Chapter 113 – Then, Ms. Bucket, please do it


“By the way, Hayflick, can I bring a personal escort with me?” I decided to ask.

“That is… Wait a minute.” He replied.

“Oh, alright.” I said.

I wanted to talk to Mika and Hime about this anyways, so it would be nice if they could escort me too, but it seems like he needs approval to involve more people… I guess he is asking his boss about it?

I wonder who is the boss of a knight captain though? The king? Or maybe a general? I don’t really know much about the structure of the Zabrina Kingdom, because I’ve never been interested in it at all.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, but I’m afraid we have to do this alone. Bringing anyone else is impossible.” Hayflick told me.

“Ah, I see…” I replied.

“I’m sorry, but it’s because of the nature of this incident.” He said.

“Ah… It involves a national treasure. I guess it can’t be helped.” I commented.

“Indeed. There was actually quite a bit of discussion related to whether or not we should involve you, who is a Pioneer, on this matter.

“However, there didn’t seem to be any other way around it, so I pushed through and convinced people to accept your help.

“But I’m sorry, anyone else is no good.

“Don’t worry though, we’re all pretty strong.” Hayflick explained.

I guess there are some people on the royal palace that don’t like player Pioneers then? Though it’s thanks to player Pioneers that more areas are being unlocked, since most of the woodcutting is being done by player Pioneers.

Though I suppose there are people like that everywhere in the world.

I wonder how else will the NPCs develop when they have such a realistic and advanced AI in them… It’s a bit exciting, but also makes me kinda anxious.

I hope it doesn’t develop into a situation where the knights have to fight the player Pioneers…

In any case, after all explanations were done, we made a discussion to decide on what were the necessary preparations for the expedition and what was the best time to do it.

Of course, they decided to adjust it to fit into my schedule. Or rather, that was their plan all along.

If they decided on a time that wouldn’t work for me, then I wouldn’t be able to help out, after all.


Seems like the area we need to go to is on the south of Capital Sabrina.

It’s past the point where the Demon Trees were cut, so we were attacked by plenty of mobs and Demon Trees on the way there.

However, the second division of the Zabrina Knights is truly amazing, as they were able to get rid of all enemies in the blink of an eye by using excellent strength and cooperation.

I guess Mika would be disappointed in herself if she saw that… The NPCs are still stronger, after all.

On another note, almost all knights were riding fully Armored war horses.

Even though we were in the middle of a forest of Demon Trees, they were still able to ride their horses freely as if we were in vast plains… The knights are truly amazing!

As for me, I’m riding a small carriage and am being protected by knights who are surrounding me.

Of course, I’m not participating in battle at all, as my role is to simply use the Divine Goblet to break the seal.

After that, it seems like they’ll send an escort team inside the opened area to see if it will be necessary to use the Divine Goblet again.

On another note, it seems like they obtained the majority of the information about this on the palace’s Royal Library.

And like… Well, I wonder if I’d be able to gain permission to browse the books in the Royal Library? Maybe if I properly finish this quest I’d be allowed to?

Though I’d probably need to evolve Language again to read the books there. Just how I needed to in order to read the books on the second floor of the library.

I’ll definitely evolve it if I get permission to access the Royal Library.

On another note, the reward for this NPC quest are 45 Skill Points! This incident-solving quest is amazing!

Is it that tough to clear it though? I mean… All I have to do is using the Divine Goblet, as the part of handling the mobs and the searching will be all taken care of by the knights.

Well, this reward is wonderful anyways.

Though if I wasn’t able to make such a high-ranked Divine Goblet, then I wouldn’t have been able to receive this quest, so I guess this is a reward for all my hard work.

So I guess I could try thinking of how to spend my Skill Points next? The candidates for evolution are…

Artisan’s Crafting; Improved Sewing; Improved Leatherworking; Improved Woodworking; Improved Alchemy; Improved Decipher; Improved Discover and Improved Concentration.

There are other skills at level 100 already, but they’re excluded as I don’t need them right now.

The top priority is probably Artisan’s Crafting.

On the other hand, Improved Sewing and Improved Alchemy are on the bottom of the priority list.

Then, if I add up the rewards from after the incident is solved, I’ll have 80 Skill Points.

It will cost me 30 Skill Points to evolve Artisan’s Crafting, but I don’t mind it, as it is a skill that is extremely important for Blacksmithing.

I’d have 50 Skill Points leftover after that.

