Genocide Online

Chapter 139 – Playmate


Where did they escape to? Because of these unexpected hindrances and that gothic girl, I ended up losing track of that woman’s children…

I stabbed the abdomen of a player that had tried to attack me, which seemed to be the last one of the nearby hindrances, “Why did you get in my way, and where did those two escape to?” I asked the stabbed guy as he fell on the ground. I avoided aiming at his vitals, so he should be able to answer.

“I-I’ll talk! So please take it out!” He asked me. I suppose it can be hard to talk with a sword in his abdomen, so I removed it from now, then stepped on top of his back to make sure he wouldn’t flee.

“Why are you here?” I asked him again.

“A-an event was made on the official bulletin board. Putting the top 5 players of each faction as the targets!” He said. So I was basically unlucky with their timing? And considering the circumstances, more of those players will probably come even though I just wiped this batch.

“I’m in a bad mood right now… You got in my way when I had a chance to deal with that hateful person…” I said. I have been enduring these feelings for so long. It was such a wonderful surprise to see them coming to me themselves, just offering themselves to be destroyed… I don’t care if they’re innocent children. I hate them, that’s enough reason.

And yet, there had to be so many hindrances in my way… “Was this organized by that goth girl, Blossom?” I asked him. She was so annoying and set on getting on my way… It wouldn’t be surprising.

“Eh? No, she was one of the targets too…” The guy said, so I kicked his face.

“You know, I really want to vent this anger right now… You’re one of the causes of it, so don’t you think you should help me out?” I told him. The guy started apologizing as I said that, but I ignored it, “Tell me where she went.”

Let’s make use of this opportunity. I can make those hindrances ‘playmates’ and participate on their event. I can hunt that annoying goth girl which should also be near that hateful little girl who approached me defenselessly… And then I can throw all this anger at her.

“Look, I don’t know where she-” He started saying, but I shut him up by stomping my foot on his head.

Yeah, I can get a rematch against Jeru if he happens to be participating too, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea. But first, let’s get rid of this useless thing. I beheaded this worthless guy as he said some stuff about being happy about being stepped on by me, and then started searching for Blossom. I might even be able to have fun today if I can get some good opportunities to ‘play’ after all, so I should get rid of those two annoying pests quickly.

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