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Game Market 1983 Chapter 101

Short story: Valentine’s Day in Uchimura

– Chung Joon Hyuk, Head of 2nd Development Team, Pentagon Soft.
Inside the train, I thought as I was ticking the business card into my bag.
Although Miyuki’s figure was handed to a man named Jun-hyuk Kang, I had no regret.
I am sure that he will deliver it to Yuki.
On the way back home …
The bag is empty, but instead my wallet, which is often empty, is surprisingly full.

Who would have thought a figure I made would bring more revenue than a month’s salary of part-timer at a fast food restaurant.
There is also a cartridge for the new game that I received from him.
It’s the latest release of the Pentagon Soft, which has not yet been released to the public!
The beautiful name is ‘Valentine’ s Day’, that makes me imagine beautiful girls bringing me chocolate.

Super Family cartridges were much more luxurious than the previous cartridges.
The grey front of the cartridge had a soft curve, and even if a cartridge was attached to Super Family, it did not cover the title sticker attached to the front, so it was a pleasant to see.
After a while.
I got off the train and stopped by the lunch restaurant I often go on my way home.

Why don’t I get a bit more expensive lunch box since I have a full wallet today?
“Oh, Uchimura. Long time no see. Is it a pork cutlet today? ”
I always eat the cheapest pork cutlet lunches, so they know before I ask.
But today I will choose something else.
“no. Smoked salmon and beef steak lunch please. ”
“Is it a payday today? Yes, sometimes You should eat meat and fish as well. I’ll give you a lot of side dishes ~ ”
“Thank you ~”

Soon, with the sizzling sound, the flavor of the deep beef began to sting my nose. But my head was just thinking about getting home as soon as possible and playing Valentine’s Day soon.
“Here, 1,480 yen here ~”
Because I’ve always had 480-yen pork cutlet lunch, I felt strange about the extra 1,000 yen. But this is not a big deal. It is nothing compared to the money I have now.

I paid with a stiff 10,000-yen bill, I hurried home with a heavy lunch bag in hand.
“Oh ~ !! It is Uchimura!! ”
Jordan, who was playing with his friends at the playground in front of the house on Sunday, ran to me started rattling as soon as he saw me.
“Uchimura, Uchimura ~ !! I won all battles with the kids in this neighborhood with Bahamut you gave me. Is not that great? ”
“Well, yes. Great. ”
I wanted to go home so I answered quickly and tried to make my way.
“Why are you indifferent today?”
“I’m just a little busy today.”

“I asked you to have a battle with me but you had to make the strange doll clothes!”

‘Honestly, I’m too old to play with you.’

I gently tapped Yoda on his forehead of Yoda who was clinging to my sleeves and replied with the softest voice possible.

“I’ll play next time.”

That hand gesture I just did was quite cool.

I passed him and went up towards my house, when I heard Yoda complaining.

“He is strange these days ..”


I have to get some nap before going to my part time job in the evening, but it would be a sin to leave the new game behind me, so I hurriedly turned on the TV and inserted Valentine’s Day into Super Family cartridges.
‘Oh .. the game is important, but if the beef steak gets cold, it will taste bad. I am very hungry anyways. Let’s eat first. ”
I changed my mind to eat first, so I brought a small one-person table and unfolded it.
“Look at me. I need to organize. The house is completely messed up, since I started making figures. ”
He had the Nanase figure parts inserted in styrofoam on the floor waiting to be painted from yesterday. I needed to start working on Nanase figure as well.

When I remembered the thrill of Miyuki and Hasegawa figures that I made for the first time were sold at huge bidding price, the figures in front of me suddenly started to look as a source of income.

‘I could touch a lot bigger money than working all night at the lunch restaurant. I’ll have to make the next figure as soon as possible.”

I started painting Nanase while eating the lunch box on the floor.

I had already thought about how to dress her up, so the process was smooth even as I was chewing rice.

The popularity of character products has risen in recent years and various kinds of figures are pouring out, but all of them have been painted in the factory, so the quality of the products was varied.

Even if the original author supervises himself, he will not be able to handle so many products.

Figure painting, I have come to realise, is a very satisfying work.

Recently I have been very attracted to this work.

I painted the eyebrows of Nanase with a thin brush while singing “The Street without Me”, and I blew on it to solidify the enamel.

That was when, a small voice like a wind was heard in my ear.

– What are you doing …?

