• Ichijouji Reina (一条玲奈) – MC – Rena (in-game username) – Often referred to as “Genocider” in-game – She has a lot of fans (she isn’t aware of it) who are referred to as “Genorers”.
    • Reiko (玲子) – MC’s mom – Apparently an AI
    • Mr. Yamamoto – Butler 
  • Ichijouji Naoshi (一条直志) – MC’s Father 
    • Marina (麻里奈) – Naoshi’s 2nd wife 
    • Count Anegakouji – 姉小路 – A friend (?) of Reina’s father 
  • Ichijouji Komari (一条小鞠) – MC’s sister-in-law – Marie (マリー) 
    • Umemiya Kako (梅宮華子) – Komari’s friend – Blossom (ブロッサム) – Some players refer to her as Queen (女王様)
  • Ichijouji Seigi (一条正義) – MC’s brother-in-law – Masa (マサ) 
  • Ichijouji Tadashi (一条直嗣) – MC’s adopted brother that might be the new heir of the family 
    • Likes roleplaying in online games.  
    • In KSO plays as a short girl named Lily (リリィ) 
    • Previous username in a different game was Nao (ナオ). 
    • Remarkable Friends: 
      • Tapiocaman – タピオカマン – A friend of Tadashi –  
      • Previous username in a different game was Hide (ヒデ). 


  • Oda Yuuki (織田結城) – Yuu’s IRL name. (イロモノ枠のユウ – Yuu of the Variety Show) 
  • Maria – マリア – Hagiwara Mai (萩原舞) – Saintess () – When referred to Reina as (Reina-chan, got translated as Rei)
    • Sometimes she is also referred to as Our Lady, Our Mother or whatever in the raws. She has some super devoted fans in-game (she hates it, she didn’t create the Church of Maria)… I usually just translated all those things as “Saintess”. I think the believers were also referred to as “Babies”, but I never actually referred to them as “babies”. I just used “believers” instead.
    • On the point the translations stopped, she is about to fight a guy called “Red Crow” btw. He is hunting Yuu because someone complained about Yuu on a forum thread, but he has no clue who Yuu is, so he just randomly kills people in hopes of finding Yuu.

In-game Servants: 

  • Inoue – Rena’s Armor Possession – Inosensho (いの──センシオ) Fake name for when he is her escort 
  • Kageyama – Rena’s Body Possession 
  • Yamada – Rena’s Weapon Possession 
  • Azabu – Rena’s Cloak Possession 
  • Santa – Rena’s Accessory Possession 
  • Hanako (花子) – Rena’s Familiar given by goddess (Can mute the princess and control monsters) 
  • Takeo (武雄) – Rena’s Familiar given by the goddess (Good with fire?) 
  • Jun (ポン子) – Rena’s Golem Familiar that can change shapes. 
  • Tarou (太郎) – Rena’s insect familiar, born out of Hanako and Takeo 

Hannes’ Party: 

  • Hannes – ハンネス – Sugo Masaki (須郷 正樹) 
  • Ryne – ライン – Kokonoe Kurumi (九重 来弥) 
  • Cherry – チェリー – Shinonome Sakura (東雲 桜) 
  • Eleanor – エレノア – Kanno Nozomi (菅野 希美) 
  • Kellin – ケリン – Odawara Kenji (小田原 健人) 
  • Myra – ミラ – Kamiya Miki (神谷 美咲) 

Important NPCs: 

  • Western Portion of the Continent: 
    • Eren (エレン) – Margrave Wallace – バーレンス 
    • Old Man Ron (ロン老師) – The old high priest of Belzenstock/Krebskulm 
    • Crown Prince Gillian von Hermagne – グィーラン (Deceased) 
    • Second Prince Jural von Hermagne – ジュラル 
    • First Princess Feera von Hermagne – フェーラ 
    • First Queen Marcy – マーシィ (Deceased IIRC) 
    • Maid Annabella – アナベラ 
    • Marquis Verdi – ヴェルディ 
    • Marquis Gawain – ガヴァン 
    • Adolf M. Southcloud (Strongest General) – アードルフ・M・サウスクラウド 
  • Northern Portion of the Continent: 
    • Abbigail (Abby) (Princess of the Meffy Commercial Nation) – アビゲイル – (アビー) 
    • Dirk (Abby’s Boyfriend (?), Grand Duke Candidate (?)) – ディルク– Diin nickname (ディーン) 
    • Gillian (A mercenary hired to kill Inoue) – ギラン 
    • Gregoir Serdis (Gillian’s Employer, owner of a big company, wishes to become Grand Duke) – グレゴリウス・サーディスでス 
    • Bruce Sekondia (Chairman of Sekondia) – ブルース・セカンディア (Deceased and revived by Rena as an undead) 

