Chapter 113 – Power Game (part two)


We didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with our clashes, so I decided to ask my servants to use buffs on me to end this quickly.

… However, at the exact moment I did that, he also decided to use his own servants to buff himself… To think he also had servants with him, that was surprising. Let’s start round two!

“<Red Light of the Abyss>!” I shouted.

“<White Light of the Inviolable>!” He shouted back.

I gave a <Chaos> attribute to my weapon with this skill, and I guess his skill did something similar… Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I just charged at him with my shortsword, but he blocked my attack with his greatsword.

“<Crushing Greatsword>!” He used an offensive skill while swinging his sword.

It felt like too dangerous of an attack, so I decided to deflect it with, “<Everchanging Stream>!” Immediately after, I started jumping from thread to thread while throwing poisonous needles at him from multiple directions before jumping towards him again while also using, “<Destruction Game: Slaughterer’s Organs>!”

As he jumped out of the way, he also used another buff, “<Eternal Invincibility: My Glory>” I jumped after him immediately after, and swung down my shortsword at him from above.

He blocked it with the greatsword while spinning his body to gain extra momentum from my attack and tried landing a punch on me, but I jumped back to dodge it.

Immediately after, I jumped towards him from one of my threads and kicked his ribs. He still tried to hit me as the kick sent him flying, but I was able to lower my body to dodge the greatsword blow aimed at my head.

“<Devilish Ruler>!” I used another buff after that.

“<Spiritual Resonance: Magic Dominion>!” He followed up with another buff himself, then tried to attack me with his elbow after feinting with his greatsword, but my familiar, Inoue, helped me dodge at the last second.

We rushed at each other once more and clashed our weapons again. He then let go of his sword to grab my neck and throw me on the ground. The impact made me end up letting go of my shortsword.

Before he could leverage this advantageous position though, I kicked his knee, making him lose balance. Using this opportunity, I got out of his grasp, jumped above him, and dropped a kick at his head, but he blocked it by crossing his arms above his head.

“<Self Alteration: Mad Medicine>!” I kept on buffing myself on every possible opportunity.

“<Absolutely Immovable: Inviolable Area>!” And so did he.

While I was still mid-air from my attack, he was able to grab my leg and throw me towards the ceiling. I made a light barrier with magic, but the impact was still quite strong and broke a part of the ceiling… Or rather, another part of the ceiling, as rubble has been falling from it for quite a while now.

Once I fell down, I tried to kick him, but he dodged my blow, which ended up making a crack on the ground. He tried to punch me, but I slowed his attack down with a barrier and then dodged it before he could reach me.

“Yamada!” I called the servant that possessed my weapon.

“Fury!” As he shouted that, his greatsword started moving towards him, just like how my shortsword moved towards me. Fury must have been the name of the familiar possessing his weapon then.

“I’m surprised this isn’t settled yet.” I complimented him.

“I gotta say the same.” He replied. I suppose it must also be a first for him to fight someone that could match him on a one-on-one battle… This is fun, “But I wonder which of us will give in first…? <Divine Possession: Rushen>!” As he said that, his whole body seemed to be covered by a thick layer of iron, making him look just like a golem.

“Well, I wonder… <Divine Possession: Kageyama>!” I said as my whole body started becoming darker and looking like a shade.

“So you can use that too…?” He asked.

“I learned it recently.” I replied.

“You’re quite interesting, you know?” He said.

“Aren’t you too though?” I told him.

“Well, that’s an honor.” He commented as we both prepared to move… This battle is quite exciting.

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