Chapter 105 – Evil Deeds on the Highway


As soon as I logged in, I immediately went to the place that a bunch of imperial soldiers had been killed at without my permission while they marched towards the capital, “Seems like there are quite a few of them left.” I said as I looked at their bodies. I suppose the people from the kingdom didn’t really want to give them a proper burial, and the players didn’t really know what to do with the bodies either.

… Ah, right, I almost forgot, “Let me give you your speech back.” I told the princess as I shoved my hand in her mouth, and removing the effect I had put on her that took away her voice.

As soon as I did that, she immediately crouched down, started coughing, trembling and tearing up… Does it feel that bad? I suppose I could try asking Yuu about it later.

“With this out of the way, let’s get started.” Leaving the trembling princess alone, I started doing the work to rile up the Empire’s forces even more against the kingdom.

“Why are you desecrating their corpses!?” The princess asked. Her eyes were wide open as she saw me strip the soldiers of everything they had, except their helmets, since it might be hard for them to be identified as imperial forces otherwise.

“Such is the fate of the losers.” I answered her while using a dagger to carve slurs and words of praise towards the kingdom into their naked bodies.

As for their general, I broke all of her teeth, kicked her a few times to put quite a few bruises in her body, then made a white sticky liquid with my <Hyper Medicine> skill and threw it all over her body. Lastly I carved some slurs into her body to make it look like she was used as a toy by the soldiers.

I also decided to chop some soldiers’ bodies and put their remains in a box with a label that read ‘pig food’ in it.

“… Unforgivable.” The princess finally said something. I was a bit worried that she was still unable to speak, but it seems like the debuff was removed appropriately.

“What is it?” I asked her.

“Absolutely unforgivable… You’re not a person!” Now what is she talking about?

“Not a person?” I asked her.

“Someone like you isn’t a woman! I won’t even recognize you as a human being! Go to hell, you monster!” She started shouting.

“That’s kinda bothersome…” I replied. It seems that she doesn’t like this kind of ‘play’, so she got quite angry. I enjoy it though, so I won’t stop… It’s a bit annoying to be asked to go to hell though. “I mean, if I don’t go to heaven, I’d be unable to meet mom after all.”

“T-this makes no sense… Why can you have such a normal affection to someone while being like this!?” The princess said something strange.

“I don’t get the connection you’re trying to make?” I told her. I suppose I am grateful to mom and am sad I couldn’t spend as much time with her as I wanted. I also know that she loves me and I love her enough that I want to meet up with her again and hug her, so I suppose I definitely ‘have affection’ within myself, but… “I mean, they’re not my mom after all.”

“But they have their moms! They also have families, and people that care for them and that they care for… Just like me… Why can’t you understand something as simple as that!?” She exclaimed… I don’t quite get what she means though, it’s not like I would have any reason to think of their loved ones when I want to take their lives.

“Princess, are you alright? Me and them are different beings, yanno?” I asked her.

“What…? I don’t understand…” She seemed confused.

“Like, they’re dead, yet I don’t really feel anything, you get it?” I tried explaining.

“That’s not it… It’s not it at all… It’s different…” She seemed to be having a hard time articulating her thoughts… Oh, maybe she is talking about stuff like being ‘normal’ and having ‘common sense’? I’m still studying how to apply those, so it can’t be helped. I did try to blend in properly at school, but Yuu and Maria said that I was still somewhat out of sync… It’s pretty hard to imitate the ‘normal people’.

“By the way, shouldn’t you, as royalty, be willing to listen and try to understand the opinions of the minorities?” I asked her since things seemed to be going nowhere.

“As if you counted as a minority or even a human!” She shouted back at me.

“Is that so…?” I wonder about that. As far as history goes, minorities were just oppressed groups that fought for their rights until they were eventually accepted as a part of society and stopped being legally seen as ‘wrong’, so I’m not sure if her argument stands.

“You’re no human… You’re a monster. There’s no way there is any semblance of humanity left within someone like you.” She finally stopped shouting at least.

“Well, I’m trying my best to blend in properly.” I told her. I don’t think there is anything I can do here, so let’s just wait until she calms down by putting the ‘pig food’ on the mouth of another soldier.

“Enough… Stop this…” She muttered just loud enough for me to hear.

“Just wait a while longer, I need to make sure this will make the empire get serious about the war.” I replied.

“But then… No… Just…” She was saying some words that didn’t really get any message across.

“Uhn… I guess?” I made a vague reply because I was unsure of what she wanted to get at. I can’t quite get what the ‘ordinary’ person feels, but I can usually know what reaction they’ll make to certain actions from experience… This is the first time I desecrate a corpse in front of someone else though, so I’m a bit at a loss here, “Oh well, I just need to line them up properly in the highway and we should be done here.”

After saying that, I started organizing them in a way that made it look as if they were fighting each other, and I also put some spears and swords piercing the bodies from behind. “This should be good enough.” I commented out loud after I made sure it looked like they were all chasing the general. “Now let’s make a statement using your name to further rile up the empire.”

“You monster…” The princess murmured something, but I couldn’t quite hear it.

I decided to just ignore that, since she seemed to be quite tired already, and make a statement that would fuel their anger a lot. Let’s see…

<Your Karma has dropped significantly>

After seeing the usual notification, I started wondering about what will be the next ‘play’ I’ll make.

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