Genocide Online

Chapter 146 – Siblings’ Quarrel


After I finished my speech and got rid of most players that were in my immediate vicinity, Yuu asked me a question, “Rena, what are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to vent a bit.” I told him.

“Vent…?” He asked. Yes, vent. They have done nothing wrong as they were born without knowing anything, and they weren’t the ones that caused mom’s death either. It’s absolutely wrong to blame these ‘normal’ people, but…

“I can’t forgive them.” I said.

“Huh?” Yuu was understandably confused, but that was fine. I didn’t care if I was bad or unreasonable, I didn’t care if I was blaming the wrong people. I just can’t forgive them… And if I can’t forgive them, I don’t need to make up with them. I can throw away any unreasonable attempts of getting closer and just ‘play’ with them.

“I absolutely cannot forgive them.” I said once again. It would be fine if they were strangers. I’m sure mom would be happy if I was able to make more friends other than just Yuu and Maria, but… With them? That’s impossible.

“Hey, you!” A voice I heard not too long ago suddenly said. The three of us turned around towards the source, but nobody replied.

The voice came from that goth girl that got in my way a while back, and next to her were those twins I was searching for… I felt a bit sorry for Yuu and Maria who were completely out of the loop, but I didn’t have the time to explain things to them right now.

“Hey, you two!” The goth girl called out to us again.

“Eh? Us!?” Maria and Yuu said in unison.

“Who else is there other than you!?” That girl was Blossom, right? What business does she have with Yuu and Maria…? “You two come with me. Outsiders should leave.”

“Eh? What did I do to catch the eye of the second place in the Chaos Faction…?” Yuu wondered out loud.

“I can think of a lot of things…” Maria replied.

Should I worry about this? What could Blossom be planning? Won’t this be over in no time without her interference?

“Rena and those two” Blossom pointed towards the twins, “have some stuff that they need to settle, so could you please hurry up and leave?”

“I guess there is a weird atmosphere around us right now… Even for Rena’s standards.” Yuu said.

I suppose he might be right. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they were shocked after seeing me ‘play’ with the twins, so it’s probably for the best that they go away… Though that’s still worrisome in its own right.

“Maria.” I decided to hold her back for a bit, so I put my hand on her shoulder and whispered that in her ear.

“Y-y-y-y-yes!?” She replied.

“When Hanako gives you a signal, please make a big firework for us, alright?” I told her.

“U-u-u-understood! Too close… Face… Beautiful…” I couldn’t hear what she was murmuring after she agreed to my request, but I suppose that’s alright. I wonder what’s causing this weird behavior though.

Well, both Yuu and Maria have their eccentricities, so I might just leave it at that.

“T-t-then, I’m going!” Maria said as she ran away from me.

“Be careful, Rena.” Yuu said before leaving too.

“… What’s up with those two?” Blossom said as she left. I still don’t get her plan, but unless the twins got some huge skill boost, there shouldn’t be anything that can be done for them now.

“Friends… Those were your friends, right?” The girl of the twins said. Her words troubled me… Was I really this weak? Or is this happening just because they remind me of mom and that guy at the same time… Would mom have told me this same line if she was still alive? “You can talk to people normally.”

“Sister-in-law, your normal expression… That was the first I saw it.” The boy said.

What are they saying? Do they think I just hate everyone or something? This talk is just getting me even more annoyed. Can’t we just start our battle already?

“You always avoided me when we were home, you know? I don’t really know anything about you, sister… I don’t understand why you avoid me.” The girl said.

“All I had ever seen was that tense smile that seemed to desperately hide your emotions each time we met…” The boy said.

“… Just what are you trying to say?” I told them while unsheathing my shortsword and preparing my poison needles. They’re so frustrating. Are they complaining about me? They can do that alright, but I’m not forgiving them either way.

“You talked to me…” The girl said.

“It’s a relief that you didn’t ignore us this time.” The boy said.

“So what? What do you want out of this conversation?” I asked them. Do they want to persuade me? Reconcile? Ask me to apologize? I don’t care if those would be ‘normal’ demands, nor do I care if they have no blame. I unilaterally put up a distance between us because I can’t even vent at them normally… I can’t forgive them, and they’re annoying. I don’t know what would be the ‘correct’ answer here, but I won’t forgive them no matter what they say. I’m not reconciling nor apologizing, those are not options to me…

“It’s just… I’m a bit happy.” The girl said.

“You don’t need to be so vigilant, sister-in-law. We’re not trying to persuade you into apologizing or anything.” They want a reconciliation then? We didn’t even have a relationship to begin with, but they still want me to recognize them as ‘family’? Well… My only family is mom.

“So, sister-in-law…” They both said in unison as they unsheathed their weapons, “How about talking like this for a little while?”

I threw my poison needles at the girl while moving towards the boy, aiming to behead him. He blocked my attack and the girl dodged the needles… Yes, this is good. Let’s ‘play’ for a little while.

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