Absolutely Inviolable Area – 絶対不可侵領域  – Also a noble 

  • Familiars: 
    • Ashley and Rwanda (アシュリーとルワンダ) 
    • Fury (Weapon Familiar?) (ヒューリー 
  • Nicknames: 
    • Jerusalem (Nickname) (エルサレム 
    • Called Jeru by Rena (エル 
  • RL: 
    • Kujou Yahiko (RL Name) (九条弥彦) 
  • Friends: 
    • Philia (フィーリア) – Seems to be involved with the in-game politics – her character somehow became an Important NPC because people think she is the once-deceased daughter of the Grand Duke of Carmelia that came back to life. 


Pervert Gentleman – 変態紳士 

Dark Priest – 褐色司祭 

Jet Black Fallen Angel – 漆黒の堕天使 

Hymn’s Guru – ヒンヌー教祖 

Ranka – 蘭花 

Leader of the Swimsuit-Stockings Alliance – スク水ニーソ大盟主 

Cultural Festival – 文化祭 

Pope Urban II –ウルバヌス二世 

Shark – シャルキガ 

Matcha – 抹茶 

Pandora Love – ラブパンドラ 


Boss – Yuushirou (遊史朗) 

Secretary – Shiori () or Shii (しいちゃん) 


Clans and the like 

Nature’s Light – 新緑の光 

Holy Imperial Knights – 皇国神聖騎士団 

Dark Path – 褐色道 

Hymn’s Classroom – ヒンヌー教 

Northern Flower – 華北 

Hopeless Youth – 青春の闇 

Crusaders – 十字軍 

Believers of Maria – マリア教徒 

North Cross Alliance – 北進十字連盟 


Misc Terms 

Migrant – Term that NPCs use to refer to players. 



Krebskulm – クレブスクルム 

Earth God, Shivel – ジーヴェル 

Naive Goddess, Fanny – ファニィ 

Sun God, Garves – ガーヴェス 

Seven-colored God, Highest Order Deity – 七色の貴神 

God of Corruption, Highest Chaos Deity – 汚濁斑の卑神 



Beginner’s City – 始まりの街 

Belzenstock City – ベルゼンストック市 

Hermagne Kingdom – エルマーニュ王 

Bourfoin Empire – ブルフォワーニ 

Wallace Kingdom – バーレンス王国 

Grand Duchy of Carmelia – カメリア大公国 

Elrond Republic – エルロンド共和国 

Meffy Commercial Nation – メッフィー商業立国 

  • Fastria Agricultural City – ファストリア農業都市 
  • Sekandia Industrial City – セカンディア工業都市 
  • Serdis Financial City – サーディス金融都市 



