Chapter 111 – Th-this is…!


The quest to produce the Divine Goblet that I got from the dwarf NPC was a series of surprises that started from processing the intermediate-tier materials.

The performance of the advanced tools was truly beyond my expectations.

While improving one’s facilities would usually be more important than improving the tools, this time the tools went up two tiers in one go, so the difference was very noticeable.

Thanks to that, I was able to prepare intermediate-tier materials of an extremely high rank.

Also, the Divine Globet requires as many intermediate-tier materials as steel equipment does.

However, this is a tableware. Tableware is usually fairly easy to produce, but the Divine Goblet actually looks fairly hard to make, so I guess the Sacred Silver is at least one tier above steel.

“Well, here we go!” I exclaimed.

“I’ll leave it to you.” The dwarf told me.

Thanks to seeing the high-rank of the processed intermediate-tier materials, the dwarf blacksmith seems to have complete trust in me right now.

Well, neither of us expected such a high rank on the materials. I certainly expected to need a considerably higher skill level before I got to this point.

On another note, tableware is usually almost entirely by relying on the Magical Synthesizer facility, but that’s not how we’re making the Divine Goblet.

I’ll be using Blacksmithing to combine the large amount of intermediate-tier materials into one, then use Crafting to perform some complex engravings.

And when that is done, we will be putting the almost completed Divine Goblet and the Sacred Silver Ore inside the Magical Synthesizer.

I thought I’d need to process the Sacred Silver Ore into an ingot first, but that’s not how we’ll go about it.

Instead, I’ll put it raw and use the recipe to properly merge it with all the processed materials while inside the Magical Synthesizer.

Of course, the skill required for this will be Tool Making. My current level of Artisan’s Toolmaking is 45, so I think I can handle it.

The response has been pretty good so far, at least.

The rank of the intermediate materials was the best I had ever seen, and both the facilities and tools I’m using are also top-notch.

If I fail here, then I can only blame it on my own techniques or my lack of Skill Levels.


“It’s finished!” I exclaimed.

“Oh? You did it!?” The dwarf happily asked.

Of course, there was no failure, and the Divine Goblet was completed!

Though just finishing it isn’t enough… I mean, it’s a good thing that I made it, but the reward would depend on its rank, so I hope I got a good result.

“Then, let me see what was the final result.” The dwarf said.

“Yes!” I replied.

I didn’t check the item details yet, so I’ll be looking at it together with the dwarf.


Divine Goblet

Tableware/8*/Divine Attribute – Extra Large


“That’s more than I expected…” The dwarf commented.

“Did you know tableware could get Options?” I certainly didn’t.

“I expected it to some extent, but the rank is 8*… It’s two ranks above the highest number I expected, so I’ll have to add some extra rewards.” The dwarf muttered.

“Oh? Is that so?” Now wasn’t that a nice surprise?

The dwarf was certainly very startled by this result. He seemed to be worried too, and his expression was changing in various ways with each passing second.

… Though I couldn’t see the changes all that well, as most of his face was hidden by his beard.

Nonetheless, the highest rank he expected was 6*, which is when Options could become a possibility, apparently.

I wish he had told me that in advance, but I guess I’ll just content myself with knowing I’ll be getting some extra rewards from this.

Though I’m really curious about this Divine Attribute – Extra Large…

I mean, Extra Large? It is something I expected to eventually see when considering how the naming scheme of Option bonus went so far, but this is still my first time seeing an Extra Large bonus.

It’s surely a pretty big effect, but since it’s an attribute bonus, I can’t really see any detailed explanation by checking the item details.

And like… Is there any point in having an attribute in tableware?

“Sorry, I’ll need to think about the additional rewards later, but you can expect to receive something in the future.

“For now, let me pay you the promised reward. Good work, this completes the quest!” The dwarf told me.

“Thank you!” I replied.

He did have some extra materials saved up in case I failed, but that ended up being unnecessary as I was able to not only make the Divine Goblet, but actually finish it with a higher-than-expected rank on my very first attempt.

I was a bit worried about how would this go, but I’m glad I was able to get a fantastic result right away.

And of course, I now got the wonderful Advanced Tool Recipes as my reward!

This is fantastic. I can’t wait to have my own Advanced Tools…

Though I wonder where is the recipe for the Improved Intermediate Tools… Well, I guess it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

That said, I’m curious about the extra reward that the dwarf will prepare for me. I’m looking very forward to it.

I mean, Advanced Tools alone are already a fantastic reward, so I can’t help imagining that I’ll get some really amazing thing next!

In any case, the dwarf said that he’d contact me later about it, so we parted ways here… All things considered, I guess it’s unlikely he’ll issue more quests to me?

