Chapter 61 – Well, I did my best


After eating lunch and doing a few other things, I logged in.

The first thing I noticed after entering the game was that I had received a message from Lolita. She seemed to have started exchanging the information about the library and contacted the twins Mii and Muu.

As Lolita was the intermediary, she shared the information they provided with me.

What they told her was how to make an Alchemy item that is not available on the forums. It’s one of the best products that they obtained from their research.

I doubt they were trying to scam Lolita, so this is probably a fantastic reward from sharing the information with them.

Lulu and Mukaida on the other hand couldn’t be contacted yet as they weren’t online. They are both already working adults, just like Lolita, so they probably won’t be online until it’s night time.

Mii and Muu are on summer vacation, so they could log-in at any hour on the other hand.

In any case, I guess I should start crafting items right away? I can use the extra-thin thread that Lolita told me about while using the ‘Add’ function now, so…

I’ll do my best! I’m looking forward to the results!


I spent about six hours making items. I tried ‘Adding’ the ‘Rain Cloud Thread’ that Lolita told me about, but I was still unable to make anything better than an item with two Options in it.

Though, I didn’t really have many hopes for three Options, so it’s not that discouraging.

Nonetheless, the final rank of the item is definitely improved by ‘Adding’ extra materials at the right time, so I’m definitely getting closer to a time where I’ll be able to make iron gear with three Options in them. I just need to keep on raising my skill level and I’ll get there, increasing the rank of my materials is just one of the shortcuts I’m taking to reach that point.

… In any case, I wasn’t able to make that many items with two Options this time even by using the ‘Rain Cloud Thread’, but… It’s still luck-dependent in the end, so it can’t be helped.

It was now a bit past midnight in-game. As my store is closed and I already made enough items to restock it, I now have some free time for myself, so… Let’s start by making my beloved Magic Circles!


I felt satisfied after drawing over a dozen Magical Formations… Making Magic Circles is truly wonderful!

I had also gotten many new Magic Circle recipes, so it was nice to draw them out to see how they worked.

That said, most of them recipes were still attack-type spells that were only slightly more complicated than a beginner Magic Circle, so I didn’t feel like drawing any specific Magic Circle many times.

Instead, let’s try raising the rank of the Magic Paper I’m using. Thanks to the information shared by Mii and Muu, I can now make a better version of Concentrated Magic Liquid, so let’s try that out.

Moreover, the ‘Rain Cloud Thread’ should also be useful when processing materials in Alchemy, so I’d like to use it here too… And of course, let’s use high-rank materials from Eku Labyrinth as well.

Well, I’m a bit worried if that will work out since my Improved Alchemy skill didn’t gain that many levels when compared to my other evolved skills, but I still have all the techniques I learned from master Merget, so… Let’s try it out! I won’t know for sure until I make it, after all!

And the finished product is…


Improved Mixed Concentrated Magic Liquid 025



It was a success! The rank was also 4*, and it wasn’t very hard to make it overall.

Though that might be because I had good materials and tools helping me out, as Mii and Muu said that the performance of this Magic Liquid is considerably better than the performance of the normal ‘Improved Concentrated Magic Liquid’.

Then let’s see what it does when trying to use it to make Magic Paper… Let’s aim for 4*!


Now this result was…


Offensive Magic Circle: Fire Bullets

Item/5*/10 Uses


Even though it’s a beginner’s Magic Circle, the number of uses has more than tripled! With the usual 3* Magic Paper I couldn’t get it to go over 3 uses no matter how hard I tried, but when using the Magic Paper made with the ‘Improved Mixed Concentrated Magic Liquid 025’, I got 10 uses available all at once!

And this was the Magic Paper that was done with this special Magic Liquid.


Magic Paper

Material/5*/Durability 30


I was hoping for 4*, but I instead got an incredible 5* with three times as much durability as normal!

And as my experiments with the Magic Bronze Shield showed, the durability of the material that the Magical Formation is applied at also affects its number of uses, so it’s not surprising that this many extra uses came from such an amazing Magic Paper.

The results of Mii and Muu’s research are truly amazing, no wonder they’re top-tier alchemists. There’s no way I’d have gotten 5* Magic Paper without their incredible Magic Liquid.

I wonder how long it would take someone to even get to 4* without the results of their research… Or rather, take me, since I’m fairly sure I’m the only player Pioneer who has been making Magical Formations.

I mean, the demand for it isn’t that big, so I guess it can’t be helped.

That said, I should probably try looking at the forums for more information on Alchemy later. Who knows what other kinds of advancements I might find if I actively search for it?

After all, this huge increase in the number of uses of the Magical Formation is nothing to be scoffed at.

Moreover, while the demand for Magical Formations is still fairly low, it’s actually the second most popular item in my store… It’s considerably behind equipment, but it’s still selling decently enough.

This is probably because the number of Pioneers with spare money to spend on the Magic Circles must have been increasing. Magical Formations may be very expensive, but they’re also very convenient.

And then, with an increased number of uses, player Pioneers who couldn’t afford buying those Magical Formations all the time might actually consider buying them now. This is huge.

In any case, this is probably the highest rank of Magic Paper I’ll be able to get for the time being. It will most likely take a while to reach 6*, so let us not hold back and make some hundreds of Magic Papers for myself! It’s for my beloved Magic Circles, so I need a big stock!

I’ll work hard! No holding back!


After about two hours, I ended up making about 300 Magic Papers. All of which were 5*.

Well… I did my best. This should last me a few days at least.

Though I also ran out of normal Paper, so I’ll need to buy more later.

… It’s kinda disappointing that nobody seems to be making Paper actually. I can’t make it because I didn’t find a recipe for it yet, but there should be some people who can make it even without the proper recipe.

Though the only thing that requires high-rank Paper is Magic Paper for Magic Circles, so I guess nobody minds just using the 3* Paper available at NPC stores.

After all, it’s rare enough to see information on Magic Paper on the forums, never mind information on normal Paper… I guess I should try asking Mr. Kederick about it on the next time he makes a request. He might have some information on where I need to look.

And well, I’m not going to refuse his requests anyways, so it doesn’t hurt to see if he is willing to tell me this kind of thing.

… Oh? Now isn’t that unusual…? Is this because I was thinking about him?

I just got a message from Mr. Kederick with another request. He sent it directly to me instead of sending it to my clerks, as I told his receptionist last time that it would be easier like this.

The content of the request was almost the same as last time. He requested a few more items than before, but it’s still a reasonable amount.

I can’t give the items that I made for restocking the store though, as I need to conform to their standards of only 3* items. Still, there should be no issues in crafting those items for him.

And well, I don’t have that much time left before my evening logout, so let’s make this quickly.


Before the evening logout, I finished making all items for the request, got everything evaluated at the Guild and also restocked my store.

I couldn’t deliver the requested items just yet though, as the Kederick store is closed right now. The delivery will have to wait until my next login.

That said, there is still a bit of time until logout, so let’s spend this time reading. I do need to raise the levels of Decipher and Improved Magic Language after all.

The current goal is, of course, new recipes!

In particular, recipes of Intermediate Tools would be really nice, since the only recipe of Intermediate Tools I have so far are for the Blacksmith Set… I suppose I’ll have to make do with those being my only Intermediate Tools for the time being.

Tools are very important though, so I wonder if there is anything I can do to get some better ones… Maybe I should ask Mr. Kederick or master Merget about it? It doesn’t hurt to try at least.

This connection was made with great effort, so I should make the most of it!

I’m really looking forward to logging in again after dinner… But well, there is still time, so let’s quietly read until the logout.

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