Devilish Telepathy – 精神感応・魔統 

Devilish Ruler – 愚劣支配・魔統 

Body Enhancement: Slaughterer’s Organs – 身体強化・虐殺器官 

Destruction Game: Slaughterer’s Organs – 破滅遊戯・虐殺器官 

Self Alteration: Evil Medicine –自己改造・凶気薬 

Self Alteration: Mad Medicine – 自己改変・狂騒凶薬 

Divine Possession: Kageyama – 神気憑依・影山さん 

Divine Blasphemy: Childish Naivety – 神気冒涜・純朴幼子 

High Enchantment: Darkness Abyss – ハイエンチャント・ダークネスアビス 

High Enchantment: Storm of Ruin – ハイエンチャント・ルインストーム 

High Enchantment: Glorious Prominence – ハイエンチャント・グローリープロミネンス 

High Enchantment: Light’s Devotion – ハイエンチャント・ライトディヴォーション 

High Enchantment: Physical Might – ハイエンチャント・フィジカルパワー 

High Enchantment: Physical Barrier – ハイエンチャント・フィジカルバリア 

High Enchantment: Accelerate – ハイエンチャント・アクセラレータ 

Enchantment: Physical Might – エンチャント・フィジカルパワー 

Enchantment: Physical Barrier – エンチャント・フィジカルバリア 

Enchantment: Accelerate – エンチャント・アクセラレータ 

Overwhelmingly Buffed – 圧倒的成長力 

Break The Speed Limit – 法定速度違反 

Full Resonance – Mother’s Devotion – 呼応共鳴・慈母献身 

High Enchantment: Earth’s Emblem – ハイエンチャント・アースエンブレス 

High Enchantment: Sharp Lightning – ハイエンチャント・シャープライトニング 

High Enchantment: Intelligence – ハイエンチャント・インテリジェンス 

High Enchantment: Sacred Ocean – ハイエンチャント・セイクリッドオーシャン 

Ex Enchantment: Physical Might – エクスエンチャント・フィジカルパワー 

Ex Enchantment: Physical Barrier – エクスエンチャント・フィジカルバリア 

Ex Enchantment: Accelerate – エクスエンチャント・アクセラレータ 

Ex Enchantment: Sacred Brilliance – エクスエンチャント・セイクリッドネスブリリアンス 

Ex Enchantment: Regeneration Storm – エクスエンチャント・リジェネレーションストーム 

Ex Enchantment: Dexterity – エクスエンチャント・デクステリティ 

Ex Enchantment: Evil Spirit – エクスエンチャント・イビルスピリット 

Ex Enchantment: Conqueror’s Flame – エクスエンチャント・カンカラーフレイム 

Ex Enchantment: Storm Ocean – エクスエンチャント・ストームオーシャン 

Widespread Blessing – 付与全体化 

Flame Ward – 炎熱守護 

Holy Protection – 神聖守護 

Holy Might – 神聖攻勢 

Storm Protection – 暴風守護 

Storm Might – 暴風攻勢 

Blazing Charge – 炎熱攻勢 

Maid’s Manners – メイドの嗜み 

Maid’s Dignity – メイドの矜恃 

Absolute Loyalty – Royal Guard – 絶対忠義・ロイヤルガード 

Buddha’s Possession – Fire Heaven – 御仏憑依・火天 

Buddha’s Possession – Wind Heaven – 御仏憑依・風天 

Unshakable Misguided Love – Ideal Woman – 妄執慈愛・理想女性 

Body And Weapon Become One – 身体武器・杖身一体 

Divine Verdict: Heathen Annihilation – 神意宣告・神敵討滅 

Masochist Tendency – 被虐体質 

Sadist Tendency – 加虐体質 

Build-Up – ビルドアップ 

Eternal Invincibility: My Glory – 永遠無敵・我が栄光 

Spiritual Resonance: Magic Dominion – 魂魄共鳴・魔統 

Absolutely Immovable: Inviolable Area – 絶対不動・不可侵領域 

Divine Possession: Rushen – 神気憑依・ルーシェン 

Hive Mind – 群体統合 

Sensorial Connection – 感覚接続 

Unshakable Determination: Necessary Evil – 頑強決意・必要悪 

Dictator’s Telepathy – 精神感応・統率悪意 

Body Enhancement: Dark Knight – 身体強化・暗黒騎士 

Limit Break – 限界突破 

Earthshaking Vainglory: I Shine Alone – 震天動地・唯我独尊 

Body Enhancement: Rejuvenation – 身体強化・起死回生 

Body Transcendence: Sacred Knight – 身体超過・神聖騎士 

Body Transcendence: Storm Knight – 身体超過・嵐雷騎士 

