Chapter 109 – Will it be implemented?


“This is what I want to ask for.” The blacksmith told me.

“Silver products?” I asked just to be sure.

“Yeah. As I’m sure you already know, the Dotril Silver Mine was recently found in Dotril, but there aren’t many people here at the capital that can handle silver.

“It’s a pretty hard to handle material, but also a necessary one for quite a few things.

“Though I think it shouldn’t be too tough for you. What do you say? Will you take on the request?” He asked me.

“You can count on me.” I replied.

“Thanks! You saved me!” He exclaimed.

The dwarf NPC apparently wants me to deliver silver products to him. Not only equipment, but also tableware like plates and cups.

It’s not particularly hard to make tableware in general, but I suppose it can be tough for NPC blacksmiths when it’s the material right before steel.

Or rather, even player Pioneers still struggle with silver to some extent. My view on it is different mainly because I am already capable of making steel gear with Options.

The dwarf blacksmith asked me to deliver a fair amount of products, but since many of them are quick-to-make tableware, it won’t take that long, and the reward is reasonable enough when considering the request.

Though I’m not getting any tool recipe nor Skill Points form this quest, which is a shame.

I get more money from making steel equipment than from clearing quests, so it’s not really a big priority to get that for my reward. Skill Points and recipes are much better.

However, this is still the first quest with this NPC, so let’s be patient and hope for the best.

Especially because this NPC quest is definitely above the ones I usually take, as it is requesting for silver products.

Well, the Kederick store sometimes requests for steel products, but they don’t ask for my help that often.

On the other hand, the five blacksmiths that Mukaida introduced me to request at most iron products, so their level is certainly below the dwarf blacksmith.

I want to cherish this new encounter, so… Please give me either tool recipes or Skill Points soon!


I came back to the workshop and decided to check my remaining Skill Points.

I currently have 17 left, and there are a lot of skills awaiting evolution… Which one is the best one to evolve?

My current skill list is…


Main Skills

Artisan’s Crafting Lv 100/Improved Merchant lv 100/Improved Discover lv 100/Improved Concentration lv 100/Improved Alchemy lv 100

Improved Artisan’s Blacksmithing lv 25/Principle of Magic Circles lv 89/Improved Magic Power Manipulation lv 100/Improved Magic Power Enhancement lv 100/Improved Magic Power Recovery lv 100

Summoning Lv 100

Sub Skills

Improved Sewing lv 100/Improved Weaving lv 71/Artisan’s Tool Making lv 42

Improved Leatherworking lv 100/Improved Woodworking lv 100

Improved Language lv 37/Improved Magic Language lv 100/Improved Decipher lv 100

Improved Doll Making lv 91/Magical Gloves lv 65

Collecting lv 88/Mining lv 81/Detection lv71/Stealth lv 67

Skill Points: 17


I’d like to evolve Improved Leatherworking and Improved Woodworking to upgrade my material processing, but I don’t think this will be enough to get two Options on steel gear.

There is also Improved Magic Language and Improved Decipher that can help me get new recipes.

And then there is Improved Alchemy that can be used to improve the rank of Magic Paper, though I may also ask the twins for that, since they’re probably at the fourth tier of Alchemy already.

I could also try evolving Improved Discover and Improved Concentration to increase my overall efficiency in various things, but those two skills only give minor improvements. They’re definitely useful, but I’d say they’re low priority right now.

And then there is Summoning, Improved Sewing and the three skills related to Magical Power… Those are all at a horribly low priority. They all feel like they’re at a good enough level, so there is no need to evolve them.

Though I’d like to eventually evolve Improved Sewing at some point if I ever get a surplus of Skill Points, but for now that’s plain impossible.

Then, let’s evolve Improved Magic Language to try getting new Magic Circle Recipes!

Other skills might be better for getting tool recipes on the library, but I have a feeling that the library has no recipes for tools at all… I don’t have a way of being sure of that, but that’s what I currently feel at the moment.

Therefore, my beloved Magical Formations are my priority right now!

It cost me 15 Skill Points to evolve Improved Magic Language. After evolution it became Principle of Magic Language.

After the normal tier of a Magic skill comes the Principle tier. Seems like that is the usual pattern in Frontiers.

