Chapter 105 – Did we overdo it?


“We did it!” Mii exclaimed.

“It’s done!” Muu exclaimed.

“We completed your request!” They said in unison.

“Thank you for your hard work.” I told them both.

The cheerful voices of the twins were echoing from inside my workshop. Differently from last time though, this happened because I asked for their help.

“So this is Magic Silver… Thank you both for your hard work.” I thanked them.

“As expected of us!” Mii said.

“You couldn’t do it without us!” Muu said.

“Compliment us more!” They said together.

“Yes yes, you two are really amazing. As expected of Mii and Muu.” I stroked their heads.

The two happily giggled and showed an age-appropriate smile as I complimented them. That’s a pretty cute side of those two noisy twins.

… I wish they were like this normally.

“But what are you going to do with this?” Mii asked.

“What will this be used for?” Muu asked next.

“Tell us tell us!” They exclaimed in unison.

“Eh? Didn’t I explain it already?” I replied.

“You didn’t say it!” Mii exclaimed.

“I heard nothing!” Muu exclaimed.

“What are you going to do with it!?” They said together.

I was sure I explained it properly when I requested their cooperation though…

“Well, I’m going to make this.” I showed them a recipe.

“Let me see, let me see!” Mii exclaimed.

“Oh, oh!?” Muu exclaimed.

“What’s that!?” They said in unison.

The recipe I showed them was something I obtained in the second floor of the library. Magic Doll – Insect Type – Spider.

Yes, it’s a new doll recipe. I had only found wooden dolls so far, but I now obtained this one.

I thought I wouldn’t get recipes of anything other than blacksmithing-related items due to that being my highest leveled skill, but I surprisingly found this in my reading.

Though the most surprising part were the materials. Not only did it need more intermediate-tier materials than steel items did, which clearly showed that it was a very hard to craft item, but it also required one unknown material.

And that was Magic Silver. I was in trouble because it required a considerable amount of Magic Silver, yet I hadn’t found a recipe for it in the second floor of the library yet.

But well, Magic Ingots do require some alchemy knowledge, so I figured I could try asking the twins about it, even if it required other skills too, it wouldn’t hurt to at least ask.

I was actually quite worried about it though, but despite my concerns, the twins were successfully able to produce Magic Silver.

Moreover, they told me that the recipe for it was actually on the first floor of the library… And yet, I wasn’t able to get it at all.

I guess evolving Alchemy further is essential if one wishes to obtain this recipe then. My alchemy is still at the Improved Alchemy level, but the twins are above that already.

However, they hadn’t ever made Magic Silver before, because they lacked the appropriate facilities for it. After all, its difficulty level is probably higher than making steel ingots with blacksmithing.

So, there was something to be gained for both of us with this cooperation.

That said, I still need more Magic Silver. And as I can’t make it myself, I’ll have to ask the twins to do their best!


“It’s over!” Mii exclaimed.

“Job done!” Muu exclaimed.

“This time for real. Mission accomplished!” They said together.

“Thank you two for your hard work. Thank you so much!” I told them.

It took a lot of effort to get enough materials just for a single spider doll, but I’m really looking forward to seeing it after it’s completed.

I wonder if I’ll be able to get Options like I do with wooden dolls… Though making this one consumes a lot of time, so I don’t think it’s possible for me to actively aim for it right now. Especially because I need to let the twins borrow my facilities to make this.

But well, now that I have the appropriate amount of Magic Silver, everything is ready, as I already prepared the other intermediate-tier materials in advance.

The biggest roadblock was cleared, but there is still another problem… Namely, I’m not sure if I can actually make it.

My current level of Improved Doll Making is 86. When considering the material requirements, I think this is something that should be done after at least one more evolution.

However, I know that Blacksmithing skills can help a lot in doll making, so this challenge shouldn’t be impossible.

“Alright! I’ll go make it now!” I exclaimed.

“Ooh!” The twins exclaimed in unison.


“Whoa!” Mii exclaimed.

“Way to go!” Muu exclaimed.

“Excellent!” The said together.

