A Journey Without Me (3)

“This one? It feels like there will be a lot of story and event dates, just be scheming it.”

“I believe that they will be woven like a spider web with your ability, Mr. Hayashi.”

“Um.. Director.. That….”

“Hold on. I know what you are both worried about. This isn’t indeed a workload that one person can handle. But I feel it too. All that events and scenario. Who do you think will have to make it in the end?”

The two who were opposing just until now became silent.

“Are you saying that you will do it?”

When I nod my head slightly, Morita and Hayashi no longer said anything. No wonder how complicated the coding is, or the illustration is painful, in the end, it was the scenario, which I created, that connects all the story. I will have to create a scenario for Chapter 1, 2, and 3 for each of the characters!!

I tried to stay calm and smile when I spoke again.

“Let’s see it as a long-term goal. It is expected to take at least 1 year for the launching of the next generation.”

“Right? Well, it is a next generation launching title which just starting to be developed. It’s not even the family production…”

‘There is, of course. The possibility for it to be developed a little faster…’

I quickly brought the tea to my lips to prevent me from smiling.

Then the server spoke to us as she brought the tray of ramen.

“Your ramen, sir.”

Thanks to the three bowls of ramen delivered in time, we all held our chopsticks in place and started to eat.

Morita wouldn’t stop reading the proposal while eating. I guess he was trying to draw the image of the heroine in his head.

“Mr. Morita, just to be sure, you can’t go with another sexy character.”

“Of course. I was thinking of a teenage girl with sad eyes?”

“There are three of them, so I think we should go as one younger, one older and one who is the same age.”

“Yes~ You know your stuff, Director Kang. Then I guess the older one will have a mature feel to it.”

“Just don’t overdo it.”

“I will hold back.”

Hayashi, who was slurping ramen, looked at me in a strange way and asked.

“Director Kang. This ‘A Journey Without Me’ game. Is there enough element to be a game? I mean, there has to be some change along with the player’s movement, but I fear that the story is becoming very simple.”

“Well… There is an element to be a game.”

“What is that?”

What do you think is the most important part out of these three stages is the most important?”

The two were busy thinking while their chopsticks stayed in their mouths. Hayashi was the first to break the silence.

“I guess it is the first stage before being told that their days are numbered? They have to pick from one of the three heroines.”

“Well.. that is important too, but it is not the most important part.”

“Then, is it the third stage? I guess it is right after the main character’s death, so we can feel how the heroines feel exactly…”

“Well.. That also sounds good, but not the right answer. The most important scenario of this game is right after the player gets the notice that their days are numbered. So that is the second stage. Because…”

Morita and Hayashi were gazing at me as if they were going to die of suspense when I took my time to tell them the reason.

“Because the heroines’ reactions in the third stage will change completely by the action of the main character in the second stage.  How would you act when you found out that your days are numbered but you have a lover, Mr. Morita?”

“I think…. I will try to spend more time with that person. That person will be able to live in the memory, even if I am not there.”

Just then, Hayashi interrupted Morita.

“Hey, you idiot. Would you want that person to hold on to that memory in their heart forever? You are more selfish than I thought?”

“Then what would you do?”

“Me? I won’t see them. I won’t tell them about the sickness, and I will be as cold as possible, so they won’t think of me.”

“Wow. So, you will meet your death all alone? It totally sounds like you. So you..”

The two were on the complete end of the spectrum as I expected. I jumped in to stop the fight.

“No one is wrong here. But… If we were to continue the story as Mr. Hayashi’s way in the second stage, there won’t be a story to continue in the third stage. The heroine will live and forget the player. And there will be no sadness because there are no memories shared together. Of course, Mr. Hayashi’s method of playing will break the heroine’s heart in the second stage. If you are cold to her in the second stage, you might lose her even before moving on the third.”

“Lose her?”

“She will be leaving the player for good. In this case, there won’t be another scenario after the third ending.”

Morita, once again, scolds Hayashi with a proud face.

“Look, Hayashi. Your radical methods will end up with bad endings. You will leave this world after battling with the illness on your own in a cold, sad, lonely room…”

“Hey, don’t kill me literally.”

“Oops, sorry.”

Are you guys practicing a comedy skit in front of me…

I smiled and looked at Morita.

“You said that you wanted to make as many memories as you can before you go, right?”


“Well… Let’s say that you have built those memories and think about the title of the game that we are about to create.”

Then, Morita slowly answered my question.

“A Journey without ….. Me…”

“So, what will she think in those many streets without you? The more you build your memories, the more she will have to think about you, where ever you go.”

“Oh.. That is…”

“That is how ‘A Journey without Me’ can be created into a game. As you said, the player must choose in the second stage. Are they going to tell her and make new memories? Or are they forcefully going to leave them out of their life because she will feel sad?”

Hayashi still had some doubts.

“But you said yourself that if the player strongly moves away from the heroine, there might not be the third stage. Doesn’t that mean that you HAVE to chose to make new memories to move on to the next stage?”

“Well.. It is wise to keep a bit of distance between you and her to meet the third stage. But if they were able to fill all the event scenes on the second stage and accomplish 100% on the memory scale…”


“She will not be able to forget the player and not be able to handle the memories so, she will commit suicide.”


My games are well known to give absolutely no hope at all, like Dragon Emblem and Side-kick battle…

And the legacy will continue.


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