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Game Market (chapter 74)

  1. E 20 : Until the Creation of Super Family(3)




That afternoon…


Mintendo’s representative director “factory boy number two” wasn’t able to attend the event for the release of Super Marigi 3, as he was busy keeping up with the new development project.

And the name of the new project that will be used as a Super Family game?

‘Super Marigi World’.

With the use of a new developed device and the addition of sprite functions, Marigi was re-created as a more active and clearer 2D graphic on screen.

Perhaps it was because of the tight schedule with creating the new version. Super Marigi World was very similar to Super Marigi 3, which was already on the market.

The stage structure in the Super Marigi 3 was appropriate for ‘landing functions’, which users highly approved of, and the same functions were adopted in the making of Super Marigi World. In this new version, there were even new functions of the flying raccoon’s tail changing into a cloak, allowing it to fly mid-air.

It seemed that Mr. Sigei was feeling guilty because he himself knew how similar the game was to the prior Super Marigi 3.

I wanted to help Mr. Sigei, but Mr. Kunpei and myself were having a hard time thanks to Director Kamauchi as well.

It was all because of the director’s whimsical attitude every week.

Even though we had received his confirmation last week, the process of going through reassessment was being delayed for the price of the order management system being so high.

“F***. How many times do we have to go through with this?”

I threw down the approval documents that had been returned to us and scratched my head. At that moment, Mr. Kunpei stepped into my office.

“Oh, here you are, Mr. Kang.”

“What is it, Mr. Kunpei?”

“Would you like a cup of tea with me to calm your nerves?”

“Sounds good to me. I think my head’s about to explode.

“Haha! I haven’t told you this, but I was like you when I was creating the Gameboy.”

“Whew… you’re amazing, you are. How did you look eye to eye with such an inconsistent boss?”

“Let’s say I’ve improved some skills as I’ve worked under him over the years.”

“Skills, sir?”

“Come with me. Let’s talk about the rest drinking coffee.”

“Yes, sir.”




A while later, Mr. Kunpei and myself stopped by a tea shop after lunch.

The tea shop he led me to wasn’t the coffee shop that had recently been there, but rather, a brand new Wagashi shop that served traditional Japanese tea and cookies.

“I heard that young fellows nowadays go to coffeeshops, but these places suit me better as I get older.”

We went into a small room and sat on the tatami mats, across from each other.

A while later, a waiter came in and placed tea with wagashi in a pretty plate in front of me.

A wagashi is a traditional Japanese cookie and if the Chinese characters were to be translated to Korean, they are called ‘flower cookies’.

These ‘flower cookies’ were a Japanese dessert pretty enough to be said the first taste is done with eyes and the ending taste should be with the tongue.

The main ingredients are glutinous rice, red bean, flour and organic dye, made in different colors.

This wagashi place was famous in all of Kyoto and the wagashi in front of me was almost too pretty to eat.

Yuki would have loved it if she had come with us.

‘This is the first time in my life a cookie looked so sexy.’ I thought as my mind wandered.

Mr. Kunpei took a sip of tea and opened his mouth

“It’s not easy getting approval from Mr. Kamauchi, is it?”

“Yes, somewhat. I don’t know why he’s so inconsistent.”

“Haha.. truth is, Mr. Kamauchi looks like he is broad-minded, but he actually fears many things.”

“Excuse me? His safe and bank account is piled with money. What does he have to be afraid of?”

“He’s experienced a lot of failures in the past when he was younger. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the ‘Family’ is the monopoly of Japan’s console market, but most of our executive director’s businesses didn’t do so well in the past.”

Huh.. was that why he was so cautious with every document before approving it?

“His grandfather lost consciousness one time by a sudden illness when he was twenty-one, and took after Mintendo at such a young age. Truth is, it wasn’t what the executive director truly wanted for himself back then, but he took after the company after his father implored him to do so.”


“You may not be aware of this, but the family is known for not being blessed with children, and it has been that way since Kamauchi Husahiro, the first one to start the company. The family has been handing down the card company to the sons-in-law. Then, our executive director became the first son to be born in the family so I heard he was trained to be the successor to the company starting at a young age.”

‘No wonder he was such a self-asserted man. He was just a guy who was born rich.’

“In the beginning, Director Kamauchi succeeded by making the first trump card out of plastic, but soon reached his limit. Soon he realized there was a limit to making the company grow simply by making cards, so he ran motels, ramen shops, and even a taxi company


I almost burst out laughing at the thought of Director Kamauchi wearing a chef’s outfit and making noodles.

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