Body Permeation: Moonlight Cover – 身体透過・宵闇隠し 

Body Sublimation: Laughing Clown – 身体昇華・嗤う道化 

Spiritual Transcendence: Divine Guidance – 魂魄超過・神聖なる導べ 

Spiritual Sublimation: Emotional Outburst – 魂魄昇華・喜怒哀楽 

Body Sublimation: Unlimited Growth – 身体昇華・一寸長一寸強 

Body Sublimation: Unlimited Deepness – 身体昇華・一寸短一寸険 

Body Reformulation: Reject the Forbidden – 肉体壊造・禁肉厄動 

Spiritual Sublimation: Armaments of the Ethics – 魂魄昇華・倫理武装 

Divine Possession: Storming Water Dragon – 神気憑依・嵐海龍 

Spiritual Sublimation: Death and Rebirth – 魂魄昇華・鬼子母神 

Body Sublimation: Solitary Queen – 身体昇華・孤独女王 

Divine Possession: Sun Maiden – 神気憑依・日輪乙女 

Divine Blasphemy: Proud Brave – 神気冒涜・傲慢女傑 



Dagger Art – 短剣術 

Dagger Art – Master – 短剣術・王 

Throw – 投擲 

Boulder Throw – 投岩 

Walk – 歩行 

Lightweight – 軽業 

Medicine – 調薬 

Hyper Medicine – 超薬 

Surprise Attack – 不意打ち 

Tame – テイム 

Camouflage – 偽装 

Detection – 看破 

Friendship – 交友 

Thief – 窃盗 

Master Thief – 大泥棒 

Jump – 跳躍 

Sky Kick – 空蹴 

Evasion – 回避 

Quick Evasion – 縮地 

Martial Art – 体術 

Martial Art – Master – 体術・王 

Assassination Art – 暗殺術 

Extermination Art – 殲滅術 

Fatal Blow – 致命の一撃 

Feint – フェイント 

Escape – 逃走 

Lightning Speed – 脱兎 

Voice Change – 変声 

Disguise – 変装 

Acrobatics – 曲芸 

Encouragement – 鼓舞 

Acting – 演技 

Governing – 御旗 

Leadership – 統率 

Total Control – 総締 

Instruct – 指揮 

Command – 命令 

Physical Resistance – 物理耐性 

Magic Resistance – 魔術耐性 

Abnormal Physical Condition Resistance – 体状態異常耐性 

Abnormal Mental Condition Resistance – 精神状態異常耐性 

Night Vision – 暗視 

Stealth – 隠密 

Hide – 潜伏 

Silent Move – 消音行動 

Presence Detection – 気配察知 

Hyper Awareness – 気配全知 

Danger Sense – 危険感知 

Sixth Sense – 危険全知 

Hearing – 聞き耳 

Forsake – 見切り 

Parrying – 受け流し 

Dismantle – 解体 

Dissect – 解剖 

Mind’s Eye – 心眼 

Terrify – 畏怖 

Speech – 演説 

Fire Resistance – 火属性耐性 

Water Resistance – 水属性耐性 

Dark Resistance – 闇属性耐性 

Poison Resistance – 毒耐性 

Slash Resistance – 斬撃耐性 

Impact Resistance – 打撃耐性 

Floating – 浮遊 

Self Restoration – 自己修復 

Weapon Possession – 武具憑依 

Strengthened Slashes – 切断強化 

Intensified Slashes – 切断激化 

Immunity To Harmful Mental Effects – 精神状態異常無効 

Infuse Poison – 毒纏 

Dark Magic – 闇魔術 

Fire Magic – 火魔術 

Shadow Diving – 影潜り 

Shadow Travel – 影移動 

Black Magic – 暗黒魔術 

Strengthened Magic – 魔術強化 

Intensified Magic – 魔術激化 

Shadow Manipulation – 影操作 

Bestow Magic – 付与魔術 

Armor Possession – 防具憑依 

Wind Magic – 風魔術 

Gale Magic – 暴風魔術 

Vigilance – 警戒 

Far Sight – 遠見 

Concealment – 隠蔽 

Treasure Possession – 宝物憑依 

Light Magic – 光魔術 

Bright Magic – 光輝魔術 

Illusion Magic – 幻影魔術 

Barrier Magic – 結界魔術 

Kenjutsu – 剣術 

Kenjutsu – Master – 剣術・王 

Strengthened Physique – 筋力強化 

Intensified Physique – 筋力激化 

Strengthened Endurance – 耐久強化 

Intensified Endurance – 耐久激化 

Strengthened Defense – 防御力強化 

Intensified Defense – 防御力激化 

Coordination – 連携 

Defensive Art – 防御術 

Quadruple Flaming Slash – 爆炎四刃 