To evolve any of Improved Leatherworking; Improved Woodworking; Improved Decipher; Improved Concentration and Improved Discover, I’d need 15 Skill Points, so I can evolve three of those skills.

I can already make steel items with two Options, so I guess there is no point in evolving the skills for material processing at the moment. Reaching three Options needs some extra conditions, after all.

In that case, I guess the last three will be Improved Decipher, Improved Discover and Improved Concentration.

Then let’s evolve Artisan’s Crafting right away, since I’m in the middle of a journey where I can’t do anything anyways.

Though even if I evolve it now, I still won’t be able to try it out until I return to the workshop.


It was the first time I ever went inside a Demon Tree Forest, and it was a dark, damp and frightening place.

However, it’s not an extremely dense forest, so there is enough space for my small carriage to pass through, while also allowing the knights to battle while riding horses.

Or well, maybe this is just a route where the Demon Trees are less dense. The knights would have chosen the best route to reach our destination, of course.

In any case, after about four hours inside the carriage, we arrived at our destination.

It feels a bit early when considering we passed through a Demon Tree Forest, but we probably covered a pretty big distance.

This just attests to the capabilities of the second division of the Zabrina Knights, I suppose. I don’t think the top combat-focused Player Pioneers would be able to do this kind of thing at the moment. The NPCs are still ahead, after all.

In any case, our destination was covered by something that looked like a barrier, and there was a small altar in front of said barrier.

Seems like this barrier can be broken by using the Divine Goblet there, so… I guess it’s my turn?

Thanks to the game’s convenient functions, my butt doesn’t hurt even after being shaken hard by the carriage over a four hours trip, however… The knights who were inside the carriage were just escorts, so we exchanged no conversation at all.

It was hard to deal with a shaky carriage for four hours straight while being all by myself. I really wanted to have someone I could talk to during the trip… I really wanted Mika and everyone else to be here.

Maybe I should have pushed harder for this…

Well, it still depended on whether or not I’d be given permission to bring them along. It’s a complicated request, after all.

In any case, it’s my turn now, so let’s get ready!

… Though it’s not like there is anything I need to prepare myself for. I just need to use the Divine Goblet on the altar.

There isn’t even a need to use a special costume or anything.

“Then, Ms. Bucket, please do it.” Hayflick told me.

“Alright.” I replied.

After he gave me the Divine Goblet, I put it on the altar and a system message appeared, giving me the option to use it.

This is way too easy… I pressed ‘yes’.

“Ooh…! There was no mistake in the information within the Royal Library’s books, after all!” Hayflick exclaimed.

When I used the Divine Goblet on the altar, the area was wrapped in a dazzling white light for a short while, then I heard something shatter.

I didn’t see what happened because I closed my eyes due to the bright light, but once I opened them up, I saw that there was no more barrier in front of me.

Seems like the seal was successfully broken… Wasn’t this way too easy?

Though it’s now time for the real deal. This area needs to be cleared.


“Then, Ms. Bucket, please wait here while the scout team goes in first.

“We’ll keep a fair number of escorts here for you, and if there is a need to use the Divine Goblet again, please do the same as before.” Hayflick told me.

“Roger that.” I replied.

“Then, wait here for the time being.” He said.

“Okay.” I nodded.

They are now going to start exploring the area, but it seems like the Knights handle this in a different way than the player Pioneers do.

Player Pioneers usually proceed in parties while defeating all mobs in front of them, but the knights will be sending a smaller scout team first, then proceed only after they’re sure the path is safe.

Well, maybe they’re doing that because there is a non-combatant by their side. Namely, me.

Though they can’t take too long clearing this area, as I have a time limit on how long I can stay here.

It took us four hours to get here, and I can’t stay online for anything longer than ten in-game hours.

… I hope they can finish this in time.

Well, the knights do have a blessing from the Goddess, so they can keep on moving after a short break. I’m not sure if they can keep going without any rest at all for ten hours, but the blessing should allow them to stay two to three days without sleeping if needed, so I think they’ll handle it.


The scout team returned not long after the makeshift base was prepared.

It took them less than an hour, which was quite fast.

Unless there was a problem? Could it be my turn again?

“Okay, everyone, switch shifts. The ones who were resting should prepare for duty, and the ones who were working should take a break.

“And Ms. Bucket, we’ll be needing you again.” Hayflick said.

“Alright.” I replied.

Seems like my prediction was correct. It is my turn again.

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