That isn’t necessarily true for all magical skills though, I think offensive magical skills have a different naming pattern, but this seems to be the case for production-related ones.

In any case, let’s go make some quest items! I’d like to go read after that to see the effects of my new evolution!

Ah, though before that I need to make products to restock the store.

Busy busy!


The silver products quest is not difficult to me. Furthermore, tableware requires a considerably smaller amount of intermediate-tier materials than equipment, not to mention them being easy to make.

Even if the quest requires a decent amount of items, if the difficulty level is low, it won’t take long to finish it.

It’s the same as the quests I receive from the other five blacksmiths. With the main difference being that… Well, they’re five people, so I need to make five times as many products.

But this quest is only for a single person. Even if silver takes longer to make than copper, bronze and iron, the time taken to make all necessary products is still a lot smaller.

Therefore, I already finished making all requested items. I did my best!

Though I won’t go deliver them immediately. My logout time is approaching, and it’s night in-game, so I’d be a bother if I went now.

Like, sure, even if the level of blessing is different, NPC Pioneers still have a blessing by the goddess, so they can do activities without sleeping.

But well, the NPCs usually won’t be pushing themselves to the limit. They will instead behave like ordinary people, with or without blessings.

Which means that they sleep at night.

There are exceptions to that, but that usually only applies to combat-focused NPC Pioneers.

Therefore, it is common courtesy to make deliveries only when it’s daytime in-game.

Not to mention that the store will be closed at night time.

Sure, one could try bypassing the strong security system and attempt to break-in, but this invasion won’t allow you to deliver products earlier, it will just get you arrested by the guards.

Then, let’s logout. Tomorrow I guess I’ll make steel gear on the morning?

Though I also need to make event items…


Good morning.

Immediately after logging in, I made steel gear and event items, got them evaluated at the Guild, did priority sales, restocked the store, then did some reading.

After that I also checked the forums, and it turns out people are still discussing magic dolls today. I guess it will remain as a hot topic for a while.

There sure are quite a bit of people talking about Hime, as well as a number of people saying they want to join Kikoridottokoru and Works.

Well, they are saying that on discussion threads instead of directly contacting the clans, which is a bit weird. I don’t get what they’re thinking.

That said, while I don’t know how Kikoridottokoru handles registration, it’s impossible for most people to join Works.

Especially because they just seem interested in getting information on magic dolls, which is the kind of person that Lolita would never allow on the clan.

Maybe they want to join Kikoridottokoru to then approach Hime and hopefully get closer to me by doing that, but this is also useless. Hime has an iron wall around her and doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her connections like that.

Mika is the same on that regard. Quite a few player Pioneers seem to try approaching both of them with the intent of getting closer to me, but it’s an absolutely worthless endeavor. The two of them completely shut down those annoyances.

Of course, the same happens to other people who are on my priority sales to some extent, but it’s still a pointless endeavor.

I only give priority sales to people I want to sell preferentially to, so I won’t add anyone else even if they’re introduced to me.

I mean, it would be a bit different if Hime or Mika introduced someone, but I have zero intentions of paying any attention to introductions coming from anybody else.

After all, if there were too many people on priority sales, then it would be hard for everyone to get the items they want, so I’d rather not let too many people get access to the private section of my blog.

In the end, Options are luck-dependent. I can use Add to make it more likely to get the Options I want, but it’s still rare to get the really good Options.

And well, everyone wants items with good Options.

Even if the price is sometimes absurd, the people on my priority sales are all top combat-focused Pioneers, so they can manage paying high prices to improve their fighting capabilities.

The stronger they become, the better their battle efficiency will be, which allows them to kill monsters faster, gain skill levels faster and earn monster drops faster, which leads to earning money faster.

And as the only use of money for combat-focused Pioneers seems to be consumable items and equipment, then they’ll obviously be willing to pay as much as possible on good gear.

Well, maybe they might want to buy a Clan Base, but that’s about it. The majority of the money will still go to equipment and consumables.

Maybe there will be more uses for money in the future, but at the moment that’s all that is available in Frontiers.

Though if more things were added, then maybe even I would start trying to fight to go after prize items, like… If some more Minicots became available, then I’d like to join the competition to get them.

Will it be implemented? A different kind of use for our resources?

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