah, a lot of people died during the raid, so we’ll distribute the loot later with everyone.

“This lich was so strong! I could hardly believe it’s the first raid boss!

“Well, the beginning of the fight actually went well, since we already knew how the fight worked due to our previous defeat, but…” Mika started saying.

Well, nobody in the workshop is at work mood right now, and if she happens to be free, then I’ll gladly hear her out.


“That rampage mode was ridiculous. If it wasn’t for Armilate, we’d surely get wiped out.” Mika told me.

“As expected of Armilate, she’s quite amazing, isn’t she?” I replied.

Mika explained to me that the boss was still quite tough, because even though everyone did get better gear, while also knowing how the gist of the fight worked, the boss had a special rampage mode that was activated once its HP reached a certain threshold. In it, the boss changed its attack patterns and started using skills it didn’t use before.

In particular, one of the skills reduced the magic defense of the pioneers, so most of the player pioneers participating ended up dying from the barrage of magical attacks.

The ones that survived were mostly the ones that increased their Magic Defense with the Magic Bronze Ring – Lily or with items with Magic Defense Options. They were also able to mitigate the damage they were taking by using defensive Magic Circles, but they were still running out of resources and seemed to be about to be wiped out.

But just when the Lich took a pause from the barrage of magical attacks to recast the skill that lowered Magic Defense, Armilate seemed to make use of that opportunity to rush towards the Lich and deal the finishing blow… She’s so cool!

“Oh, and regarding the drops. We got some pretty powerful equipment as loot.” Mika told me.

“But since the guild was the one that sponsored it, I guess they’ll buy all the loot?” I asked.

“I wonder… A lot of people want those items, after all. In particular, the Dark Shroud and the Wand of the Dead seem to be the best cloth and best wand currently available.” Mika replied.

“Guess it’ll be hard to decide who will pick it.” I said.

“And the rest are just bones. Bones!” Mika suddenly exclaimed.

“Bones? From the lich?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean… He was all bones, so he dropped a lot of bones. I dunno what’s the use for them though.” Mika told me.

I wonder… I guess they can be used for crafting to some extent? But I dunno if bones can actually be good for making metal equipment, which is the most popular type of gear at the moment.

Maybe there is some use for that on other types of crafts, but so far, metal equipment seems to be more efficient than gear made from monster drops, so I dunno if there is a point… Maybe because it’s a boss material, it will lead to better results?

I wanted to talk more about it, but Mika then told me that they started moving back to the city, so she had to end the call… Guess we’ll have to talk more once she’s back. We can hold a celebratory party with everyone once she’s here!

Though to think that bones are the only material drops from the raid boss… That’s kinda disappointing, isn’t it?

But then, as I was muttering something related to bones to myself, suddenly, Merget came close to me and started talking, “Oh, did bones drop from the boss!? That’s pretty good. If you add bones as an extra material to your crafts, the result can be quite good! It’s a great material that mixes well with magical liquids once melted!”

“Master! Details please!” I asked.

“I like that eagerness!” He then started explaining it to me.

Apparently, when using the ‘Add’ function in our crafts, we can enhance our equipment in a variety of ways by using the appropriate materials. I usually tried just using the same materials as the ones on the base craft, but it seems like there is no need to do that.

Though it’s important to properly process the added materials in advance… As I didn’t know the optimal processing method at the time, it couldn’t be helped that I hadn’t thought of it.

Merget also told me that different materials have different compatibilities with each time of equipment, and that how high the success chance is, varies a lot depending on their relationship.

Not to mention that skill level also plays a strong role on this matter, and that most people that tried experimenting with ‘Add’ had done it without properly processing the extra material and… Well, I guess it can’t be helped that we didn’t find much use for that at the time.

… Maybe I should just post all this new information on the forums and let others experiment with the results then? It could be a good way of gathering information on the ideal methods of using ‘Add’.

Though I think I also want to try it out myself with the Lich Bones that Mika got… But I dunno the probability of success, so I feel troubled about asking her to give me the precious Lich Bones when I dunno if I’ll do a good job with it.

But at the same time, it’s not as if Mika knows how to use them herself, since we don’t really know of a recipe that uses Lich Bones… I want to try it, but I feel like I might waste them… And when considering how impulsive Mika is, she’ll probably just give them to me on the spot if I ask… How troublesome.

Well, I’m glad the incident was resolved either way. Like this a new area was opened without the need to cut more Demon Trees… Though it doesn’t matter that much to me, who owns a store here at the city.

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