Explosive Gust –風塵発勁 

Jet Propulsion – 噴射 

Dry – 乾燥 

Gust – 突風 

Stream – 流水 

Phantom – 幻影 

Hot Severance – 溶断 

Heat Ray – 熱線 

Dark Blade – 闇刃 

Breeze – 微風 

Gale Sword – 疾風旋刀 

Sword Art –刀術 

Sword Art – Master – 刀術・王 

Boxing Art – 拳術 

Boxing Art – Master – 拳術・王 

Marking – マーキング 

Snipe – 狙撃 

Meteor – 流星 

High Meteor – 流星・改 

Dark Meteor – 流星・暗色 

Meteor Shower – 流星群 

Explosive Crush – 爆裂破砕 

Heavy Blow – 加重 

Vibration – 振動 

Holy Wall – 聖壁 

Light Wall – 光壁 

Hardening – 硬化 

Acceleration – 加速 

Rotation – 回転 

Enlarge – 肥大化 

Darkness Domain – 暗黒領域 

Growing Flames – 延焼 

Possession Magic – 魔術憑依 

Blending With The Background – 空気 

Weed –  

Torches and Pitchforks – 炎上 

Toxic Twitter – クソリプ 

Lewd Brat – メスガキ 

Normie Magic – リア充魔術 

Party Magic – 宴会魔術 

Public Magic – 公共魔術 

Engineering Magic – 土木魔術 

Enjoy It Until Next Time – 次回をお楽しみに 

Hydrogen Bomb – 水爆 

Tax Evasion – 税金投入 

Calling For Help From The Seniors – 先輩呼ぶから 

Adding Fuel To The Fire – 火に油を注ぐ 

Quintuple Dark Blue Attack – 蒼黒五連 

Water Supply – 水道 

Infrastructure Improvement – インフラ整備 

Air Conditioner – 空調 

Air Purifier – 空気清浄機 

Spring Cleaning – 大掃除 

Enforce The Rules – 押し付け 

Duet Of Flames – 業火連弾 

Year-End Rush – 年末 

Error In Energy Distribution – 配電ミス 

Dam – ダム 

Liquefy – 液状化 

Siren – サイレン 

Broadcast – 放送 

Defective Broadcast – 放送事故 

Din – 騒音 

Ignition – 発火 

Wall Off The World – 世間との壁 

Dumbass Magic – DQN魔術 

Mid-Tier Healing – 中癒 

High-Tier Healing – ハイヒール 

Extra-Tier Healing – エクストラ・ヒール 

Light-Up The Skies – 赫灼天 

Shining Staff – 赫灼杖 

Crimson Blade – 紅蓮剣 

Blazing Explosion – Huge – 爆裂火炎・豪 

Lightning Storm – 雷鳴驟雨 

Quintuple Explosion – 五連爆裂 

Tailwind – 追い風 

Headwind – 向かい風 

Downburst – ダウンバースト 

Flame Magic – 火炎魔術 

Grand Fire – 豪炎 

Great War Cascade – 戦塵大瀑布 

Shooting Star – 流れ星 

Heat – 発熱 

Earth Magic – 大地魔術 

Ground Slam – 大地の張り手 

Innocent Game – 無邪気な遊戯 

Sun’s Wrath – 日輪の怒号 

Oracle – 神託 

Thread Manipulation – 操糸 

Dual Wield – 二刀流 

Preparation – 仕込み 

Impact Delivery – 衝撃伝達 

Comet – 彗星 

Blood World – 血界 

Malice Sensor – 悪意察知 

Pure Light Barrage – 白光核激 

Doubling – 倍化 

Sword Of The Glittering Night – 闇夜乃煌剣 

Red Light Of The Abyss – 深淵赤光 

White Light Of The Inviolable – 不動白光 

Crushing Greatsword – 破砕豪剣 

Everchanging Stream – 流水流転 

Earth’s Rhythm – 大地律動 

Divine Soil – 大地の加護 

Inviolable Iron Fortress – 鉄壁要塞 

Roaring Thunder – 雷雷轟轟 

Leveling the Earth – 地ならし 

Flaming Thunder Strike – 雷炎極斬 

Condensed Earthquake – 地震圧縮激 

Holy Demonic Slash – 聖魔抜刀 

Retaliation Slash – 報復絶刀 

Analyze Weak Points – 弱所看破 

Bow Art – 弓術 

Piercing Arrow – 貫矢 

Dance – 舞踏 

Hop – スキップ 

Ballroom Dance – 社交ダンス・男 

Materialization – 物質化 

Holy Severance – 聖光絶壁 

Microphone – マイク 

Election Campaign Car – 選挙カー 

Crimson Explosion – 紅蓮爆轟 

Water Magic – 水魔術 

Water Blade – 水陣刀 

Arrow Rain – 矢雨 

Random Shots – 乱れ撃ち 