I sighed I relief, “I somehow managed to do it… I’m glad I didn’t waste the materials.”

Although there were some pretty dangerous moments, I was able to barely complete making the doll.

That’s definitely because Doll Making is still at a low level. I should have evolved it at least one or maybe even two more times before attempting this.

I’m sure that I was only able to succeed because of the high level of my other production skills as well as good facilities and tools. If any of those were missing, I’d have definitely failed.

But well, here was the result.


Magic Doll – Insect Type – Spider

Doll/4*/ATK +187; CRT +87/Large Critical Enhancement/Durability 30

Magic Bonus: Marionette Customization


Isn’t this pretty incredible? Its attack power is larger than the Steel Short Spear with Large Attack Power Enhancement, as well as the Sealed Dark Mysterious Sword.

Not to mention this mysterious bonus…

“Hey, hey, isn’t this… Pretty crazy?” Mii said.

“Hey hey, isn’t this… Totally crazy?” Muu said.

“What are you doing with it!?” They asked.

“Eh? It’s, of course, being sold to Hime.” I replied.

“I figured it!” Mii exclaimed.

“I thought so!” Muu exclaimed.

“As expected!” They said together.

The twins are also very surprised at this amazing performance, but it’s natural that Hime will be the one to receive it.

There are probably other people who use dolls, but I have no intention of giving it to anybody else.

“But what is-” Mii started.

“That thing-” Muu continued.

“This Magic Bonus!” They asked together.

“Well, let me check the details…” I answered.

The performance is already amazing enough as is, but I’m worried about this mysterious bonus.

I checked the item details and… Apparently various equipment changes can be added to the doll even after it’s already completed? But it already has steel weapons attached, so I don’t think there is much of a point to the bonus for the time being?

“Hey hey, with this.” Mii started.

“Yeah, maybe…” Muu continued.

“Can’t you replace those parts!?” They pointed towards different limbs of the spider.

“I dunno? I mean… Where else would I put claws or fangs?” I replied.

“There is that, you know!?” Mii exclaimed.

“Yes, that kind of thing!” Muu exclaimed.

“Sword legs!” They said together.

“Eh? Putting swords on the legs instead of nails at the end!?” I exclaimed.

To use swords instead of spider legs… I didn’t think of something like that because I was only putting realistic weapons on the dolls, like claws and fangs, but… Coming to think of it, the doll doesn’t really need to be realistic, does it?

“Then… How about this?” I made a suggestion for another change.

“Oh!” Mii exclaimed.

“Wow!” Muu exclaimed.

“Bucket is amazing!” They said in unison.

“Then… How about this!?” I made another suggestion.

“Ooh!” They exclaimed together again.

Once the shackles of realistic limitations came off, various ideas sprung on my head.

The twins also started making more suggestions and commented on my ideas, so… I think this spider doll will turn out even more amazing than it already is.

It might be harder to use, but the performance will be higher, so that’s not a problem! I’m sure Hime will be able to master it!


I think it might have been a bad idea to bounce off ideas with the twins, I mean… This looks evil now. It’s like… Well, it was originally a spider, I guess.

I mean, its name is still a spider, but this is not a spider.

Its eight legs were replaced with large swords; large fangs come out of its face; and a humanoid with various weapons was installed on its torso…

The humanoid has armor installed too, so it has a high defensive power, and the attack power is undoubtedly high, but…

This thing is about four times as big as the original spider doll.

“Hey…” I started saying.

“Uhn…” Mii said.

“Yeah…” Muu said.

“Did we overdo it?” The twins said together.

“It’s way too strange, isn’t it?” I commented.

That said, the performance is…


Magic Doll – Insect Type – Spider

Doll/4*/ATK +247; CRT +87/Large Critical Enhancement/Durability 30

Magic Bonus: Marionette Customization


… What to do with this?

I mean, we remodeled it a lot, but the name didn’t change.

“Isn’t this quite amazing?” I muttered.

“Definitely.” The twins said together.

Both me and the twins stared at the doll for a while.

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