Genocide Online

Chapter 161 – Announcement – two


(KSO Programmer’s PoV)

“Come on, you can do it, Ron…” I said while looking at the screen, as Rena and Ron talked to one another.

“It’s happening, it’s happening…” Boss was really excited as he looked at the screen together with me.

“Boss, can’t you control yourself a bit? It’s a bit depressing to look at your childish enthusiasm.” I told him.

Ignoring my complaints though, Boss jumped out of his chain in pure joy, “It happened! It happened!”

“For real…?” I grumbled as I just lost our bet on whether or not Ron would accept her proposal…

“Then, we’ll go with my plan! This event is gonna be great!” The boss exclaimed.

I sighed, dreaded what was coming, and said, “I suppose it can’t be helped.”

“Yeah yeah, hurry up and release the announcement for it! Let’s see what the players’ reactions will be already!” The boss ordered.

“Alright…” I replied, “Don’t blame me when your secretary comes and punishes you for irresponsible behavior on work though.”

“As if that’s gonna happen!” The boss said, as the secretary stood right behind him… Later on, he was forced to skip lunch and sit quietly on one of the cafeteria’s chairs with a sign hanging from his neck that said, ‘I played around and abused my position to make important game decisions’… He really didn’t blame me for this one at least, he knew it was his fault to leave the fate of the event up to a bet anyways.


(Rena’s PoV)

Oh? The details of the event are finally live? Let’s see…


From: KSO management

Subject: Official Event Announcement

We are pleased to announce our second official event, the ‘Kidnap Race’, please read below for the event rules.

1) Each participating player should choose a country to align themselves with. While the Kingdom of Hermagne and the Bourfoin Empire are the two largest countries currently available, players are free to align themselves to smaller countries if they so desire.

2) Once you have chosen your country, a player that chose the same country as you will randomly be assigned as your partner. The system does not take Karma into account and will make an absolutely random selection, so be aware that you might not necessarily match well with your partner.

3) After your partner has been selected, your UI will show what are all countries that are antagonizing your current country, and you’ll receive a goal of kidnapping important people of the enemy countries.

4) Both partners will earn points by killing or kidnapping important people, though kidnapping gives three times more points.

5) Moreover, if a player earns enough points during the event, they may also become a kidnapping target to other players.

6) The event ends when half of the participating countries are destroyed. Feel free to ally with the important people of your country to try making a strategy.

7) Also, while the player pairings are decided randomly without taking karma into account, the event can still affect your Karma, so behave like an appropriate member of your faction. Your actions within the event will have the same impact on your standing as if you were doing a ‘World Quest’.

8) Once the event ends, the players will be allowed to exchange the points they earned for prizes.

And below, you can see the top players of each faction:



#1 Perverted Gentleman – Karma: 308

#2 Maria – Karma: 301

#3 Cherry – Karma: 294

#4 Shark – Karma: 281

#5 Tapiocaman – Karma: 279



#1 Rena – Karma: -411

#2 Blossom – Karma: -301

#3 Hymn’s Guru – Karma: -289

#4 IKZO – Karma: -284

#5 Namerou – Karma: -277



#1 Absolutely Inviolable Area – Karma: 0

#2 Myra – Karma: 3

#3 Lily – Karma: 4

#4 Matcha – Karma: -8

#5 Pandora Love – Karma: 10


We hope you all enjoy the event.

-KSO management team.


Seems like I was barely on time to found the new country, I’m glad. We don’t have much force aside from the Margrave’s forces and the Moonlight Family, but this should be enough.

I’m looking forward to the event tomorrow… Though for now, let’s go talk to Eren.


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