Super Heavy Blow – 重激 

Water Mirror – 鏡水 

Invisible Arrow – 不可視の矢 

Five Moons Slash – 五月雨斬り 

Loner Magic – ぼっち魔術 

Eating By Yourself At The Bathroom – 便所飯 

Pretend To Be Asleep – 寝たフリ 

Neet’s Room – ニートの部屋 

Bright Rage – 赫灼憤怒 

Slash – スラッシュ 

Pierce – 貫手 

Earth Movement – 大地蠢動 

Cascading Sandstorm – 砂塵大瀑布 

Nature’s Retribution – 天地返し 

Shadow Clone – 写し影絵 

Dark Purple Grip – 紫闇一握 

Dark Purple Flowing Wall – 紫闇流動壁 

Moonlight Rabbits – 宵闇兎 

Moonlight Flock – 夜の群れ 

Defensive Circular Wind Blades – 風刃防球 

Shadow Double – 影分身 

Shadow Double – True Form – 影分身・実体 

Heavenly Decapitation – 天翔飛斬 

Killer’s Juggle – キラー・ジャグリング 

Coiling Dragon – とぐろ龍 

Flying Z Cut – Z飛斬 

Ex Regeneration – リジェネ・エクスヒール 

Heavy Juggle – ヘヴィ・ジャグリング 

Rolling Slash – ローリング・スラッシュ 

Sunlight Stab – 朝日の一刺し 

Holy Rupture – 聖光破断 

Piercing Rosary – ピアース・ロザリオ 

Sacred Flame – 聖火 

Demolishing Black Dragon Roundhouse Kick – 破却黒龍回游 

Shadow Spear – Type One – 影槍・一式 

Shadow Spear – Type Two – 影槍・二式 

Shadow Spear – Type Three – 影槍・三式 

Shadow Sword – 影刀 

Offering To The Gorgon – ゴルゴーンの贄 

Ghostly Sword of the War Demon – 怪刀乱魔 

Acid Rain – 酸性雨 

Dragon Claw’s River – 龍爪河川 

Black Dragon’s Ascension – 昇龍・闇 

Blazing Grove – 火焔窟 

Quintuple Dragon Fang – 龍牙五連 

Holy Flames – 聖なる炎 

Samsara – 輪廻なさい 

Flashover – フラッシュオーバー 

Snow Field – スノウ・フィールド 

Flash – 閃光 

Icicle Field – 氷板 

Flaming Cane – 炎杖 

Freezing Blade – 氷刃 

Heat Absorption – 吸熱 

Freezing Cold – 氷点下 

Sunny Weather – 日本晴れ 

Dark Hail – 黒霰 

Starlight Wall – 星光城壁 

New Moon Curtain – 新月幕間 

The Sun’s Flower Smiles From Above – 日華日輪・微笑 

Earth God’s Embrace – 大地神の抱擁 

Earth Pillar – アース・ピラー 

Dust Blast – 粉塵爆砕 

Earth’s Crust – 地殻楼 

Ichijouji Meteor – 流星一条 

Dominate – 支配 

Infrared Vision – 赤外線 

Heat Sense – 熱源感知 

Medicine Enhancement – 薬効強化 

Follower Enhancement – 眷属強化 

Blood Eater – 吸血 

Soul Eater – 吸魂 

Sticky Thread Creation – 粘糸 

Learn – 学習 

Observation – 観察 

Poison Magic – 毒魔術 

Insect Magic – 蟲魔術 

Poison Immunity – 毒無効 

Weather Prediction – 天候予測 

Always Hungry – 暴食 

Eats Anything – 悪食 

Loves Food – 美食 

Death Magic: Revival – 死霊魔術・再起 

Odachi Art – 大太刀術 

Great Destroying Flash – 橘一閃 

Sabre Dance: Cherry Blossoms – 剣の舞・桜花 

Sabre Dance: Crimson Cherry – 剣の舞・紅桜 

Soaring Dragon – 竜飛翔 

I Fight Alone – 孤軍奮闘 



Giant Killerジャイアントキリング – Proof that one has killed an enemy that is 20 or higher levels than yourself. Increases damage against higher levels enemy <Very Small>; Reduces damage taken <Very Small>. 

The First Killer初めての人殺し – Proof that one was the first person to successfully kill another person in this world. Increases damage against humans <Very Small>. 

Fearless大胆不敵 – Proof that one has executed a person without any hesitation. Increases Fear Resistance <Very Small>; Increases Charm Resistance <Very Small>; Increases Confusion Resistance <Very Small>. 