It’s a bit disappointing to think I won’t be getting more quests from him regularly, but I guess it’s fine if I just treat this as a one-off special quest.

Let’s go back to the workshop and make my tools! The steel gear with two Options is in sight!


After lunch logout, I finished making all Advanced Tools.

The amount of Intermediate-tier materials required to make them had increased considerably, and as I needed to make quite a few tools, it ended up taking plenty of time to get them done, but I was finally finished.

Let’s do this! Let’s make some steel equipment!

My two Options are waiting for me, so come on, Goddess of Destiny! Give me some good Options!

“Cheese.” Mika suddenly said.

“Whoa!?” I exclaimed.

“What a scream… I think we had this exchange before.” Mika commented.

“Mika!” I shouted.

“I did say I was here a few times, you know? But you just wouldn’t respond no matter how much I waited, so I just came in.” Mika replied.

“Ugh…” I muttered.

Seems like I was too concentrated and didn’t hear Mika’s voice… But well, it can’t be helped this time around.

I mean, I finally got the recipes for the Advanced Tools that I had been waiting for for so long. It just couldn’t be helped.

Yeah, that just couldn’t be helped. It really couldn’t.

“So, what happened this time?” Mika asked.

“I was about to start making some steel gear.” I replied.

“Ah, do you mind buying some materials while I wait for the next raid?” Mika then asked.

“Well… I’d like to concentrate a bit, actually.” I told her honestly.

“Ah, then I’ll wait on the sofa until you’re done.” Mika said.

“Sorry about that.” I replied.

“It’s okay. I’ll borrow this book, alright?” She picked up a book that was near the sofa.

“Sure. Though I don’t think you can read it?” I told her.

“Oh, come on, I… Wait, what’s this!? I can’t read it at all!” Mika exclaimed.

I guess she is kinda free when she isn’t raiding right now, so she started playing around on the sofa with the book she was unable to read… That’s just like Mika alright.

Though if she has some free time, she could go to Dotril Silver Mine instead of lazing around, couldn’t she?

Oh well, let’s go make the steel gear!


“You finished it?” Mika asked.

“I’m done.” I replied.

“Show me then!” She exclaimed.

“Sure, but… Don’t be disappointed, alright?” I told her.

“Oh…? Ooh…!? Eh!?” Was Mika’s reaction.

The first item I made was a Steel Short Sword.

Of course, I made it for Mika.

And thanks to the Advanced Tools, the rank of the Intermediate-tier materials has greatly risen, which allowed me to finally reach the 6* rank.

Yeah, I completely skipped the 5* rank. That’s pretty sweet because two Options are fairly rare at 5*. They only start appearing with some regularity at 6*, even if it’s still luck-dependent.

The effect of the Advanced Tools is truly terrifying.

And well, the final product was…


Steel Short Sword

Sword/6*/ATK +102; MP +138; HIT +67/Medium Magical Power Enhancement/Large Hit Enhancement/Durability 80


“Th-this is…!” Mika started exclaiming.

“I know, right?” I said.

“You finally got two Options, but this, this is…!” Mika was quite astonished for sure.

“Look forward to future results.” I told her.

“Y-yeah, but like… You’d really need to make something amazing to overcome the Sealed Dark Mysterious Sword and the Dark Short Sword…” Mika commented.

“It’s definitely luck-dependent, but you can expect it to happen eventually now that I’m getting two Options on steel.” I replied.

“I… I think I prefer armor.” Mika said.

“You sure? You’ll be competing with Hime on priority sales of armor.” I asked.

“That can’t be helped.” Mika shrugged.

“Alright. I’ll give priority to making armor then.” I told her.

“Thank you!” Mika hugged me.

Even though this had the wonderful two Options, it still wasn’t good enough to overcome Mika’s current weapons.

She herself is aware of how good her weapons are, so she decided to give priority to upgrading armor instead.

Both Mika and Hime are tied at the top at the priority sales, so when making armor, they end up competing for who gets the best one.

Well, we don’t use PVP to decide it though. We just roll dice. Whoever gets the biggest result ends up buying the item.

It’s not something done with system assistance or anything though. I just made a dice with some wood myself.

It would be nice if a proper dice roll system could be implemented though.

“Well then, I’m going! I’ll be expecting great things, Yuri!” Mika told me.

“Yes yes, see you again!” I replied.

After all, Mika was just looking at a book that she couldn’t read while lazing around on the sofa, so it can’t be helped that she left quickly.

Well, it’s alright this time around.

And well, please forgive me for not taking out Singy.

I mean, whenever Mika came, she took Singy away from me, and like… Singy is my Singy! I’m your owner! Don’t let her steal you like that!

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