“Do you not see? I’m painting a figure … … ”

What is it? Did I just hear a voice?

– Look here.

I slowly turned my head to the voice calling me, and I saw something strange on the TV screen.

And the moment I checked what it was. I felt a hardening of my heart.

– Ah ah ah ~!


“Ah ah ah ah !!!!!!!!!”

The rice in my mouth popped out and the brush in my hand began to move on its own.

“Mom!! Mom! Uh ah! ”

Is this when they say, “pass out”?

When I was screaming without knowing what to do with the ghosts on TV, next door was pounding on the wall.

In panic, I pulled out the TV’s electric code. Then, with the sound of the tick, the TV turned off and silence came.

“Wow .. What was it? What just happened … ”

Is TV haunted? The trauma was likely to remain my whole life.

I was looking around to see what was going on, but there was a green light on the power supply of Super Family that I turned off.

“Why is this on? Is it broken? ”

I was puzzled and pushed the power button up and down. The power light turned red again.

I thought it might go out of order, so I plugged in the TV’s power cord again and raise the switch. After a while, some horrible BGM came out of the TV speakers.

Ding ~ Ding Ding ~ Ding Ding ~ Ding Ding ~ Ding Ding ~

“Was this a horror game? ”

What about the title then?

I felt a cold air and turn off the power in a hurry and pull out the game cartridge.

I looked around as I calmed myself down. The lunch box that I had put down on the floor was turned upside down, which I must have kicked it while screaming, and Nanase’s face was so messed up that I could not see it.

And that was when I remembered what Kang Junghyuk said to me when he was handing me a game cartridge with a grin.

This is why he answered ‘No’ to my question asking whether it was a romance from the title ‘Valentine’ s Day. I cannot forgive him.

I cannot even go to the house of the ghost at amusement parks !!!

Curiosity of man is really amazing.

Sometimes, curiosity is greater than fear.

I quickly wiped the floor, cleaned Nanase’s face with acetone and took a long sigh and inserted the cartridge into Super Family again.

“Yes. It’s just a game. It is also a trial version. ”

I slapped my cheeks several times and I turned on the power switch with a long sigh.

Soon after that, the game started with a horrifying BGM with a mixture of noise and I was challenging myself to the genre of ‘horror’ for the first time.

Of course, I’ve borrowed scary movies from video stores before, but games and movies are definitely different.

Because it is enough to ‘watch’ a movie according to a certain story, but a game requires direct ‘operation’ in order to follow a set story.

Eventually, you have to deal with all the fears that the creator has prepared to reach the ending of the story.

‘Run button, holding breath and use button. You can move left and right and use up and down keys to hide your body. Let’s get started. ‘

I had prepared my mind well, but this game really got a hold of player’s heart and did not let go from the start.

I could somehow pass through the flipping backside ghost by hiding on the desk, but that was really just the beginning.

In the dark school, all kinds of ghosts were staggering in bizarre angles, among which the most fearful demon was a ghost that had fallen off the roof.

I hear a strange sound when he comes near.

thud. thud. thud. thud.

That’s the sound!

At first, I wanted to where the sound was from, and when I found out I almost passed out.

The ghost who had fallen from the rooftop on the roof was moving around upside down with his head banging on the floor.

When this guy showed up, I had to flee to a high place, but the closer he got to the player, the faster the sound became, which made me feeling crazy.

It took me about 20 minutes to get out of the old city, and I could see a flashing light from far.

‘Is it a person?’

I rushed my character and hurried to the light as the relatively natural walk gave me confidence that it was an ordinary person.

Wouldn’t it be less frightful to be with someone even in a game? With the thought, I went close to find that he was a guard wearing a blue uniform.

He approached me for a moment, turned around and walked back to the other side.

He is holding a flashlight at least. I won’t be walking in the dark corridor anymore. I talked to him.

As he turns around to see my character, the head of the guard turned 180 degrees around and his face was on full screen close up.

– You were here …?

“… why are you doing this to me?”

next day. When I returned from work at dawn, I took out the “Valentine’s Day” cartridge from the drawer and recalled what Kang Jun-hyuk said.

– Please try the game and contact me, would you?

It was a terrifying experience of a lifetime, but it was a really great game. And the company called Pentagon Soft, that created this game, left a great impression.

Recently, Pentagon Soft is supposedly looking for many people to hire.

Maybe I could get a job there with yesterday’s luck.

They also have my idol, Morita.

“Should I give a call …?”


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