Slaughterer虐殺者 – Proof that one has caused mass slaughter in a short period of time. AGI increases based on the number of nearby opponents <Caps at +150%>; <Only Counts Humans>. 

Demon虐殺者 – Proof that one has strayed off from humanity. Your Karma will fall easily and will hardly raise. 

Plunderer外道 – Proof that one has looted many goods from people. Increases the success rate of looting skills <Very Smalll>. 

Criminal 略奪者 – Proof of someone who has violated the law in a city. You will not be able to enter cities by regular means. 

God’s Enemy神敵 – Proof that one has either declared war against the Order faction or done something similarly antagonistic to it. Increases damage dealt to enemies with <Good> Karma <Small>; Increases damage taken from enemies with <Good> Karma <small>. 

Wanted – Temple指名手配・神殿 – Proof that one is wanted at the temple. Current bounty: 55,000,000 G. 

Merciless無慈悲 – Proof that one has no mercy. Increases Critical Rate <Small>. 

Human Slayer人種キラー – Proof that one has killed more than 500 humans. Increases damage dealt to humans <Medium>; Decreases damage received from humans <Medium>. 

Enemy of Mankind人類の天敵 – Proof that one has killed more than 1000 humans. Increases damage dealt to humans <Large>; Decreases damage received from humans <Large>. 

Hero Slayer英雄殺し – Proof that one has killed an important NPC with a Karma higher than 150 or higher. Increases all stats <Small>; Increases damage dealt to enemies with <Good> Karma <Medium>; Increases damage received from enemies with <Good> Karma <Medium>. 

Harbinger of Death屍山血河 – Proof that one has killed enough enemies to build a mountain of corpses and to paint a river red with human blood. Increases all stats <Small>; STR and VIT increase based on the number of nearby human enemies <Caps at +75%>.  

World Quest Clearerワールドクエスト達成者 – Proof that one has completed a World Quest. Increases all stats <Very Small>. 

Enemy Of The Sea海の敵 – Proof that one has antagonized the True Sea God Krebskulm. Increases damage dealt to enemies aligned with the sea <Small>; Increases damage taken from enemies aligned with the sea <Small>; Beings aligned with the sea naturally hate you <Large>. 

Carnage Tyrant殺戮加速 – Proof that one has repeatedly caused mass slaughter in a short period of time. AGI increases with each murder over a single battle <Caps at +75%>; Rigidity Reduction: <Medium>; Knockback Resistance: <Medium>; Damage dealt to humans <Medium> 

Equally Evil Against All Of Humanity人類平等・悪 – Proof that one has repeatedly mercilessly murdered others regardless of their age, gender, or karma. Increased damage dealt to humans <Large>; Increased damage dealt against enemies with <Good> Karma <Large>; Increased damage dealt <Medium>; Increased damage received from enemies with <Good> Karma <Large>; Increased damage received from enemies <Medium> 

A Threat To Mankind人類の敵 

Slayer of a Thousand Knights一騎当千 

Wanted at the Entire Kingdom of Hermagne指名手配・エルマーニュ王国全土 

Army Slayer軍隊殺し 

Blessed by the Naïve Goddess純朴神の加護 

Caught the Attention of the God of Corruption汚濁斑の卑神の注目 

Transcendental 超越者 

Personified Chaos動乱 

Living Pandemicパンデミック 

Rena’s Servantレーナの従魔 – Proof that one became Rena’s servant. Increases the effect of enhancements provided by its master <Small>. 

Cannibal共食い – Proof that one eats others of their race. Increases Attack Power against those of its race <Small>; Fear Aura against those of its race <Small>. 

Blood Eater血縁喰らい – Proof that one drinks the blood of others of its own race. Increases Attack Power against those of its race <Medium>; Fear Aura against those of its race <Medium; Temporarily increases statuses after eating those of its race <Medium>. 

Insect Prince蟲の皇太子 – One born from noble parents, sucking the soul of its own kind while they were still in their eggs, and by the hands of a being whose karma is below –400. By learning from its master’s actions, the prince became a parasite and tyrant. Increases the effects of skills related to insects <Large>; Increases the status of its own kind <Medium>; Increases the growth rate of skills <Small>. 



Tranquil Kodachi – Weapon 

Darkness Thread – Weapon  



Teleportation Feather – 転移の羽 


Forum Lingo 

Lol – w or 

TS – Genderbending. Can also mean transgender in an appropriate context 

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